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[. . . ] Det betyder, at dette produkt skal håndteres i henhold til det Europæiske Direktiv 2002/96/EC for at blive genanvendt eller afmonteret for at minimere påvirkningen af miljøet. Com manuals search engine • • • • • • DA • At udsætte produkterne for regn, sne, sol og vind er farligt hvad angår elsikkerheden. Alt genbrugsmateriale er en uundværlig kilde for naturen og for vore nationale ressourcer. Det anbefales kraftigt at have termostat knappen indstillet på MAKS position i mindst 24 timer for at kunne indfryse den maksimum mængde af ferske fødevarer, der er angivet som frysekapacitet. [. . . ] Com manuals search engine EN 3 Installation B Please remember that the manufacturer shall not be held liable if the information given in the user guide is not observed. Spacers will provide the required distance between your freezer and the wall in order to allow the air circulation. (The illustration is only an example and does not match exactly with your product. Have to be fastened securely by adhesive tape against any jolt before repackaging. Packaging must be tied with thick tapes and strong ropes and the rules of transportation printed on the package must be followed. Please do not forget… That recycled material is an indispensable source for the nature and for our national resources. If you would like to contribute to the recycling of the packaging materials, you can get further information from the environmental bodies or local authorities. Before operating your freezer Before starting to use your freezer check the following: 1. The interior of the freezer has to be dry and it is possible for the air to circulate freely at the back of the appliance. Clean the interior of the freezer as recommended in the “Maintenance and cleaning” section. The liquid and gases sealed within the refrigeration system may also give rise to noise, even if the compressor is not running and this is quite normal. Com manuals search engine EN Electric connection Connect your product to a grounded socket which is protected by a fuse with the appropriate capacity. Important: • The connection must be in accordance with with national regulations. € The power cable plug must be easily accessible after installation. € Extension cords and multiway plugs must not be used for connection. There must be appropriate air ventilation around your freezer in order to achieve an efficient operation. Adjusting the feet Disposing of the packaging The packaging may be dangerous for children. Keep it out of the reach of children or dispose of it by sorting it in accordance with the waste instructions. = Highest cooling setting (Coldest setting) Please choose the setting according to the desired temperature. The interior temperature also depends on ambient temperature, the frequency with which the door is opened and the amount of foods kept inside. For this reason, it is recommended to close the door again as soon as possible after use. The normal storage temperature of your appliance should be -18 °C (0 °F). [. . . ] The alignment of the refrigerant pressure will lead to a postponement of the start up by 6 minutes. Please contact GRAM service if the freezer does not start up at the end of this period. Com manuals search engine EN The freezer is running frequently or for a long time. € The freezer might have been plugged in recently or might have been loaded with food. [. . . ]


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