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[. . . ] 7iy ‘( I / Survey of the machine Handle Thread tension dial Thread guide Thread tension discs Thread take-up lever Presser foot pressure dial Recommended presser foot Stitch length scale Front thread guide with thread take-up spring 10. Presser foot ankle Presser foot Drop feed button Recommended stitch length Stitch selector Handwheel Bobbin winding spindle Bobbin winding arm Main switch Reverse feed button Socket for foot control Thread cutter Screw for edge guide Unpacking Place the machine on the table and remove the plastic packing. Wipe the machine clean before you start sewing, and be especially careful with the stitch plate and the space around the needle. The machine is equipped with a number of presser feet and these are packed in two plastic bags. [. . . ] It may be necessary to adapt the thread tension to the thickness of the thread and the type of fabric. There is also a mark on the thread tension dial for the tension that is suitable for making buttonholes, for satin stitching, topstitching, embroidering, etc. LX Correct and incorrect thread tension In order to easily understand the importance of correct thread tension, you can try different thread tensions by sewing on a scrap of fabric. The lower thread lies straight and the upper thread is drawn under neath the fabric. If, however, you set the dial at the highest number, the opposite will occur, or the seam may pucker. The thread tension is correct when the threads interlock in the middle of both layers of fabric. N/’ Accessory box Store the accessories in the accessory box. By placing them as illustrated, it will be easier for you to remove and replace the box. Presser foot A is fitted on the machine at delivery and is used for straight stitching, zig-zag and other utility stitches. When straight stitching with the nee dle in the center position, you will have a 7 mm (¼’) seam allowance if you guide the fabric even with the outer A6”) 3 edge of the foot; 4 mm ( at the inner edge and 2 mm (/32”) at the innermost notch. Zipper foot E can be attached to the right or to the left of the needle, making it easy to sew both sides of the zipper. Is used for overcasting with zig zag or joining fine, slippery fabrics with overcast stitch. 4 Needle and thread The machine is delivered with a spool of synthetic thread, which can be used for all types of fabrics and most seams. Two needles for sewing in stretch fabric and denim are specially designed for the purpose. Changing the needle Even if the needles look alike there can be slight varia tions which can affect the sewing result. Therefore, change the needle if you have the slightest reason to believe that it is bent or that the point is damaged. With the flat side of the shank away from you, insert the new needle into the needle socket as far as it will go. Stitch selection The pattern scale located on the front of the machine indicates which stitches you can sew with the machine. The stitch length can be varied between 0 and 5 mm and there are three zig-zag widths to choose from. The straight stitch can be sewn with the needle at the center or left needle position. The left needle position is suitable when sewing narrow hems and when sewing in light fabrics where the fabric is well supported in the outer edge of the needle hole. The required stitch is set by turning the stitch selector to the left or to the right until the red indicator lines up with the stitch symbol. [. . . ] With the knife more or less parallel to the fabric, push forward, taking care not to cut the columns of the buttonhole. Cut the buttonhole to the middle and then repeat the cut from the other direction. Remove the presser foot, put the button in place and lower the presser bar. Turn the handwheel toward you and test carefully that the needle enters the first hole and then the other hole. [. . . ]


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