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[. . . ] We are proud to always offer new, innovative and technologically advanced products, with a complete range of home appliances to ensure true assistance in your daily routine. Carefully read this manual for correct and safe appliance use and for helpful tips on efficient maintenance. Environmental conditions This appliance is marked according to the European directive 2012/19/EU on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). WEEE contains both polluting substances (which can cause negative consequences for the environment) and basic components (which can be re-used). [. . . ] The machine is fitted with a special   electronic device, which prevents the TEMPERATURE SELECTION button l This button allows you to change the temperature of the wash cycles. NIGHT & DAY button l This option reduces the intermediate spin speed to 400 rpm, where applicable, increase the water level during rinsing and keep the laundry immersed in water after the final rinse, in order to spread the fiber perfectly. L It is not possible to raise the temperature over the maximum allowed for every programme, in order to save the fabrics. SPIN SELECTION button l By pressing this button, it is possible to reduce the maximum speed, and if you wish, the spin cycle can be cancelled. L During the phase in which the water is held in the tub, the relevant indicator light blink to show that the machine is at a standstill. L If the label does not indicate specific information, it is possible to use the maximum spin expected in the program. To prevent damage to the fabrics, it is not possible to increase the speed over the maximum allowed for the programme. L Deselect the option to end the cycle with a spin dry (which may be reduced or cancelled using the appropriate button) and emptying phase. L Thanks to electronic control, the water in the intermediate phases is emptied silently, making this option very useful for washing at night. 105 EN KEY LOCK l Pressing simultaneously the buttons TEMPERATURE SELECTION and SPIN SPEED for about 3 seconds, the machine allows you to lock the keys. In this way, you can avoid making accidental or unwanted changes if a button on the display is pressed accidently during a cycle. If the door is not properly closed, the light will continue to flash for about 7 seconds, after which the start command will be automatically delete. In this case, close the door in the proper way and press the START/PAUSE button. L Wait until the DOOR LOCKED light has gone out before opening the door. 2) SPIN SPEED This show the spin speed of the selected programme that can be changed or omitted by the relevant button. 3) WASH TEMPERATURE LIGHTS INDICATOR l The key lock can be simply cancelled by pressing the two buttons simultaneously again or turning off the appliance. Digital Display The display’s indicator system allows you to be constantly informed about the status of the machine. This shows the washing temperature of the selected programme that can be changed (where allowed) by the relevant button. 4) CYCLE DURATION 3 1 2 7 84 9 5 6 l When a programme is selected the display automatically shows the cycle duration, which can vary, depending on the options selected. 6 l Once the programme has started you will be kept informed constantly of the time remaining to the end of the wash. 1) DOOR LOCKED INDICATOR LIGHT l The appliance calculates the time to the end of the selected programme based upon a standard loading, during the cycle, the appliance corrects the time to that applicable to the size and composition of the load. 5) STAIN LEVEL INDICATORS LIGHTS l The indicator light is illuminated when the door is fully closed. [. . . ] This may be due to a leak from the seal between the tap, supply hose and fill valve; in this case, replace it and tighten the hose connections correctly. The machine is fitted with a detection system that protects the load and product from damage if the load is not balanced before spinning. This may result in:• The machine attempts to balance the load, increasing the time of spin. If this is experienced remove the load de-tangle it, reload it and restart the spin program. [. . . ]


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