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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Optimum ease of use and simple operation were the most important factors in the development of this product. NOTICES TO THE USER The combi-microwave oven combines the characteristics of a microwave oven with those of a traditional oven. The extensive range of settings available enables you to select the exact method of cooking that you have in mind. Operating principle The microwaves used for cooking are electromagnetic waves. [. . . ] Comments : If you do not press the clock key, the time displayed is automatically recorded after one minute. Your appliance is equipped with a back-up so that during a power failure the time remains displayed for a day. Stop turntable option If there is insufficient space for the dish to turn freely inside the oven, set the STOP TURNTABLE function before or during the programme. Note: it is not possible to stop the turntable during an automatic defrost programme. To set: W / Press the STOP TURNTABLE key, the lights up and the turntable stops. It is necessary to turn the container or stir the contents halfway through the programme when the STOP TURNTABLE function is set. 10 EN programming Your appliance is now connected and displays the correct time. If the door is opened during operation, the programme is not cancelled but simply interrupted. If no action is taken within 1 minute after programming, 3 beeps invite you to start up or modify the programme. With no further instruction, after another minute and a reminder beep, the settings are cancelled and the clocktime is displayed again. Press the START/STOP key with the door closed to interrupt a programme. Press the START/STOP key for 2 seconds to cancel a programme, or turn the selector to the OFF position. In order to set a second programme once the first has ended, open the door and shut it again. Three beeps signal the end of each programme; the clocktime is displayed again. You may light up your oven by turning the selector knob to the position. In order to evacuate moisture, your appliance is fitted with a delayed ventilation function. Depending on the applied cooking mode (solo / grill ), the oven ventilation will continue to operate after the end of the programme. Using the power levels Power level 1000 W / 900 W 800 W / 700 W 600 W 500 W 400 W / 300 W 200 W 100 W Use Rapidly heating drinks, water, dishes containing a lot of liquid. Quantity 2 x 200 g plates 2 x 300 g plates Time 4 - 6 min 6 - 8 min automatic cook functions With the automatic cooking functions, the time and function are programmed automatically according to the type of food and its weight. Fresh, readymade dishes This function is used for heating refrigerated, ready-made meals (lasagna, potato gratin, cottage pie, fish gratin, etc. Remove the product from its packaging and place it in a microwave-safe, heatproof dish of comparable size. For best results, cover with microwave-safe cling film, the special microwave plate cover or another plate turned upside down. [. . . ] Guide to cooking using the grill & microwave function Use a microwave-safe and heatproof dish, preferably made of earthenware (less splashing than with glass). Place the food item in a dish on the grill at level 1, turn halfway through cooking. cook preferably non-barded roasts to avoid grease splashes and smoke. Season when cooked, let the meat sit in aluminium foil for 10 minutes. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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