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[. . . ] DZ-BD7HA/DZ-BD70A Instruction Manual (English) DZ-BD7HA DZ-BD70A Introduction HDD/BD/DVD/Cards Battery Pack Let's Get Started Recording -- Viewing Various Recording Techniques HITACHI Camcorder PC Software Support Center URL http://dvdcam-pc. support. hitachi. ca/ Support Center phone numbers for software provided: PIXELA CORPORATION +1-800-458-4029 (Toll-free) +1-213-341-0163 URL:http://www. pixela. co. jp/oem/hitachi/e/index. html DZ-BD7HA (Hybrid BD Camcorder) Dubbing on BD/DVD (DZ-BD7HA) Editing Viewing on the Other Devices Instruction Manual HITACHI AMERICA, LTD. UBIQUITOUS PLATFORM SYSTEMS 900 Hitachi Way Chula Vista, CA 91914-3556 Service Hotline: 1-800-HITACHI (1-800-448-2244) DZ-BD70A (BD Camcorder) Connecting to your PC Additional Information Hitachi, Ltd. Japan This manual was printed with soy based ink. Thank you for purchasing this Hitachi Camcorder. Regarding the differences between the DZ-BD70A and the DZ-BD7HA, please first refer to "How to Read this Instruction Manual" (p. 10). [. . . ] · Although discs created using the software supplied with the camcorder can be played back on devices which are compatible with those discs, playback on all devices is not guaranteed. Playback may not be possible depending on the playback device or disc condition. · The software supplied with the camcorder cannot be used to write to the camcorder's HDD. The supplied software is compatible for Japanese, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (simplified characters) users. This manual provides display screen descriptions using Windows XP as examples. Before opening the software CDROM, please read "Be sure to read the following before opening the package of CD-ROM" (p. 176). ImageMixer 3 HD Edition for BDCAM You can transfer the images recorded on this camcorder to your PC, play back the images, and create libraries for the images. Moreover, you can record these images to a BD in Hi-Vision image quality, or create a DVD-Video (DVD-RW/DVD-R) or DVD-VR (DVD-RAM/DVD-RW) which can be played back on other devices. Notes · BD-R/DVD-RW/DVD-R recorded on this camcorder must be finalized on this camcorder before using them in your PC. · Discs such as AACS, CPRM, or CSS which are copyright protected are not compatible with the software supplied with this camcorder. Connecting to your PC 115 PC requirements OS Windows® XP Home Edition/Professional SP2 Windows VistaTM * 64-bit Edition is excluded. IBM® PC/AT® adapter pre-installed with the above OS Intel® Pentium® D 2. 8 GHz or greater Intel® Core 2 Duo 1. 66 GHz or greater (Intel® Core 2 Duo 2. 66 GHz or greater is recommended. ) * Operation is not guaranteed for PCs to which any alteration such as overclocking is applied from original specifications. · 512 MB or greater (1 GB or greater is recommended) · 300 MB or more free space (necessary to install the application). (May not operate if the camcorder is connected through a USB hub. ) · Display screen of 1024×768 pixel, 16 bit (High color) or greater. · Graphics accelerator compliant with Direct X® 9. 0c or later version. (Graphics accelerator compliant with PCI Express ×16 is recommended. ) · Sound card compliant with Direct Sound. PC CPU Memory HDD USB Others Connecting to your PC Notes · The supplied software is not compatible with Mac OS. · Even when the recommended system environment is satisfied, there are instances when Hi-Vision quality images may not play back smoothly. Moreover, editing of Hi-Vision images may require extended time to complete. · Even if your PC satisfies the system requirements, operation malfunctions and limitations in use may occur depending on the combinations of other software and devices you are using. · Operation will not be guaranteed if you use a self-made computer. 116 Software installation The content and procedures for installation will differ depending on the OS of your PC. Turn on the power to your PC. Login to your PC as a user with 1 administrative privileges. If you are using your PC for other applications, quit all software you are using. Confirm the software license agreement. Read the software license agreement carefully. If you agree with the terms, select "I accept the terms of the license agreement. ", then click "Next". 5 Insert the supplied CD-ROM into your PC's CD-ROM drive. The software installer automatically starts up, and the "language selection" screen 2 automatically appears. If the "language selection" screen does not appear, open the drive in which the CD-ROM is contained using Windows' My Computer or Explorer, and double click " ". Click Select the installation destination. If there is no change to the installation destination, click "Next". If you wish to change the installation destination, click "change" and specify the installation destination, then click "Next". Select the installation language. 3 Select the installation language, then click "Next". The "ImageMixer 3 HD Edition" installation screen appears. [. . . ] Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. UBIQUITOUS PLATFORM SYSTEMS 900 Hitachi Way Chula Vista, CA 91914-3556 U. S. A Tel: 619-591-5200 Additional Information 177 Warranty Limitations The Limited Warranty provided by Hitachi does not cover: A. Cabinet (exterior finish items), Battery packs, Accessories, Lens Cleanings, Head Cleanings, DVD Disc Damage, Video Tape Damage, or Software Modifications. Any defect, malfunction, or failure caused by or resulting from improper service, maintenance, repair, use of DVD Cleaning Disks, use of Video Cleaning Cassettes, software, or from abuse, neglect, accident or any other cause beyond the control of Hitachi. [. . . ]


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