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[. . . ] This also applies to the GSM International Emergency Number 112. Please contact your network operator or service provider if you are in doubt whether you can use a particular service or not. Please read the Guidelines for safe and efficient use and the Limited warranty chapters before you use your mobile phone. Front Back Back cover lid Indicator light Volume keys Display On/off key Microphone r fo ot N Keypad om C se U al i rc me 3 Getting started About this User's Guide Some services and functions described in this User's Guide are network- and subscription-dependent. Because of this, all menus may not be available in your phone and the shortcut numbers to menus and functions may vary between phones. This symbol indicates that a service or function is network- or operator-dependent. [. . . ] You can have different settings for your two lines, for example, ring signal, call divert. You can change the name of your lines, for example "private" and "work". · Select Edit line tags from the Settings/Display menu and then select the line you want. Messaging Your phone supports text messages (SMS) and chat messages. r fo ot N om C se U al i rc me Text messages Before you start First make sure that the number of your service centre is set. Otherwise you cannot reply to received messages or send your own messages. The number is supplied by your service provider and is usually saved on the SIM card. To check the service centre number 1. Enter the number, including the international + sign and country code, and press YES. Text messages can be sent to one person, or to a group of recipients that you have saved in the phone book. Text messages can also contain pictures, animations, melodies and sounds. Messaging 39 To send a text message 1. Enter the recipient's phone number or retrieve a number or a group from the phone book by pressing . Note: If you send a text message to a group, you are charged for each member of that group. If you want to send the message later, press NO twice when you are asked to enter the phone number. If you do not want to reply, press . To read the message later · Press NO to save the message in your Inbox in the Messages menu. To reply to a message 1. To call a phone number found in a message · When the number is highlighted, press YES. To save from a text message When the phone number, WAP address, picture, animation or melody is highlighted, press YES. Select Delete and press YES. · · · · To read the next message 1. Select Read next and press YES. r fo ot N om C se U al i rc me Tip: To delete a message from your Inbox, select the message and press . Saving incoming messages Incoming text messages are saved in the phone memory. When the phone memory is full, incoming text messages are saved on the SIM card. Messages that you have saved on the SIM card remain there until you delete them. To save a message on the SIM card 1. Mobile chat The mobile chat function works in the same way as a chat on the Internet. You can choose a nickname that will appear in the recipient's display each time you send a chat message. Messaging 43 To enter a chat nickname 1. Enter the recipient's phone number, or retrieve it from the phone book. [. . . ] Replaced faulty parts or components will become the property of Sony Ericsson. This warranty does not cover any failure of the Product due to normal wear and tear, or due to misuse, including but not limited to use in other than the normal and customary manner, in accordance with Sony Ericsson's instructions for use and maintenance of the Product. Nor does this warranty cover any failure of the Product due to accident, modification or adjustment, acts of God, improper ventilation or damages resulting from liquid. This warranty does not cover Product failures due to improper repair installations, modifications or service performed by a non-Sony Ericsson service partner or opening of the Product by non-Sony Ericsson certified persons. 5. [. . . ]


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