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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] In the case of sale, cession or move, make sure it is together with the product. € Read the instructions carefully: there is important information about installation, use and safety. € Do not carry out electrical or mechanical variations on the product or on the discharge conduits. € Before proceeding with the installation of the appliance verify that there are no damaged all components. [. . . ] Replacing the power cable The hood is provided with a special power cable ; if the cable is damaged, request a new one from Technical Service. AIR VENT (for the suction versions) Connect the hood and discharge holes on the walls with a diameter equivalent to the air outlet (connection flange). Using the tubes and discharge holes on walls with smaller dimensions will cause a diminution of the suction performance and a drastic increase in noise. Use a duct with as few elbows as possible (maximum elbow angle: 90°). The company declines any responsibility whenever these regulations are not respected. To use the hood in filtering version the special ACCESSORY KIT must be installed. Check on the first pages of this manual if the ACCESSORY KIT is furnished or must be bought separately. Note: If furnished, in certain cases, the additional activated carbon filtering system may be installed on the hood. Information about the conversion of the hood from suction version to filtering version is present in this manual. OFF / Extraction speed (power) decrease button ON / Extraction speed (power) increase button Note: The intensive extraction speed (power) is timed and lasts for 5 minutes (indicator c flashes); the hood then reverts to extraction speed (power) 2. ON/OFF Timer button: delays the deactivation of the selected extraction speed (power) by 5 minutes. Note: the button is also used for the "Filter saturation signal reset" function Light ON/OFF button Display, shows: a. Extraction speed (power): the indicator rotates according to the selected extraction speed (power). Grease filter saturation: comes on when filter maintenance is required. Active carbon filter saturation: comes on when filter maintenance is required. Note: this function is normally disabled and should only be activated if the hood is used as a filter version (with carbon filter fitted). To do so, proceed as follows: - switch off the hood - press and hold buttons 1 and 3 at the same time, until the indicator stops flashing (indicator disabled) and is lit steadily (indicator enabled). To deactivate it, repeat the procedure: the indicator will no longer be lit steadily (indicator enabled) and will flash instead (indicator disabled). Lighting Safety operation The hood has a sensor which, in the event of a sudden increase in temperature, activates the appliance until the temperature drops significantly. Filter saturation signal reset After carrying out filter maintenance, press and hold button 3 until indicator. Ducting version In this case the fumes are conveyed outside of the building by means of a special pipe connected with the connection ring located on top of the hood. Diameter of the exhausting pipe must be equal to that of the connection ring. [. . . ] Use the maximum diameter of the ducting system indicated in this manual to optimize efficiency and minimize noise. Please check the plate in order to verify the total absorption and the light absorption. Components not provided with the product MALFUNCTIONS If something appears not to be working properly, do the following simple checks before calling Technical Service: • If the hood is not working: Check that: - The power has not been disconnected. 85 Dansk DA • Før deres foretages nogen form for indgreb i forbindelse med rengøring og vedligeholdelse skal forbindelsen til strømforsyningen afbrydes ved at trække stikket ud eller ved at slukke for boligens hovedafbryder. [. . . ]


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