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[. . . ] Any alteration of this device may cause serious injury and shall void the warranty. The geographic information provided by this device serves as a navigational aid only and does not include information pertaining to construction, road closures, speed restrictions, road or traffic conditions, or other circumstances relevant to public safety. The driver must always be aware of the actual road conditions and surroundings, and decide whether or not to follow the information provided by this device. The manufacturer does not accept responsibility for any inaccurate or incomplete information provided by this device. [. . . ] For safety reasons, this device will cease navigation functions when the video mode is enabled. Do not attempt to disable any safety function incorporated in this device. Any alteration of this device may cause serious injury and shall void the warranty. Video Menu Example Choosing “Video” from the source menu brings up the “Video” screen. You can view all the video files stored on the SD card and select one to view by pressing that file name. Do not install this device in any manner that impairs the safe operation of the vehicle. Do not install this device on any airbag panels or in the deployment field of any airbags. Failure to observe the installation or usage instructions may result in traffic accidents or personal injury. The installation of this device on the windshield, between the driver and the windshield, or otherwise in any manner that obstructs the driver’s clear view of the road or traffic conditions is dangerous and may be prohibited by law. State laws in California and Minnesota (and possibly other states) prohibit the mounting of this device on the windshield, in which case other mounting methods should be used. Mounting the Unit 1 Select Mounting Location Windshield-Mount Dash-Mount 2 Install Mounting Base Unlock Lock Clean dash with supplied alcohol pad. Display Angle Adjustment 3 Install GPS-810 in Mounting Base 2 10 Quick-Start Guide 1 GPS-810 Mounting the Control Knob Select Mounting Location ENGLISH CR2032/DL2032 1 2 Install Battery Use a coin to remove the bottom cover. 3 Mount Control Knob Base Toward front of car UP Orient the base so that the arrow is facing the front of the car. 4 Attach Control Knob to Base UP You can either screw the base to the mounting location or use the supplied adhesive pad. If you use the adhesive pad, you must FIRST CLEAN the surface with the supplied alcohol cleaning pad. Push the knob down onto the base, and turn clockwise to lock it into place. Control Knob Button Operation Rotate outer ring to move the highlight bar on the active screen If Left or Right button is held for 2 seconds, outer ring becomes Volume or Brightness adjustment Screen Dependent Button Function Press and hold for 2 seconds to adjust Volume Up/Down from outer ring Press and hold for 2 seconds to adjust Brightness from outer ring Press once for Center menu bar item Press and hold for 2 seconds to suspend power or turn on Press to select the highlighted menu item Left Center Right GPS-810 Quick-Start Guide Press once for Back (Same as Left button on Screen) Press once for Source (Same as Right button on Screen) 11 Car Connections 1 AUX IN Connect to Audio System or Use Built-In Speaker 2 Mount and Connect Hands-Free Microphone 12 VDC 3 Plug In for Charging and for Traffic Service DC Power Hands-Free Microphone Audio Output Portable Audio 1 Connect Headphones or Ear Buds Volume Headphone Jack 2 Or Use the Built-In Speaker Note: The headphone output may also be connected to the line/aux input of an audio device when the GPS-810 is away from the car, but when docked in the mount it’s recommended to use the connection in the mount for easy removal and redocking of the unit. The installation and use suggestions provided by the manufacturer may be subject to restrictions or limitations by federal, state or local laws. [. . . ] For example, the voice would say: “In 500 feet, turn left on Lincoln Blvd. ” 1 Choose “Navigation Settings” 2 Choose “Voice Settings” 14 3 Choose a voice profile Quick-Start Guide Finished!GPS-810 Troubleshooting Problem/Symptom Unit does not turn on at all Unit does not have a good GPS signal Unit does not have songs/movies Computer sees unit as “MTP Device” Screen is too bright or too dim Volume is too low for navigation prompts Possible Solution Charge battery, check UNLOCK switch Make sure unit has a clear and unobstructed view of the sky Requires loading to SD card Change preference in “Settings” menu Adjust in “Settings” menu or press rotary wheel on the right side Adjust volume using rotary wheel on the right side or adjust volume of navigation prompts in Volume Mixer (Settings Menu) Increase media player volume in Volume Mixer (Settings Menu) Reposition with moderate force Make sure it is securely “clicked” into place on both the bottom and back Using a paper clip, press the reset button on the right side of the bottom panel Check antenna connection. Ensure the device is enabled for “discovery” or “pairing”. [. . . ]


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