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[. . . ] FRIDGE temperature indicator It shows the temperature of the fridge compartment. FRIDGE temperature setting It allows you to change the fridge temperature value, in a cyclical way; it also confirms the selected temperature on the interface. 4 SUPER indicator light (rapid freezing) illuminates when the SUPER button is pressed. When it is pressed, the SUPER indicator light illuminates (see Start-up and use). [. . . ] COMPARTMENT 3 IN 1 ZONE* This is the new box which offers maximum flexibility in order to stock your food in an excellent way. -store meat, fish and delicate food; -rapid cooling of hot food from 70°C to 3°C and of other fresh foods and leftovers -low temperature defrosting (it inhibits the proliferation of microorganisms). You can get the 0°C temperature, in standard conditions, when the fridge compartment temperature is at about 4°C. By decreasing the fridge temperature you decrease the CHILLER compartment temperature too. 20 SHELVES: Due to the special guides the shelves are removable and the height is adjustable allowing easy storage of large containers and food. This will help maintain the temperature inside the freezer, ensuring that foods are conserved for at least 12-18 hours. To get more space inside your freezer, you can take out any drawers (and flaps, if appropriate), from their slots, by putting your food directly on the provided shelves. GB Maintenance and care 2 1 Switching the appliance off During cleaning and maintenance it is necessary to disconnect the appliance from the electricity supply: 1. Pull the plug out of the socket TEMPERATURE Indicator light*: to identify the coldest area in the refrigerator. Cleaning the appliance • The external and internal parts, as well as the rubber seals may be cleaned using a sponge that has been soaked in lukewarm water and bicarbonate of soda or neutral soap. € The back of the appliance may collect dust which can be removed by delicately using the hose of a vacuum cleaner set on medium power. The appliance must be switched off and the plug must be pulled out before cleaning the appliance. If the word “OK” does not appear it means that the temperature is too high:set the FRIDGE TEMPERATURE on a colder value, and then wait 10 hours until the temperature becomes stable. Check the indicator light again: if necessary, readjust it following the initial process. If large quantities of food have been added or if the refrigerator door has been opened frequently, it is normal for the indicator not to show OK. Wait at least 10 hours before you set the FRIDGE temperature on a colder value. € The appliance is manufactured with hygienic materials which are odour free. In order to maintain an odour free refrigerator and to prevent the formation of stains, food must always be covered or sealed properly. € If you want to switch the appliance off for an extended period of time, clean the inside and leave the doors open. Using the freezer to its full potential The LED lighting, thanks to the powerful diffused light, allowes a clear view of each food. Replace LED * light • Do not re-freeze food that is defrosting or that has already been defrosted. € Fresh food for freezing should not be placed in contact with the one already frozen; it should be placed in the lower FREEZER and STORAGE compartment that provides the best freezing rate. [. . . ] € Observe local environmental standards when disposing packaging material for recycling purposes. € The European Directive 2012/19/EU on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), requires that old household electrical appliances must not be disposed of in the normal Disposal * Varies by number and/or position, available only on certain models. 22 • The appliance has been installed between cabinets that vibrate and make noise. € The internal refrigerant makes a slight noise even when the compressor is off. [. . . ]


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