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[. . . ] After the TV st is repaired, it is possible that recorded programmes may no longer be able to be played back. Y  ou can talk to Amazon Alexa on your Grundig TV, just push the button on your remote and Alexa will respond instantly. U  se the TV set with the supplied stand or a suitable VESA bracket. T  he TV set is primarily intended for the playback of TV programmes, streaming content and audio/video material from external devices. [. . . ] If the product cannot perform its function due to electrostatic discharge, the user may need to switch off and then switch on the product. A shielded, HDMI-certified and ferrite cable must be used with the product. Brief Instruction Optional accessory Easy-Use Remote Control Batteries for Easy-Use remote controls Cleaning cloth VESA bracket screws ENGLISH 5 Setting up or hanging 7 S  elect a location so that no direct sunlight falls on the screen. T  o mount the stand, refer to the installation instructions included. Setting up with stand 7 7 Preparing for mounting on the VESA bracket You will need: A  pair of scissors, A  crosstip screwdriver. Place the TV set in the film on a smooth surface with the screen facing down. Screw the VESA bracket onto the TV set and mount it according to its installation instructions. Insert batteries as marked on the bottom of the battery compartment (2 × Alkaline/LR03/AAA). Press the Amazon Alexa button on your remote and ask Alexa a question (ex. Use the navigation keys to move the TV station to the new position and confirm with . Record, playback, pause or stop (only digital television channels); teletext on half screen. Talk to Amazon Alexa Switches on from standby; selects stations step by step Turns on and off the television set (stand-by). ENGLISH 9 Pairing the Smart remote controller Smart remote controller allows you to control the TV set and access to Amazon Alexa. Cursor, Alexa and shifting functions of the smart remote controller can only be used after the remote has been paired with the TV. If you have not paired the Smart remote controller during the initial stet-up, please follow the instructions below. HOME Activating/deactivating the cursor You can use the remote as a mouse thanks to its cursor function. You can use the cursor to control all the supported operations and applications on the screen. You can make the cursor sensitivity settings of your TV from Settings > TV > Accessories > Sensitivity. I f the remote remains stable for 3 minutes or if you enter menus such as Teletext and EPG, the cursor will be deactivated. The »MAC ID« of the smart remove will be displayed in the menu. 10 ENGLISH Amazon Alexa You can use the built-in Alexa functionality of your TV through the remote controller. You can speak into the remote and receive responses and visual content onscreen instantly. [. . . ] Television set doesn’t require connection to electrical earth (ground). The set works only with AC line voltage in your household electricity. 7 7 7 7 Network interfaces This product is intended for connection to the ADSL network. 7 7 7 A  RC: Audio return channel, transmits sound from the TV via an HDMI connection. [. . . ]


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