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[. . . ]  not use mechanical devices or other means to accelerate the defrosting Do process, other than those recommended by the manufacturer.  o not use electrical appliances inside the food storage compartments of the appliance, unless they are of the type recommended by the manufacturer. f the light is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service I agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.  his appliance is intended to be used exclusively for the storage of wine. [. . . ] Temperature Adjustment Locked Press the Lock key and hold for 3s 3s Unlocked Press "TEMP Zone Selection" briefly in order to select the required temperature zone. If the selected temperature zone turns on, "TEMP Display Zone" displays the temperature of the current temperature zone. After completion of temperature zone selection, press the "TEMP Up/Down" keys briefly in order to enable temperature settings. At this time, the figures on "TEMP Display Zone" flash and can be set by pressing the "TEMP Up/Down" keys. The temperature rises by 1°C each time when the Up key is pressed and falls by 1°C each time when the Down key is pressed. After the temperature is selected, operation will be suspended for 3 seconds, and then the currently set parameter will become the system default. The process of temperature adjustments in other temperature zones is the same as that given above. Temperature Press briefly to select a temperature zone Press Press once, rise once, decrease by 1°C by 1°C This will not flash after the operation has stopped for 3 seconds 7 Heading 1 3. Interior Light Humidity display zone will display the humidity inside your wine cellar in real time. €  complement the look of your wine collection, a soft light has been built into the wine cellar. Simply To push the "Light" button and the light comes on, push again for off. For maximum energy efficiency, leave light off when not viewing your collection. Celsius/Fahrenheit Conversion Press "Circulate" briefly to start up the fan inside the cellar in order to make the temperature inside more uniform. Press "Circulate" and hold it for 3 seconds in order to activate the conversion between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Temperature Power-Off Memory In the initial status, the power key is in on. After holding the power key for 3 seconds, the main power will turn off (power for all electrical devices inside will be cut off and the whole appliance will be in standby) and the power key will be half-on. If the device is off, the power can be turned on by holding the power key for 3 seconds, and then all icons on the display screen will turn on. After the operation is stopped for 30 seconds, the display screen will be locked. This wine cellar has a low-temperature compensation function so as to ensure the stability of the storage temperature of the wine. If the ambient temperature is lower than the set temperature, the temperature inside the cellar will fall accordingly. If the temperature inside the cellar is lower than the shutdown temperature by 2°C(4°F), the cellar will automatically enable the low-temperature compensation function in order to heat the cellar. If the temperature inside reaches the set temperature, the low-temperature compensation function will be disabled. [. . . ] When replacing old appliances with new ones, the retailer is legally obligated to take back your old appliance for disposals at least free of charge. 12 Heading 1 Technical Data•Packing List Technical Data Model WS50GDBI WS92GDBI WS136GDBI WS151GDBI Temperature Range (°C) 5~20 5~20 5~20 5~20 Climate Type SN~ST SN~ST SN~ST SN~ST Refrigerant (R600a) (g) 22 32 50 55 Electric Shock Resistance Type I I I I Supply Cord Connection Mode Y Y Y Y Available Capacity (l) 106 206 306 356 Weight (kg) 55 76 86 92 Rated Rated Input Power Frequency Voltage (V) (W) (Hz) 220~240 220~240 220~240 220~240 Noise (Acoustic Power Level) dB (A) 39 39 39 39 50 50 50 50 80 85 75 85 EN Overall Dimension (Depth × Width × Height) (mm) 695×595×820 695×595×1 , 265 695×595×1 , 655 695×595×1 , 850 Remarks: 1. According to international standards, if the climate is an SN~ST type, the ambient temperature for use of the wine cellar ranges between 10°C and 38°C. "Noise (acoustic power level)" marked in the technical data refers to a situation in which the semi-anechoic , a resilient rubber cushion as thick as 5 mm to 6 mm is placed inside. [. . . ]


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