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[. . . ] € Always disconnect the connection cable by using plug; do not pull the connecting cable. € The power cable should be exposed so that nothing / nobody can get caught and cause the unit to fall or fall. € Do not leave the unit unattended during operation and decalcification. 16 • Observe the notes on the requirements regarding the installation location and the electrical connection of the unit in order to avoid personal and material damages. [. . . ] € Make sure that the power cable is not damaged and is not laid across hot surfaces or sharp edges. € The electric safety of the unit is ensured only when it is connected to a socket with protective conductor installed correctly. Operation at a socket outlet without a protective earth conductor is not permitted. If in doubt, let the house installation checked by a trained electrician. The manufacturer shall not assume responsibility for damage which has been caused by absent or interrupted protective 22 conductor. PRIOR TO FIRST USE DE Before first use, clean the strainer support (not the unit) and the water tank under running water to remove any production residue. EN AUTO SWITCH-OFF (STAND BY) FR After a long period of non-use, the unit switches to standby mode. To switch the unit on again, turn the rotary knob briefly to the left and back again to the centre NL or press the on/off switch. ES INITIAL OPERATION CAUTION Observe the following safety instructions to prevent hazards and material damage: • During use, the surfaces become hot!€ While water is running through the machine, never remove the group handle filled with coffee grounds, because it is under pressure. € Before preparing the espresso, check that the strainer support is firmly tightened. € To avoid potential hazards, use the unit only for coffee preparation and frothing milk. INSERTION OF THE STRAINER INSERT Place the desired strainer insert in the strainer support. Make sure that the recess on the strainer insert is on the recess in the strainer support. The strainer insert now sits loosely in the strainer support, but does not fall out. IT DK PREPARATION The following steps are used to warm up the strainer support, the strainer insert and the cups. If the control lamp lights up permanently, the unit is ready for operation. € Place the strainer support without coffee powder under the brewing head. Hold the unit firmly handle of the strainer support must point to the and turn the handle of the strainer support to the right. € Let the cup run half full, to bring the system to desired temperature. € The distance between the upper edge and the coffee grounds should be approx. € Wipe off excessive coffee grounds from the edge and clamp in the strainer support. [. . . ] Transport damages, as far as we are not responsible for it, are excluded from the warranty claims. A warranty claim is excluded for damage caused by a repair which has not been carried out by us or one of our agents. In case of justified complaints, we shall repair the defective product or replace it by a product without defects at our discretion. 28 ACCESSORIES You can order accessories such as milk jugs in our online shop graef. [. . . ]


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