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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] HP Color LaserJet 2600n User Guide HP Color LaserJet 2600n Printer User Guide Copyright and License © 2005 Copyright Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L. P. Reproduction, adaptation, or translation without prior written permission is prohibited, except as allowed under the copyright laws. The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. [. . . ] (See http://www. w3. org. ) Device sets the printer to print RGB data in raw device mode. To render photographs properly when this option is selected, you must manage color in the program in which you are working or in the operating system. Vivid instructs the printer to increase the color saturation in the midtones. Photo Image interprets the RGB color as if it were printed as a photograph using a digital mini-lab. It is designed to render the deeper, more saturated colors differently than Default mode. Use this setting for printing photos. Neutral Grays The Neutral Grays setting determines the method for creating gray colors that are used in text, graphics, and photographs. Black Only generates neutral colors (grays and black) by using only black toner. 4-Color generates neutral colors by combining all four colors of toner. This option produces smoother gradients and transitions to non-neutral colors. It also produces the darkest possible black. ENWW Managing color options 65 Matching colors The process of matching printer output color to your computer screen is quite complex because printers and computer monitors use different methods of producing color. Monitors display colors by light pixels using an RGB (red, green, blue) color process, but printers print colors using a CMYK (black, yellow, cyan, and magenta) process. The following factors can influence your ability to match printed colors to those on your screen: Print media Printer colorants (inks or toners, for example) Printing process (inkjet, press, or laser technology, for example) Overhead lighting Programs Printer drivers Computer operating system Monitors Video cards and drivers Operating environment (very humid or very dry) Personal differences in perception of color Keep these factors in mind if colors on your screen do not perfectly match your printed colors. For most users, the best method for matching colors on your screen to your printer is to print sRGB colors. For more information about solving issues that are related to color output, see Solving issues with color documents. 66 Chapter 5 Color ENWW How do I? Use this section to perform basic tasks with the HP Color LaserJet 2600n printer. ENWW 67 Print: How do I? Use this section to answer printing questions. 68 Chapter 6 How do I? ENWW Print on special media, such as glossy or photo paper You can print on special media such as transparencies, labels, heavy paper, glossy paper, photo paper, and card stock, by using the optimizing feature in the printer driver. Make sure that the top of the media is forward and the side to be printed on (the rough side of transparencies) is facing up. On the Paper or Quality tab, select one of these media types: Plain Preprinted Letterhead Transparency Prepunched Labels Bond Recycled Color HP Tough paper Envelope Light 60-74 g/m2 Heavy paper 91-105 g/m2 Cardstock 106-176 g/m2 Light Glossy 75-105 g/m2 Glossy 106-120 g/m2 Heavy Glossy 121-163 g/m2 HP Premium Cover 200 g/m2 HP Premium Plus Photo 220 g/m2 7. Remove the media from the device as it prints to prevent it from sticking together, and place the printed pages on a flat surface. To configure these media types from HP Toolbox, click Device Settings, click the System Settings tab, and then open the Print Modes page. To print a single-page cover letter on letterhead, followed by a multiple-page document, load a single sheet of letterhead in Tray 1. After the letterhead page has printed, the device prompts you to load paper. Load paper for the rest of the document. ENWW Print: How do I? 69 Print on both sides of the paper To manually print on both sides of the paper, you must send the paper through the device twice. Insert enough paper into Tray 2 or optional Tray 3 to accommodate the print job. [. . . ] Om apparaten används på annat sätt än i bruksanvisning specificerats, kan användaren utsättas för osynlig laserstrålning, som överskrider gränsen för laserklass 1. HUOLTO HP Color LaserJet 2600n -kirjoittimen sisällä ei ole käyttäjän huollettavissa olevia kohteita. Laitteen saa avata ja huoltaa ainoastaan sen huoltamiseen koulutettu henkilö. Tällaiseksi huoltotoimenpiteeksi ei katsota väriainekasetin vaihtamista, paperiradan puhdistusta tai muita käyttäjän käsikirjassa lueteltuja, käyttäjän tehtäväksi tarkoitettuja ylläpitotoimia, jotka voidaan suorittaa ilman erikoistyökaluja. [. . . ]


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