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[. . . ] When changing plug wiring should be effected according to the instruction below. R 1’ r N I— 1’ 1’ [1 THE WIRES IN THIS MAINS LEAD ARE COLOURED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE FOLLOWING CODE: 1’ Trim 2 cores same length r32mm Blue Brown : Live Neutral Fitted with3 AMP fuse We have prepared this booklet, to let you know how to operate this sewing machine and how to make use of all its sewing possibilities We are quite sure that you will get many pleasant hours with your new sewing machine and that you will be successful in obtaining many fine results HUSQVARNA AB INDEX . Accessory box, contents Blindstitching, general Blidstitch hem Blindstitch, elastic Bobbin case Bobbin winding Buttonholes Buttonholes, reinforced Buttonhole knife Care of the machine Changing the light bulb Changing the needle Changing the snap-on presser foot Choice of needle and thread Cleaning Connecting the foot control Connecting the machine to the power outlet Contents of accessory box Darning Darning foot Darning stockings Double-action stitch Elastic blindstitch (blind hem) Extension table Feed dog, cleaning Feed dog, lowering Foot control Free arm Hook (shuttle) Insertion of bobbin case Invisible hem (hlindstitch) Light and light switch Lowering the feed dog Lower thread, bringing up Lower thread tension 33 19 20 21 10 7— 8 24—25 26—27 28 30 30 6 14 6 30 4 4 33 29 29 29 23 21 5 30 15 4 5 9 10 20 4 15 11 12 Lower thread, threading Maintenance hints Needle, changing Needle and thread Open arm Packing and unpacking the machine Plugging in the machine to the power outlet Presser foot (regular) Putting the machine away Regular presser foot Reinforced buttonholes Reverse feeding (reverse stitching) Seam ripper Seams, setting of Selecting the stitch Shuttle (hook) Snap-on presser foot, changing Stitch length dial Stitch selector Straight stitching Stretch stitching Tensions Thread Thread cutter Threading lower thread Threading upper thread Thread tension Three-step zig-zag Unpacking the machine Upper thread tension Upper thread, threading Zig-zag stitching Zig-zag, three-step Zipper foot 10 31—32 6 6 5 34 4 14 34 14 26—27 16 33 16—27 16—27 9 14 15 16 16 18 12—13 6 11 10 7 12—13 22 34 12 7 17 22 15 2 1. Top thread guide Thread tension disc Thread take-up lever Thread tension scale Thread tension dial Thread guide with thread take-up spring Front thread guide Presser foot Feed dog Bobbin case Shuttle (book) 12. [. . . ] If you wish to have a seam allowance about 1/4” (7 mm), let the material run even with the outer edge of the presser foot. (Applies to straight stitching with the needle in the middle position). By moving one step inwards, you will have a seam allowance of about 5/32” (4 mm). The innermost notch gives a seam allowance of about 5/64” (2 mm). Slide on the presser foot so that the pin fits into the space between the bracket and the spring. Then press lightly backward and downward and the presser foot will snap into the correct position. L 14 Lowering the feed dog The feed dog is lowered when carrying out certain darning work. You lower the feed dog by pressing the symbol J on the drop feed button. In order to raise the feed dog again, you press the symbol \ Zipper foot The zipper foot (41 12 989) is attached in the same way as the regular presser foot. The construction of the zipper foot makes it possible to sew on both sides of the zipper without turning the work, by attaching the foot either to the left orto the right of the needle. 989 15 ______________ Thread tension Stitch length Stitch selector I t Straight stitching Raise the needle to its highest position. Set the stitch selector to the straight stitching symbol —— ____ The stitch length dial is graduated from 0 to 4 and is set to the desired stitch length, normally 2. 331 20 Thread tension Stitch selector Stitch length Elastic blindstitch First read page 19. The stitch selector is set to symbol i\iJ Turn the stitch length dial to 1—1. This is an average setting, which means that you can increase or decrease the stitch length to vary the distance between the catches. Instead of straight stitches, the elastic blindstitch has small zig-zag stitches between the larger zig-zag stitches. It is used for hemming elastic fabrics, particularly those that stretch sideways a lot. IumAnisJH 331 21 Thread tension Stitch length Stitch selector Three-step zig-zag Raise the needle to its highest position. Set the stitch selector to symbol /\/\/\ Turn the stitch length dial to 1 as a recommended basic setting. Three-step zig-zag is used for sewing towelling, jersey and knitwear, for overcasting in elastic, thin or easily frayed fabrics and for darning and mending. Thread tension Stitch length Stitch selector Double action stitch Raise the needle to its highest position. Set the stitch selector to symbol i\I\i\f\Ai and the thread tension dial between 3 and 5. [. . . ] Stretch the socks with your fingers and sew the woolen yarn across the hole at slow speed, guiding the work from side to side. Cut off the yarn when the hole is filled and dam back and forth with zig-zag across the yarn. 29 Care of the machine In order to serve you satisfactorily, your new sewing machine requires cleaning. The throat plate (needle plate) should oc casionally be removed and the teeth of the feed dog brushed clean with the cleaning brush (40 15 555) which is in the box of accessories. [. . . ]


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