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[. . . ] CinemaStarTM C5K1000 2. 5-inCH HARD DiSK DRiveS FOR viDeO APPLiCATiOnS One terabyte of digital video and surveillance storage for 24x7 CE operation Highlights > > > > > > > > Features and Benefits 1TB1 Capacity Reliability Video hard drive with capacities up to Advanced Format, 512 byte emulation 6Gb/s SATA interface 24x7 availability5 Low power utilization to help reduce energy costs SmoothStreamTM technology Silent-seek acoustics for quiet operation SMART Command Transport (SCT) for streaming optimization Feature / Function Up to 1TB of storage Thermal Fly-height Control (TFC) Media Maintenance Performance Interface Eco-friendly Acoustics SMART Command Transport (SCT) ERP Control SATA 6Gb/s 1. 5W operating power Halogen-free design Silent seek Benefits Up to 370 hours of high-definition video, 1000 hrs of standard video, 350 movies or 250, 000 4-min songs* Improved reliability Extends recording life and capabilities Smoother streaming and improved error recovery timing for optimum A/V performance Hgher data throughput Reduces energy cost in A/V applications Smaller carbon footprint Ultra-quiet operation for improved sound quality Applications > > > > > Digital Video Recorders (DVR) Set-top Boxes DVR-enabled Televisions High-end Audio Systems Video Surveillance Systems * Actual storage may vary depending on the compression rate applied. [. . . ] The CinemaStar C5K1000 carries the HGST EcoTrac classification due to its low power consumption and eco-friendly, halogen-free production. This sixth generation 2. 5-inch CinemaStar drive, with its superior performance, balanced capacity and power-management delivers greater design flexibility for next-generation video systems. 1TB, 750GB and 640GB 5400 RPM | SATA 6Gb/s Reliability leadership CinemaStar C5K1000 elevates hard drive reliability to new levels with an improved protection scheme for power fluctuation and enhanced TFC for improved error rates. HGST offers customers system design and integration services including, but not limited to hard drive selection, optimization, software compatibility assessment, performance profiling, problem analysis and reliability consultation. The HGST CinemaStar product line is optimized for video applications on any size system. www. HGST. com CinemaStarTM C5K1000 Specifications Model(s) HCC541010A9E680 HCC541075A9E680 HCC541064A9E680 HGST quality and service HGST Travelstar hard disk drives are designed to the highest quality standards and contain field-proven components. HGST provides worldwide technical support and integration services to enable global customers to bring their products to market quickly. How to read the CinemaStar model number HCC541010A9E680 = 1TB, SATA 6Gb/s H = HGST C = CinemaStar C = Compact 54 = 5400 RPM 10 = Full capacity -- 1TB 10 = Capacity this model, 10 = 1TB (75 = 750GB, 64 = 640GB) A = Generation code 9 = 9. 5mm z-height E6 = SATA 6Gb/s with 512 emulation 8 = Cache = 8MB 0 = Reserved Information and Technical Support www. hgst. com (Main Web site) www. hgst. com/partners (Partner Web site) North America support_usa@hgst. com Toll free: 1 888 426-5214, Direct: 408 717-8087 Asia Pacific support_ap@hgst. com / 65 6840 9595 EMEA and UK support_uk@hgst. com / 44 20 7133 0032 Germany support_uk@hgst. com / 49 6929 993601 Program Support Partners First Program channelpartners@hgst. com Configuration Interface Capacity (GB)1 Sector size (bytes)2 Recording zones Areal density (Gbit/sq. in. , max, ) Performance Data buffer (MB)3 Rotational speed (RPM) Latency average (ms) Media transfer rate (Mbits/sec, max) Interface Transfer Rate (MB/sec, max) Seek time, read (ms, typical)4 Reliability Load / unload cycle Power on hours (POH) per month Availability5 (hrs/day x days/wk) Power Requirement Dissipation Startup (W, 2ms, peak, max. ) Operating (W, IDEMA 3-stream) Low power idle (W, avg. )7 Physical size z-height (mm, max) Dimensions (width x depth, mm, max) Weight (g, max) Environmental (Operating) Shock (half-sine wave) Operating temperature (top cover) Environmental (Non-operating) Shock (half-sine wave) Ambient temperature Acoustics (A-weighted sound power) Idle (Bels, typical) Operating (Bels, typical, IDEMA 3-stream) 6 SATA 6Gb/s 1TB / 750 / 640 512e 30 694 8 5400 5. 5 998 600 15 600, 000 732 24x7 +5 VDC (+ -5%) 3. 0 1. 5 0. 5 9. 5 70 x 100 102 325G/2ms 0 to 70o C 350G/2ms -40 to 65o C 2. 4 2. 5 1 One GB is equal to one billion bytes and one TB equals 1, 000GB (one trillion bytes) when referring to hard drive capacity. 2 Advanced Format drive: 4K physical sectors with 512 byte emulation 3 A portion of buffer capacity used for firmware 4 Excludes command overhead 5 Designed for low duty cycle, non mission-critical digital video. 6 Assumes CE operational conditions 7 10 minutes from last command Western Digital and the Western Digital logo are trademarks of Western Digital Corporation in the U. S. [. . . ] The EcoTrac symbol identifies HGST hard drives that deliver on the principles of lower operating costs, smaller carbon footprint, safer product disposal and creation of a more sustainable environment. DSCC5410A12EN-01 [. . . ]


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