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[. . . ] Do not use tools for purposes not intended; for example, do not use circular saw to cut tree limbs or logs. Do not wear loose clothing or jewellery, they can be caught in moving parts. Rubber gloves and non-skid footwear are recommended when working outdoors. If devices are provided for the connection of dust extraction and collection facilities ensure these are connected and properly used. [. . . ] 3) When using a rotary hammer or upward drilling operations attach a dust cup or dust collector (B) to collect dust or particles for easy operation. Installing the dust cup Use the dust cup by attaching to the drill bit as shown in Fig. When using a bit which has big diameter, enlarge the center hole of the dust cup with this rotary hammer. Installing dust collector (B) When using dust collector (B), insert dust collector (B) from the tip of the bit by aligning it to the groove on the grip. 3) CAUTION: The dust cup and dust collector (B) are for exclusive use of concrete drilling work. insert dust collector (B) completely into the chuck part of the main unit. When turning the rotary hammer on while dust collector (B) is detached from a concrete surface, dust collector (B) will rotate together with the drill bit. Make sure to turn on the switch after pressing the dust cup on the concrete surface. (When using dust collector (B) attached to a drill bit that has more than 190 mm of overall length, dust collector (B) cannot touch the concrete surface and will rotate. Therefore please use CAUTION: To prevent accidents, make sure to turn the switch off and disconnect the plug from the receptacle when the drill pits and other various parts are installed or removed. The power switch should also be turned off during a work break and after work. (2) DH24PB The rotation speed of the drill bit can be controlled steplessly by varying the amount that the trigger switch is pulled. Speed is low when the trigger switch is pulled slightly and increases as the switch is pulled more. continuous operation may be attained by pulling the trigger switch and depressing the stopper. To turn the switch OFF, pull the trigger switch again to disengage the stopper, and release the trigger switch to its original position. Rotation + striking This rotary hammer can be set to rotation and striking mode by turning the change lever fully counterclockwise to the mark. Rotation only The rotary hammer can be set to rotation only mode by rotating the change lever fully clockwise to the mark. 7) To drill wood or metal material using the drill chuck and chuck adapter (optional accessories), proceed as follows. CAUTIONS: Application of force more than necessary will not only expedite the work, but will deteriorate the tip edge of the drill bit and reduce the service life of the rotary hammer in addition. Drill bits may snap off while withdrawing the rotary hammer from the drilled hole. [. . . ] Further use of the rotary hammer with lock off grease will cause the machine to seize up reduce the service life. Excercise extreme caution in disassembling and reassembling the motor, following the above procedures exactly. Do not attempt to disassemble any parts other than those necessary to effect replacement of the carbon brush. NOTE: Due to HITACHI's continuing program of research and development, the specifications herein are subject to change without prior notice. [. . . ]


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