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Manual abstract: user guide HITACHI CP-X5021N

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Projector CP-X4021N/CP-X5021N/ CP-WX4021N User's Manual (detailed) Operating Guide Thank you for purchasing this projector. WARNING Before using this product, please read all manuals for this product. After reading them, store them in a safe place for future reference. About this manual Various symbols are used in this manual. WARNING This symbol indicates information that, if ignored, could possibly result in personal injury or even death due to incorrect handling. [. . . ] The name assigned to the port will also be automatically switched according to your icon selection. (4) Select a number you'd like to assign to the port along with the icon. You can select the number either from blank (no number assigned), 1, 2, 3, or 4. (5) If you'd like to modify the name assigned to the port, select CUSTOM NAME and press the button. (continued on next page) 51 SCREEN menu Item Description (6) The current name will be displayed on the first line. Use the /// buttons and the ENTER or INPUT button to select and enter characters. To erase 1 character at one time, press the RESET button or press the and INPUT button at the same time. Also if you move the cursor to DELETE or ALL CLEAR on screen and press the ENTER or INPUT button, 1 character or all characters will be erased. (7) To change an already inserted character, press the button to move the cursor to the first line, and use the / buttons to move the cursor on the character to be changed. (8) To finish entering text, move the cursor to the OK on screen and press the , ENTER or INPUT button. To revert to the previous name without saving changes, move the cursor to the CANCEL on screen and press the , ENTER or INPUT button. Press the cursor (or the ENTER) button to display the selected template, and press the cursor button to close the displayed screen. The last selected template is displayed when the MY BUTTON allocated to the TEMPLATE function is pressed ( 58). TEST PATTERN DOT-LINE1 DOT-LINE2 DOT-LINE3 STACK MAP2 MAP1 CIRCLE2 CIRCLE1 DOT-LINE4 You can turn a map upside down and scroll it horizontally when MAP1 or MAP2 is selected. To invert or scroll the map, display the guidance by pressing the RESET button on the remote three seconds or more when MAP1 or MAP2 appears. SOURCE NAME (Continued) TEMPLATE (continued on next page) 52 SCREEN menu Item Description The C. C. is the function that displays a transcript or dialog of the audio portion of a video, files or other presentation or other relevant sounds. It is required to have NTSC format video or 480i@60 format component video source supporting C. C. DISPLAY Select Closed Caption DISPLAY setting from following options using / buttons. AUTO ON OFF AUTO : Closed Caption automatically displays when the volume is muted. · The Closed Caption is the function to display the dialogue, narration, and / or sound effects of a television program or other video sources. The Closed Caption availability is depending upon broadcaster and/or content. MODE Select Closed Caption MODE setting from following options using / buttons. TEXT : Display Text data, which is for additional information such as news reports or a TV program guide. [. . . ] Before removing the USB storage device, be sure to use the REMOVE USB function on the thumbnail screen, which appears when the USB TYPE A port is selected as the input source. (continued on next page) Reference page 10 ~ 14 19 19, 46, 47 46 47 4, 18 10 ~ 14 33 10 28 55 12, 80 100 Troubleshooting Phenomena that may be easy to be mistaken for machine defects (continued) Phenomenon Video screen display freezes. Perform picture adjustments by changing the COLOR TEMP, COLOR, TINT and/or COLOR SPACE settings, using the menu functions. Change the COLOR SPACE setting to AUTO, RGB, SMPTE240, REC709 or REC601. [. . . ]


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