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[. . . ] INSTRUCTION MANUAL Projection Color Television Thank you for your purchasing HITACHI projection TV products. In order to use the Projection color TV properly, please read this instruction manual carefully before using it. CONTENTS SAFETY TIPS ·································································································································3 BEFORE USING THIS PROJECTION COLOR TV····································································7 Note ··········································································································································7 Location ····································································································································7 The best spot for viewing ···········································································································7 Connect the power cord and the antenna·····················································································8 Insert the batteries······················································································································8 FUNCTIONAL PARTS···················································································································9 Control panel and side panel ······································································································9 Rear panel ······························································································································· 11 On the remote control unit ·······································································································12 GETTING STARTED···················································································································13 Power on/off ··························································································································13 Instructions for operating menu································································································14 Selecting the on-screen display language··················································································15 Easy Preset ······························································································································16 ON-SCREEN DISPLAY MENU ···································································································17 Picture Menu ···························································································································17 Audio Menu ····························································································································19 Timer Menu·····························································································································20 Function Menu ························································································································21 Setup Menu ·····························································································································23 CONVERGENCE ADJUSTMENT ······························································································32 MULTI PICTURE ·······················································································································33 CH SURF FUNCTION··················································································································38 TELETEXT ···································································································································40 OTHER FUNCTIONS ··················································································································41 CONNECTION WITH OTHER EQUIPMENT···········································································48 Jacks and connections of side panel··························································································48 Jacks and connections of rear panel··························································································49 About the jacks and connections of rear panel ··········································································52 ADDENDA·····································································································································53 A guide to simple problem solving ···························································································53 Accessories······························································································································53 Specifications ··························································································································54 2 SAFETY TIPS In order to use this TV safely, you must pay attention to the notice shown below. This symbol indicates required actions. Refer to the Power Supply as indicated on the rating label pasted at the back of the TV set. It may cause a fire or an electric shock. Never insert or remove the power plug with wet hands. [. . . ] You can control the volume by pressing Volume up/down buttons on the remote control unit of the TV set. Note: Please lower the volume of equipment to prevent damage to its speakers or hearing distorted sound when connecting the FIXED/VARIABLE AUDIO output terminals on the TV to the stereo system equipment. Language Refer to page 15. Text Language Follow the steps on page 23 to enter the Setup menu, then select the Text Language option as shown on the right. You can choose the Text Language options such as EAST EUROPE, ARABIC, IRANIAN and WEST EUROPE. 31 CONVERGENCE ADJUSTMENT Over a period of time, the picture tubes can drift out of alignment due to abnormal bumps and vibrations or shifting of the TV. You may then notice that there are color rings or halos around the objects in the picture. If the picture on the screen is very clear, you may skip the below procedures. The TV provides two modes of convergence adjustment (AUTO CONVERGENCE and MANUAL CONVERGENCE). Please ensure that the TV is powered on for at least 20 minutes before you proceed with the convergence adjustment. AUTO CONVERGENCE (The C43-FL9000 model does not have this function. ) Press the MAGIC FOCUS button on the side panel for one second or so to enter the AUTO CONVERGENCE mode. At anytime during this convergence correction process, you may press the MAGIC FOCUS button to exit, and the picture condition will remain unchanged. MAGIC FOCUS This process will take approximately 20 seconds. (Do not move the TV during this auto convergence process. ) MANUAL CONVERGENCE For the C52-WD9000 model, press and hold the MAGIC FOCUS button for more than 3 seconds to enter the MANUAL CONVERGENCE mode. (Note: If you press the MANUAL FOCUS button on the side panel of the C43-FL9000 model, the TV will enter the MANUAL CONVERGENCE mode directly. ) (1) Press the cursor buttons to move the selection box to select the adjustment point. Press the (3) Press the ENTER button to change the selection box to white. Press the select another adjustment point, then perform (1)~(2) to adjust. During the adjustment, press the ENTER button frequently to return to the moving mode ( convergence. If you cannot insure perfect alignment, please try to get balance in alignment between and . (4)When adjustment is done, press the MENU button and the following screen will display as below. is shown in white, which means the selection box is in the moving mode. ) and affirm convergence of the selection box so as to get the best cursor buttons to adjust blue convergence. cursor buttons to move the selection box to Release the MAGIC FOCUS button. Note: Press the number buttons (2, 5, 4, 6) can also move the selection box to select the adjustment point, and then to adjust red [0]: To cancel the adjusted data and exit from adjustment mode. [3]: To recall the adjusted data from previous auto convergence and return to manual convergence mode. Notes: 1) During the adjustment, you are suggested to adjust again and again, and confirm the alignment of the selection box in the moving mode. PLEASE ENTER NUMBER CANCEL [0] DONE [1] BACK [2] RESET [3] 2) If there is no operation for 3 minutes from the remote control unit, the TV will exit from MANUAL CONVERGENCE mode. Note*1 The TV has three color projection tubes: one for red, one for green and one for blue. When mixed together in the proper proportion, the output of these three color tubes can produce any color. [. . . ] The HDMI INPUT interface on INPUT1 can be used to connect your external devices equipped with an HDMI output. When the HDMI INPUT interface on INPUT1 is connected, press the RECALL button on the remote control unit to show the characters HDMI or DVI and AV1 on the top right corner of the screen, which indicates that you are viewing the program through the HDMI INPUT interface on INPUT1. When the HDMI INPUT interface on INPUT1 is used, please do not connect terminals (Y/VIDEO PB/CB PR/CR) on INPUT1. 5. If your device has s-video signal output, please use s-video signal instead of the standard video signal. [. . . ]


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