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Manual abstract: user guide ICOM CS-F30GPROGRAMMING MANUAL

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] PROGRAMMING MANUAL CLONING SOFTWARE CS-F30G FOREWORD This manual explains in detail how to program each of the functions in the IC-F30GT/GS, IC-F31GT/GS, ICF40GT/GS and IC-F41GT/GS VHF AND UHF TRANSCEIVERS with the CS-F30G CLONING SOFTWARE. The CS-F30G can be set up to meet any number of requirements of your customers, such as system conditions, channels, frequencies, tones, etc. TABLE OF CONTENTS FOREWORD . and are registered trademarks of Icom Incorporated (Japan) in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Russia and/or other countries. i PREPARATION s EQUIPMENT REQUIRED To use the program, the following hardware and software is required: · IBM PC/AT or PS/2 compatible computer with an RS-232C serial port · Microsoft® Windows® 95 or Windows® 98 · Intel Pentium 100 MHz processor or faster · At least 32 MB RAM · At least 800×600 pixel display · OPC-966 CLONING CABLE 1 s SOFTWARE INSTALLATION NOTE: Depending on your Windows® system files, the PC may require rebooting. (Quit all applications when Windows® is running. ) w Insert the CS-F30G disk into the appropriate CD-ROM drive. [. . . ] SmarTrunk ON/OFF-- Specifies the selected bank for SmarTrunk operation. Go to Prio A (Rewrite) Go to Emergency Single, Emergency Repeat Go to Man Down-- ON, Timer The channel attribution can only be set on the Memory channel Screen as shown above. (Cannot be set in the Edit window. ) However, the other items are programmable in the Edit window only. The Edit window appears by pushing the [Enter] key, double clicking or selecting in the sub menu window via right click operation with the mouse on the desired channel. 29 5 SCREEN MENU OPERATION-- PMR · Frequency-- RX, TX Enter receive and transmit frequencies within the following frequency ranges in either 5, 6. 25 or 7. 5 kHz steps* for the RX and TX boxes, respectively. IC-F31GT/GS : 136­174 MHz IC-F41GT/GS : 400­430, 440­480, 470­500, 490­520 MHz *according to version · Frequency-- Text Enter up to a 12-character text in the Text box for memory name, channel usage, etc. The usable characters are A­Z, a­z, 0­9, $, ', (, ), ­, /, <, =, >, @, [, \, ], _, {, |, } ~ and user original characters. When entering user original characters, enter `%' and the desired thumbnail number A to P (capital letter only). When no receive frequency is entered, other items cannot be programmed in the channel. 29), operating frequencies must be programmed from channel 1 without a blank. When programming a simplex channel (transmit and receive frequencies are the same), checks the simplex check-box for instant setting after receive frequency is programmed as follows. Go to CH Atr · Frequency-- Simplex Click the check-box when the same frequency as the receive is used for the transmit. -The " " mark appears in the check-box when checked. Programming example: When entering original character's thumbnail number C, enter as `%C. ' User original characters are programmed in 3-6 CHARACTER EDITOR (p. Go to 3-6 CHARACTER EDITOR · Frequency-- CH Inhibit Click the check-box when the channel is to be inhibited. The channel never appears on the transceiver, even if all the other items are programmed when the channel is inhibited. -The " " mark appears in the check-box when checked. 30 SCREEN MENU OPERATION-- PMR 5 · Frequency-- TX Inhibit Click the check-box when transmission inhibit is necessary. -The " " mark appears in the check-box when checked. · C. Tone-- Simplex Click the check-box when the same continuous tone as the receive is used for the transmission. -The " " mark appears in the check-box when checked. · C. Tone-- RX, TX Selects a desired CTCSS frequency from the list or enter a 3-digit DTCS code with polarity, N (Normal) or I (Inverse), for receive and transmit in the RX and TX boxes, respectively. · Scan-- 1­10 Click the check-box of the channel included into the desired scan list (scan group) 1­10. Only the checked channels in the same scan list are scanned when [Scan A] or [Scan B] switch is pushed. -The " " mark appears in the check-box when checked. RECOMMENDATION When programming a CTCSS/DTCS code, choosing a frequency/code, listed in the following tables is recommended. In case a CTCSS frequency/DTCS code other than below is used, sometimes the squelch system may not performed correctly. · Recommended CTCSS frequencies 67. 0 77. 0 88. 5 100. 0 114. 8 131. 8 151. 4 69. 3 79. 7 91. 5 103. 5 118. 8 136. 5 156. 7 71. 9 82. 5 94. 8 107. 2 123. 0 141. 3 162. 2 74. 4 85. 4 97. 4 110. 9 127. 3 146. 2 167. 9 · Recommended DTCS codes 023 065 131 172 261 346 025 071 132 174 263 351 026 072 134 205 265 364 031 073 143 223 271 365 032 074 152 226 306 371 043 114 155 243 311 411 047 115 156 244 315 412 051 116 162 245 331 413 054 125 165 251 343 423 173. 8 179. 9 186. 2 192. 8 203. 5 233. 6 210. 7 241. 8 218. 1 250. 3 225. 7 The scan list (scanning group) is selectable via [CH Up] or [CH Down] switches, after [Scan A] or [Scan B] switch is pushed for 1 sec. The scanning conditions for each scan list are specified in 8 SCAN LIST (pgs. [CH Up], [CH Down], [Scan A Start/Stop] or [Scan B Start/Stop] switch is assigned in 3-1 KEY & DISPLAY ASSIGN (p. Go to 8 SCAN LIST Go to CH Atr Go CH Up, CH Down Go to Scan A Start/Stop, Scan B Start/Stop 31 431 432 445 464 465 466 503 506 516 532 546 565 606 612 624 627 631 632 654 662 664 703 712 723 731 732 734 743 754 5 SCREEN MENU OPERATION-- PMR · Scan-- Scan List Include Click the check-box to enable scanning channel modification from the transceiver's key. The desired channel can be added or deleted to/from the selected scan list by pushing [Scan Add/Del(Tag)] switch. [Scan Add/Del(Tag)] switch is assigned in 3-1 KEY & DISPLAY ASSIGN (p. Go to Scan Add/Del(Tag) · SW Action-- Moni Selects [Moni(Audi)] switch action from OFF, Aud, In A, In A+R1, In A+R2, Both, Both+R1 and Both+R2. OFF : Releases both noise and CTCSS/DTCS squelch mute while pushing and holding [Moni(Audi)] switch. There is no audio output when 5-tone mute is activated on the channel. Aud : Releases the 5-tone mute only when `SGL' is selected in CH Mute (p. [. . . ] Received signals may cause cloning errors. OPC-966 OPC-966 DB25 Male-Male cross cable s STARTING CLONING q First, turn the power off once on the master transceiver. w Turn the master transceiver power on while pushing and holding [F2] and [P0] switches. KEY operation 1 e Push [PTT] switch on the master transceiver to output cloning data to the sub transceiver. (The sub transceiver receives cloning data automatically. ) r Turn the power off then on again to enable return to operatable condition. Transceiver indication Turn the master transceiver's power on while pushing and holding [F2] and [P0] switches to enter into cloning mode. Keypad types Non-keypad types KEY operation 2 Transceiver indication Push [PTT] switch to output programmed data to the sub transceiver. Counts up Keypad types Non-keypad types NOTE: The "Transceiver Data Out" must be checked for the master transceiver. 19). Go to Transceiver Data Out 64 OPTIONAL UNIT INSTALLATION s GENERAL The IC-F30G series transceiver can be installed with one of the following optional units. [. . . ]


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