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[. . . ] NEVER expose the transceiver to rain, snow or any liquids. Icom, Icom Inc. and the logo are registered trademarks of Icom Incorporated (Japan) in the United states, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Russia and/or other countries. SmarTrunk IITM is a trademark of the SmarTrunk Systems, Inc. USE the supplied microphone only. Other microphones have different pin assignments and may damage the transceiver. i TABLE OF CONTENTS DO NOT use or place the transceiver in areas with temperatures below ­30°C (­22°F) or above +60°C (+140°F), or in areas subject to direct sunlight, such as the dashboard. IMPORTANT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [. . . ] e SIGNAL STRENGTH METER Indicates relative receive signal strength level. t AUDIBLE INDICATOR Appears when the channel is in the `Audible' condition (unmute condition). y SCRAMBLER INDICATOR Appears when the scrambler function is activated. (Optional UT-109 (#02)/UT-110 (#02) SCRAMBLER UNIT is required. ) 2 1 PANEL DESCRIPTION u 2/5TONE INDICATOR Appears when the specified 2/5-tone call is received. i ALPHANUMERIC DISPLAY Displays the CH number, 5-tone indication, DTMF numbers, Audible indication, etc. NOTE: When the alphanumeric display blinks and transmitting becomes impossible, check that the DC battery voltage has not dropped below 8 V or that the antenna is not tuned properly or the antenna connection is faulty. I Programmable function keys The following functions can be assigned to [P0], [P1], [P2], [P3], [ ] and [ ] programmable function keys. Consult your Icom dealer for details concerning your transceiver's programming. In the following explanations, programmable function names are bracketed. The specific switch used to activate the function depends on programming. CH UP Select a transmit code channel after pushing CH DN the [TX CH] key. BANK · When the optional UT-105 is installed, push one or more times to select a channel bank for conventional channels or SmarTrunk II TM channels. 3 PANEL DESCRIPTION ¡ SCAN START/STOP KEY Push this key to start scanning; and push again SCAN A to stop. SCAN B 1 ¡ MONITOR KEY Activates one of (or two of) the following functions MONI on each channel independently: · Push and hold the key to unmute the channel (audio is emitted; `Audible' condition). (p. 16) · Please contact your dealer for details. 6 2 q Push [ OPERATION I Channel selection Several types of channel selection are available. NON-BANK TYPE: Push [ ]/[ ] to select the desired operating channel in sequence; or, push one of the [CH 1] to [CH 4] keys to select a channel directly. 0 5 1 6 2 7 3 8 4 9 AUTOMATIC SCAN TYPE: Channel setting is not necessary for this type. When turning the power ON, the transceiver automatically starts scanning. Scanning stops when receiving a call or when taking the microphone off hook. I Turning power ON ] to turn the power ON. w If the transceiver is programmed for a start up passcode, input the digit codes as directed by your dealer. · The keys in the table below can be used for password input: · The transceiver detects numbers in the same block as identical. Therefore "01234" and "56789" are same. KEY NUMBER e When the "PASSWORD" indication does not clear after inputting 4 digits, the input code number is incorrect. In this case, turn the power off and start over. 7 OPERATION 2 I Receiving and transmitting RECEIVING: q Push [ ] to turn the power ON. e When receiving a call, adjust the audio output level to a comfortable listening level. TRANSMITTING: r Take the microphone off hook. · 2-tone, 5-tone mute may be released. (The `audible' condition is selected and " " appears. ) · A priority channel may be selected automatically. D Transmitting notes · Transmit inhibit function The transceiver has several inhibit functions which restrict transmission under the following conditions: - The channel is in mute condition (`Inaudible' condition; " not appear). [. . . ] e Receiving a dispatch call is indicated by the same threebeep sequence. · It is not necessary to push [M] to answer a dispatch call. D Last number re-dial Push [M] 2 times to automatically re-dial the last called number. · A high-pitched beep indicates that the number is accepted. D Memory speed-dialling To automatically dial a commonly used number from memory: · Push [M] followed by the memory location (0­9). D Emergency call Push [0], [M] to initiate an emergency call. · Contact your dealer for details. D Turbo SpeeDial To automatically dial a commonly used number with one push: · Push one of the turbo SpeeDial keys ([A], [B], [C] or [D]). D Clear channel alerting If all channels are busy, the transceiver automatically begins searching for an open channel and beeps every ten seconds. When two short beeps (low-pitched, then high-pitched) are heard, a channel is available. NOTE: For additional operating instructions, contact your dealer. D Programming memory speed dial q Push and hold [M] until you hear a high-pitched beep. w Enter the memory location (0­9, A, B, C, D), the telephone or subscriber number, then [1], [M] (or [3], [M] if for another system subscriber). · A high-pitched beep indicates successful programming. [. . . ]


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