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[. . . ] Color LCD Monitor USER MANUAL Model Name 32LD8800TA 37LD8800TA This is the image of the model 32LD8800TA. Desktop stand is optional for 37LD8800TA. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS INSIDE CAREFULLY. KEEP THIS USER MANUAL FOR FUTURE REFERENCE For future reference, record the serial number of your monitor. SERIAL NO. This serial number is located on the rear of the monitor. CONTENTS IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS . . . . . . . . . [. . . ] Make sure to adjust Horizontal Clock first before adjusting Clock Phase. Reset all the set values on this Menu page to original factory settings. Auto Adjust Horizontal Position* Vertical Position* Horizontal Clock* -31~+31 -31~+31 Clock Phase* 0~63 Reset 25 MENU OPERATION (continued) ENGLISH 26 Setup Menu (RGB mode) (continued) Selected Items 0. 7V Input Level 1. 0V Off On Off WVGA Type On Off 1280x768 1366x768 Off On PC Movie Setup hint Normally, select [0. 7V]. Select whether indicating the PC signal frequency information on Input Signal Screen Display or not. (See "Size Switching" on 39 for the details. ) This function is available only for WVGA signal. Refer to "Recommended Signal List" on 59 . Frequency Display WXGA Mode This function is available only for WXGA signal. Refer to "Recommended Signal List" on 59 . Vertical Filter Frequency Mode Reduce the flickers on the screen when set to [On]. This mode is not available (gray out). Information The items indicated by " " can be automatically stored the setting depending on the signal mode. The signal mode is identified by the Horizontal/Vertical frequency and the sync. signal polarity, which has almost same values in all the above items might be regarded as the same signal. Press OK to start auto adjustment as needed. * MENU OPERATION (continued) Function Menu This menu provides various ways to protect your panel, reduce power consumption, and set up utilizing the useful functions, such as Freeze Mode and Photo Input. Function Black Side Panel Video Power Save Freeze Mode Default Zoom Picture Size Reset Select Set Function Background Slide Effect Slide Interval Slide Music Slide Mode Reset Select Set Off Off Split Panoramic 1 Reset Return 1 1 5Sec. Off 1 Reset Return Selected Items Off Black Side Panel On Off Video Power Save On Split Freeze Mode Strobe Panoramic 4:3 Full 1 Picture Size 2 Setup hint This can change the color of sidebars showing up in normal mode. (Off:gray, On:black) It is recommended to set Off to reduce image retention. Please note that it is not available while operating Photo Input function. During AV input, this helps to reduce power consumption when there is no video signal. In case of selecting AV input terminal which does not have signal input, it changes the power status to power save mode in AV1/AV2 and standby mode in other AV input. (See 52 in details. ) This is the useful function to watch the program in both still and active pictures. (See 44 in details. ) Split: half sized images Strobe: thumbnail sized images You can set the display size for TV / AV input screen appearing first when turning the main power On. In case that the image from TV signal (especially CATV) has a blackened gap in either or both side during Panoramic mode, select [2] so that it can make up for the gap. This is not available except RF, composite, and component (576i, 480i) input. (gray out) Each item on this menu screen can be restored to the original factory settings by pressing OK button. Default Zoom Reset 27 MENU OPERATION (continued) ENGLISH 28 Function Menu (continued) Selected Items Background 1 2 Off Slide Effect 1 2 5Sec. Slide Music Off 1 2 1 2 Setup hint This is available only for Photo Input function. You can select the interval time for switching slides during slide show. [. . . ] (PC input mode only) Try "Auto Adjust". 25 The horizontal stripes are moving vertically with flickering screen. (PC input mode only) button Check the Signal status of the PC by pressing on the remote control. If the Vertical Frequency of the PC is set to less than 85Hz, adjust its level higher (up to 85Hz). (Please note that you will have lower vertical resolution with this action. ) 26 When the characters are displayed on the whole screen, the vertical stripes appear and some of the characters are blurred. [. . . ]


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