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[. . . ] Warranty and Support Guide 1 Year Parts and Labor IMPORTANT NOTE At Hewlett-Packard, we take pride in our ability to service your needs. We have specialists available to help you with your technical support questions as they arise via the Web or phone (see Contact Numbers within this document). We want to make sure that your support needs are met and any issues resolved as quickly as possible. Before contacting the HP Customer Support Center, it's important to have the following information handy. [. . . ] THIS LIMITATION OF LIABILITY WILL BE EFFECTIVE EVEN IF YOU HAVE ADVISED HP OR AN AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE OF HP OF THE POSSIBILITY OF ANY SUCH DAMAGES. THIS LIMITATION OF LIABILITY, HOWEVER, WILL NOT APPLY TO CLAIMS FOR PERSONAL INJURY. YOU MAY ALSO HAVE OTHER RIGHTS THAT MAY VARY FROM STATE TO STATE OR FROM COUNTRY/REGION TO COUNTRY/REGION. YOU ARE ADVISED TO CONSULT APPLICABLE STATE OR COUNTRY/REGION LAWS FOR A FULL DETERMINATION OF YOUR RIGHTS. 6 Limited Warranty Period The Limited Warranty Period for an HP Hardware Product is a specified, fixed period commencing on the date of purchase. The date on your sales receipt is the date of purchase unless HP or your reseller informs you otherwise in writing. Types of Warranty Service To enable HP to provide the best possible support and service during the Limited Warranty Period, you may be directed by HP to verify configurations, load most recent firmware, install software patches, run HP diagnostics tests or use HP remote support solutions where applicable. HP strongly encourages you to accept the use of, or to employ available support technologies provided by HP. If you choose not to deploy available remote support capabilities, you may incur additional costs due to increased support resource requirements. Listed below are the types of warranty support service that may be applicable to the HP Hardware Product you have purchased. shipping material. Failure to return the defective product may result in HP billing you for the replacement. With a customer self repair, HP will pay all shipping and part return costs and determine the courier/carrier to be used. If customer self repair applies to you, please refer to your specific HP Hardware Product announcement. You can also obtain information on this warranty service on the HP Web site at: http://www. hp. com/support Pick Up and Return Warranty Service Your HP Limited Warranty may include a pick up and return warranty service. Under the terms of pick up and return service, HP will pick up the defective unit from your location, repair it and return it back to your location. HP will incur all repair, logistics and insurance costs in this process. Service Upgrades HP has a range of additional support and service coverage for your product that can be purchased locally. However, some support and related products may not be available in all countries/regions. For information on availability of service upgrades and the cost for these service upgrades, refer to the HP Web site at: http://www. hp. com/support Carry-in Warranty Service Hardware service during the warranty period can be obtained by returning your PC to an HP Pavilion PC authorized service provider. Below are the names and addresses of the HP entities responsible for the performance of this HP Limited Warranty in your country/region: Republic of Ireland Hewlett-Packard Ireland Ltd. Cain Road Bracknell GB -- Berks RG12 1HN Options and Software Limited Warranties The Limited Warranty terms and conditions for most HPbranded options (HP Options) are as set forth in the Limited Warranty applicable to the HP Option and are included in the HP Option product packaging. If your HP Option is installed in an HP Hardware Product, HP may provide warranty service for either the period specified in the warranty documents (HP Option Limited Warranty Period) that shipped with the HP Option or for the remaining warranty period of the HP Hardware Product in which the HP Option is being installed, whichever period is the longer, but not to exceed three (3) years from the date you purchased the HP option. The HP Option Limited Warranty Period starts from the date of purchase from HP or an HP authorized reseller. Your dated sales or delivery receipt, showing the date of purchase of the HP Option, is your warranty start date. Non-HP options are provided "AS IS. " However, non-HP manufacturers and suppliers may provide warranties directly to you. [. . . ] Do not plug a modem or telephone cable into the Network Interface Card (NIC) receptacle. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS WARNING: To reduce the possibility of an electric shock from the telephone network, plug your computer into the AC outlet before connecting it to the telephone line. Also, disconnect the telephone line before unplugging your computer from the AC power outlet. WARNING: Always disconnect the modem cord from the telephone system before installing or removing your computer cover. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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