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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Operator’s manual 536LiHE3 Please read the operator’s manual carefully and make sure you understand the instructions before using the machine. Com manuals search engine KEY TO SYMBOLS Symbols on the machine: Translation of the original Swedish operating instruction. Incorrect or careless use of a hedge trimmer can turn it into a dangerous tool that can cause serious or even fatal injury. It is extremely important that you read and understand the contents of this operator's manual. [. . . ] If the retailer who sells your machine is not a servicing dealer, ask him for the address of your nearest service agent. The machine's safety equipment must be checked and maintained as described in this section. If your machine fails any of these checks contact your service agent to get it repaired. Arrangement means that the power trigger is automatically locked at no operation state. 1 Control panel Make sure the machine is switched on or off when the activate/deactivate button (1) is pressed and held (>1 sec. Make sure the power trigger is locked when the power trigger lock is in its original position. (3) (2) (1) Flashing warning indicator (3) and green LED (2) is lit could indicate that: • it is not possible to apply full power and, at the same time, activate the machine. Remove the twigs, branches or other materials that are jammed in the blades. Check that the power trigger and the power trigger lockout move freely and that the return spring works properly. Press the power trigger lockout and make sure it returns to its original position when released. €¢ • If the warning symbol (3) flashes, it indicates that the machine is too hot and the machine deactivates. When the machine is restored to normal temperature it is again ready to run and you can activate the machine. Power trigger lockout The power trigger is designed to prevent accidental operation. It is necessary to press both the power trigger lockout and the power trigger. The order actuation power trigger lockout and power trigger doesn’t matter. When you release the handle, the power trigger and the power trigger lockout both move back to their original positions. Release the power trigger and check that the cutting attachment stops and remain at a standstill. Com manuals search engine GENERAL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Hand guard Li-ion The hand guard prevents hands from coming into contact with the moving blades, for example, if the operator loses grip on the front handle. €¢ • Check that the hand guard is fitted correctly. Com manuals search engine BATTERY HANDLING Battery The display shows the battery capacity and if there are any problems with the battery. The battery capacity is displayed for 5 seconds after the machine is switched off or the battery indicator button is pressed. The battery must be charged before using it the first time. [. . . ] Possible action Use the battery charger only when the surrounding temperature is between 5 °C and 40 °C. The following is a list of the maintenance steps that must be performed on the machine. The user must only carry out the maintenance and service work described in this Operator's Manual. More extensive work must be carried out by an authorized service workshop. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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