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[. . . ] The only warranties for HP Products and services are set forth in the express warranty statement accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. 139 12 Troubleshooting paper issues The paper cannot be loaded successfully . [. . . ] Your printer is provided with the following color profiles: ● ● None (Native): no emulation, for use when the color conversion is done by the application or operating system, and therefore the data arrive at the printer already color-managed. This standard space is endorsed by many hardware and software manufacturers, and is becoming the default color space for many scanners, printers and software applications. ColorMatch RGB emulates the native color space of Radius Pressview monitors. This space provides a smaller gamut alternative to Adobe RGB (1998) for print production work. Apple RGB emulates the characteristics of the average Apple monitor, and is used by a variety of desktop publishing applications. Use this space for files that you plan to display on Apple monitors, or for working with old desktop publishing files. Use this space if you need to do print production work with a broad range of colors. — ● ● HP Professional PANTONE Emulation When you use a named PANTONE color in an image, your application will normally send to the printer a CMYK or RGB approximation to that color. But the application does not take the printer or the paper type into account, it merely produces a generic approximation of the PANTONE color, which will look different on different printers and on different papers. HP Professional PANTONE Emulation can do a much better job by taking into account the characteristics of the printer and the paper type. The results look as similar to the original PANTONE colors as is possible on a given printer using a given paper type. This technology is designed to produce emulations similar to those set up manually by prepress professionals. To use HP Professional PANTONE Emulation, all you have to do is to turn it on. — ● ● In the Windows PostScript driver dialog: go to the Color tab and select HP Professional PANTONE Emulation. In the Mac OS Print dialog: go to the Color Options panel and select HP Professional PANTONE Emulation. You can also use the Embedded Web Server to print a swatch book showing emulations of PANTONE colors as made by your printer, together with a measure of the color difference (ΔE) between each emulation and the original PANTONE spot color. So HP Professional PANTONE Emulation not only provides the closest match that can be achieved on your printer; it also gives clear information on how close the emulation is to the original spot color. To print a swatch book, select the Embedded Web Server's Main tab, then HP Professional PANTONE Emulation. Select the strips from different PANTONE Formula Guide tabs that you would like to print, ENWW HP Professional PANTONE Emulation 77 Color management Color management 78 then press the Next button. Check the strips that you have selected; select gloss enhancer if you want to use it. color adjustment options The aim of color management is to print accurate colors. If you perform color management correctly, then you should be able to print accurate colors with no need of any manual color adjustments. [. . . ] Therefore, to prevent damage some precautions are needed when setting up the product, or handling ESD sensitive devices. One way to minimize uncontrolled ESDs, and therefore reduce this type of damage is by touching any exposed grounded part of the product (mainly metal parts) before handling ESD sensitive devices (such as the printheads or ink cartridges). Additionally, to reduce the generation of electrostatic charge in your body try to avoid working in a carpeted area, and keep your body movements to a minimum when handling ESD sensitive devices. Ethernet A popular computer networking technology for local area networks. [. . . ]


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