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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Tumble Dryer Thank you for your trust and for buying our tumble drier. Laundry dried in the tumble drier is dried quickly, is soft and smooth and does not change the shape during drying. With a tumble drier, there is no need for an extra room and no need for ropes and waiting for a sunny day. Instructions for Use should be of some help to you therefore it is recommendable to read them carefully and to keep in an adequate place. [. . . ] €¢ The appliance should be placed in the position, where the plug is within reach. Door Door of the dryer can be opened by pressing the door frame against the machine, as shown in the figure. The door is closed in the same way, If the door is not closed properly the machine will not operate. Be careful not to pinch the laundry with the door as it might get damaged. IMPORTANT • The door may be opened during the drying process. The program is interrupted and is resumed as soon as the door is closed again and the START button is pressed. 70 Instructions for Use Description of the Appliance Extractor dryer 1. Control panel Condensation receptacle Door Air cooler Vent aperture Cooling air aperture Adjustable legs Filter Program selection button Drying stage indicator Signal lamp – condensation receptacle Control lamp START ON / OFF 10 11 Condensation dryer 9 12 14 13 Instructions for Use 71 Drying Drying programme selection clements are fited in the control panel as well as the indicator light which is on during the operation of the machine. signal lamp operation Signal lamp is on when the appliance is in operation. Preparing the Laundry for Drying Prior drying • Sort the laundry before drying according to type of the laundry. €¢ Do the buttons, zippers, join the strings and pull out the pockets. €¢ Very delicate laundry (fine underwear with laces) should prior to drying be put in a special sack so that it won't get damaged by buttons, zippers and pins. €¢ We recommend loading the drum with items of different size. €¢ When drying large sheets (bed sheets, table cloths) put 2 to 3 pieces for one load and when drying delicate smaller items (shirts, blouses) fill only 5 to 6 pieces for one load (max 2, 5 kg). €¢ Most clothes nowadays have labels marked with recommended drying mode. DRYING Drying in tumble drier allowed Wring, hang on rope and dry No wringing, drip dry Wring, dry flat Drying in tumble drier not allowed Drying at normal temperature Drying at lower temperature • Switch the dryer on by pressing the ON/OFF button. €¢ Before first selection of drying program set the program selection knob for 1 second to the position STOP/0. €¢ Set the program selection button to the desired drying program. Signal lamp, adjacent to the selected program is lit (except with the selected time program). €¢ Press the "START" button to start the program. The program signal light goes off and actual humidity level indicator light turns on. €¢ If you wish to change the selected drying program after the machine had been put in operation, set the program selection button back to the position STOP/0 for 1 second, and after that you may select any desired drying program, and start it by pressing the START button. [. . . ] Instructions for Use 75 Cleaning and Maintenance Before cleaning, disconnect the appliance from power supply. Housing Wipe the housing with a soft wet cloth and mild cleaning agent. Replacement of the lamp (only some models have it) • Before you replace the lamp disconnect the appliance from the power supply or turn-off the safety fuse. Mind that the lamp cap together with a seal is well embedded, otherwise moisture can come inside and cause a short circuit. [. . . ]


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