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[. . . ] I I :p It 1• ft fr I 1 J I S For you and your new Viking We have prepared this bookle t, to let you know how to operate this sewing ma chine and how to make best use of all its sewing pos sibilities. We hope you will have ma ny pleasant hours with your new sewing machine. , Viking sei’ing machines are sold under the nam e “Husqvarna’’. For practic al reasons the illustra tions in this manual sho w machines with the Hus — qvarna name. [. . . ] A raised contour outline can be obtained by using a gimp thread for the second time stitching around the edges. 27 Thread tension Stitch length Stitch selector Three-step zig-zag Raise the needle to its highest position by turning the handwheel towards you. Set the stitch selector to symbol Turn the stitch length dial to 1 as a recommended basic setting. Three-step zig-zag is used for overcasting in most fabrics, especially stretchable, thin and easily frayed fabrics. It is more elastic and does not pull the edges of the fabric together. It is ideal for sewing terry cloth and is also used for darning and mending. Zigzag presser foot4l 11383-01 Utility stitch presserfoot 41 14 512-01 28 * Overcasting Trim the edges of the fabric before overcasting. Let the edge of the fabric follow the righthand marking of presser foot No. Sewing terry cloth Terry cloth is rather loosely woven fabric in which seams easily break and where hems are frequently thick and clumsy. Sew the garment together leaving 5/8” to 3/4” seam allowance. Fold back the seam allowances and sew the edges down against the garment with three-step zig-zag. Even though the stitching goes right through to the “right” side of the garment, it is almost invisible. When hemming garments in terry cloth, it is only necessary to turn the hem once and sew with three-step zig-zag. 29 Mending Three-step zig-zag is a versatile stitch which can be utilized for mending and darning the majority of materials. It is naturally better if the thread is of the same colour as the fabric. When mending a tear, bring the edges of the fabric together and sew them together with three-step zig-zag. If necessary, reinforce the tear with a piece of fabric on the reverse side and sew back and forth once or twice. The edges of the patch do not need to be turned under if the stitch length setting is quite short. A threadbare spot is repaired by sewing back and forth with three-step zig-zag. This method is called Quick-mend and is the quickest and easiest method of darning. For every row of stitching, guide the fabric slightly to the side so that the stitches cover the entire worn area. If the fabric is very worn, a piece of the fabric or a lining may be attached to the reverse side of the material as rein forcement. [. . . ] Take out the bobbin and bobbin case and brush clean with special brush. Fr iI Contents of accessory box 41 11383-01 Zig-zag presser foot mounted on the machine 4!14512-01 Utility stitch presser foot 41 16 202-02 Accessory box, complete with standard accessories. 4114531-01 Presser foot for thin fabrics 40 15 427-01 Raised seam cord guide for use with or without cord 41 II 650-01 Buttonhole foot 41 12 989-01 Zipper foot 4! [. . . ]


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