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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Disconnect the power plug after using the appliance, before cleaning the appliance, before leaving the room, or if a fault occurs. Do not squeeze or bend the power cord and do not rub it on sharp edges in order to prevent any damage. Never use the appliance if the power cord or the appliance is damaged. 14 ENGLISH SAFETY AND SET-UP________________________ 77 77 77 77 Our GRUNDIG Household Appliances meet applicable safety standards, if the appliance or power cord is damaged, it must be repaired or replaced by a service centre to avoid any dangers. [. . . ] 16 ENGLISH AT A GLANCE______________________________ Dear Customer, congratulations to the purchase of your new GRUNDIG Coffee Maker KM 4620/KM 4620 R. Please read the following user guide carefully to ensure that you have many years of enjoyment from your quality Grundig product at home. A B C Cover Water tank Water level indicator with MAX marking Drip-stop Glass jug On/Off switch Warming plate Filter basket with permanent filter (inside) Responsible trading!Both internally and for suppliers, GRUNDIG insists on contractually guaranteed social working conditions with fair wages, efficient use of raw materials with continuous reduction in waste of several tonnes of plastic each year - and at least 5 years availability for all accessories. D E F G H ENGLISH 17 OPERATION_ ______________________________ Preparation Caution 77 First utilisation: Run the appliance at least 4 times without adding coffee. 77 Please follow the steps 1 and 6 - 11 in the “Brewing Coffee” section. 1 Remove all packaging and stickers and dispose of them according to applicable legal regulations. 2 Before using the appliance for the first time, clean all parts carefully which come into contact with water. Please see full details in the “Cleaning and Care” section. 3 Make sure that the appliance is placed in an upright position and on a stable, flat, clean, dry, and non-slip surface. Caution 77 If cover A is not closed or the filter basket H and the glass jug E are not placed accurately, the drip-stop function will not function properly. Notes 77 The brewing process can be stopped at any time by pressing the On/Off switch F . 77 The appliance is equipped with a drip-stop D located underneath the filter basket H and enables you to remove the glass jug E briefly to pour coffee before the water has finished running through the machine. Caution 77 Make sure to place the glass jug E on the warming plate G quickly (max. Otherwise the filter could overcrowd and the brewed coffee could overflow. If you want to use the glass jug for more than 30 seconds, switch off the appliance. 77 Never pull out the filter basket H during the brewing process even if no water is draining from the filter. Extremely hot water or coffee can spill out from the filter basket and cause injury. 77 Brewing Coffee 1 Open the water tank cover A and use the glass jug E to fill the water tank B with the required amount of water, but do not fill over the “max” mark. The brewed amount of coffee will be 10 % less than the filled water, because it is absorbed by the coffee grounds and the filter. For the good coffee taste it is suggested to operate the appliance with at least 4 cups coffee serving. 77 There is a drip hole on the back of the water reservoir to prevent exceeding the capacity of the coffee maker. [. . . ] 5 Pull out the filter basket with permanent filter H and dispose the coffee sediment. 6 Clean the permanent filter H by placing under running water and using a small amount of mild cleanser. The filter basket with permanent filter H and glass jug E can be cleaned in the upper shelf of the dishwasher or under running water. 7 Use a damp soft cloth and some mild cleanser to clean the exterior of the appliance. [. . . ]


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