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[. . . ] For Your Safety Instruction Manual 8mm Video Camcorder VM-E110A/310A Hitachi Home Electronics (America), HITACHI (HSC) CANADA, INC. 3300 Trans Canada Highway, Pointe Claire, 3890 Steve Reynolds Blvd. , Norcross, GA 30093 Quebec, H9R1B1, CANADA Tel. 514-697-9150 HITACHI SALES CORPORATION OF HAWAII, INC 3219 Koapaka Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819 Tel. You've chosen the best 8 mm video camcorder for you, and we want to help you make the most of your purchase. [. . . ] Press the COUNTER RESET button on the remote control at the point to which you wish to return. Press the STOP button to stop playback, or press the start/stop recording and set the CAM/OFF/VIDEO switch to VIDEO. Press the REW button and the tape stops at approximately where you reset the linear time counter. This feature works in F. F as well. Setting the Date and Time Take the time to set the date and time now. The date and time can be recorded on your tapes to act as a handy reference when viewing them later. Use the following procedure to set up the display for the current date and title. Note: Be sure to insert the date/title battery before setting the date and time. Although the date and time can be set without the date/title battery inserted, they will disappear when the battery providing power to the camcorder is removed. Make sure that the current time is displayed correctly before you start filming. 29 Getting Started 1. Load the battery ("Loading the Batteries: Camcorder batteries" p. 15). Press the red button on the CAM/OFF/VIDEO switch as you slid it to CAM. The date and time should appear in the lower right with the "1" flashing. 3. Pressing the F. F button gives you higher numbers while the REW button gives you lower numbers. Use the F. F, REW and STOP buttons to select the proper day, year, hour, minute, and AM or PM. 4. The display changes and the internal clock starts. 30 Getting Started Note: The date/time graphics will be recorded whenever they appear in the viewfinder. Move to where you need to make the correction with the STOP button and use the F. F and REW to correct. Automatic Date Recording This feature records the date automatically once a day. After you begin recording, the date is displayed and recorded automatically for 10 seconds. The same date is recorded again in the following cases; when the cassette is replaced, when " AUTO" is displayed again after being switched to the date display and when the recording is less than 10 seconds long. If the date changes while recording continues over 10 seconds, the date is recorded for 10 seconds when recording is restarted after the camcorder has been set to the standby once. Press the DATE/TITLE button until " AUTO" and the date appear at the lower right of the viewfinder before you begin to record. The date will be recorded whenever it appears in the viewfinder. Automatic Title Recording This function automatically records the created title on the tape together with the date for about 10 seconds after recording is started. Note: Be sure to insert the date/title battery before starting automatic title recording. 1. Press the DATE/TITLE button to display " TITLE" in the viewfinder. 10 seconds after the recording is started, the title and date disappear and the automatic title recording function is released. [. . . ] If any failure resulting from either workmanship or material defect should occur under normal and proper usage within the period stated hereunder from the original provable date of purchase, such failure should be repaired at no cost to the buyer, provided the defective product is brought to a HITACHI AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER in Canada. NOTE: The GOLD CARD becomes the proof of your warranty. it assures you of a personalized quality service and it is accepted by our authorized service centres everywhere in Canada. However, to receive your exclusive Hitachi GOLD CARD, you must include a copy of your bill of sale with the return portion of this warranty registration card. "GOLD" WARRANTY PERIOD Video Tape Recorder, Tuner, Timer, 1 year parts and labour. All goods returned to either Hitachi or a Hitachi Authorized Service Center must be shipped on a "PREPAID BASIS". [. . . ]


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