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[. . . ] During mobile operation, D O N O T operate the transceiver without running the vehicle's engine. When transceiver power is ON and your vehicle's engine is OFF, the vehicle's battery will soon become exhausted. This will avoid possible damage to the transceiver by ignition voltage spikes. During maritime mobile operation, keep the transceiver and microphone as far away as possible from the magnetic navigation compass to prevent erroneous indications. [. . . ] When selecting this condition, the tuner can be used at poor SWR's. In this case, automatic tuning in the HF bands activates only when exceeding SWR 3:1. Therefore, manual tuning is necessary each time you change the frequency. Although termed "through inhibit, " the tuner will be "through" if the SWR is higher than 3:1 after tuning. CONVENIENT Lights to indicate the AT-180 is turned ON. · For the 50 MHz band: Push and hold [TUNER] to tune the antenna. If the [TUNER] light flashes slowly while transmitting, push and hold [TUNER] again to re-tune the antenna. [TUNER/CALL] · T u n e r s e n s i t i v e c o n d i t i o n (HF bands only) If you require critical tuning at any time during transmission, select the tuner sensitive condition. · A u t o m a t i c t u n e r s t a r t (HF bands only) If you want to turn OFF the tuner under conditions of VSWR 1. 5:1 or less, use "automatic tuner on" and turn the tuner OFF. 54 for turning the function ON and OFF. Flashes to indicate re-tuning is necessary. 27 RECEIVE AND TRANSMIT 4 D Optional AH-4 AUTOMATIC ANTENNA TUNER operation The AH-4 matches the IC-3SA to a long wire antenna more than 7 m/23 ft long (3. 5 MHz and above). · See p. · See the AH-4 instruction manual for AH-4 installation and antenna connection details. AH-4 setting example: For mobile operation Optional AH-2b antenna element AH-4 operation Tuning is required for each frequency. B e s u r e to re-tune the antenna before transmitting when you change the frequency--even slightly. Set the desired frequency in an HF band. · The AH-4 will not operate on frequencies outside of ham bands. USB Push and hold [TUNER] for 2 sec. For outdoor operation Long wire · The [TUNER] light flashes and "CW" appears while tuning. Push [TUNER] for 2 sec. W RW A R N I N G : H I G H V O L T A G E ! N E V E R touch the antenna element while tuning or transmitting. CW The [TUNER] light lights constantly when tuning is N E V E R operate the AH-4 without an antenna wire. Note that the AH-4 cannot tune when using a 1 /2 long wire or multiple of the operating frequency. 49 for setting details and available frequencies. Rotate the main dial to set a subaudible tone frequency. (in the M1 display) to activate the split frequency function (duplex function) with the pre-selected offset. ·When a subaudible tone frequency is selected in e, "FM-T" is selected simultaneously. Q6 RPTR TONE FM T SPL t Push and hold [PTT] to transmit; release [PTT] to receive. ·Push and hold [(F-3)TON] in the M4 display while pushing [PTT] to send the 1750 Hz tone burst. 32) S1 PO 3 5 7 9 5 20 40 60dB 10 VFO A CH M4 VOX DUP TON y To check the repeater input frequency (direct signal from the other station), push and hold [(F-3)XFC] in the M1 display. N O T E : The split function may not be turned off when you change the operating band, push [(F-1)SPL] again to turn off the split function after you finish the repeater operation. PROGRAMMING DUPLEX SHIFT FREQUENCY Push [POWER] to turn power OFF. While pushing [LOCK], push [POWER] to turn Select "DUP power ON and enter initial set mode. 144M" using [MENU] or the [UP]/[DN] keys, then rotate the main dial to select the desired duplex offset. CONVENIENT Each memory channel can store a tone frequency and an offset frequency, as well as the operating frequency. Store repeater information into memory channels for quick and easy access to repeaters. · The duplex offset can be selected from ­4000 kHz to +4000 kHz. 17 DUP 144M 30 4 RECEIVE AND TRANSMIT I Tone squelch operation Tone squelch operation is a method of communications using selective calling. Before communicating using tone squelch, all members of your party must agree on the tone squelch frequency to use. Push [MODE] one or more times to select FM Push and hold [DISPLAY] to enter Quick Set mode. mode. Rotate the main dial to select the desired subaudible tone frequency. ·Available tone frequencies are the same as for repeater tone operation (see previous page). · [Y]/[Z] or [M-CH] can also be used. Set the tone frequency (quick set mode). 49 for setting details and available frequencies. Q7 TONE SQL FM TSQL SPL Select M4 and turn the tone squelch function ON. Push [(F-3)TON] to toggle tone squelch operation ON and OFF. ·When tone squelch is turned ON, "TSQL" appears in the display. S1 PO 3 5 7 9 5 20 40 60dB 10 VFO A CH Communicate in the usual manner. · Push [PTT] to transmit; release to receive. M4 VOX DUP TON I Tone scan operation By monitoring a signal that is being transmitted on a repeater input frequency, you can determine the tone frequency necessary to open a repeater. During tone squelch or repeater operation, push and hold [DISPLAY] to enter Quick Set mode. [. . . ] of memory pads Power ON check function Auto tune start function PTT tune function Packet data speed ACC output selection Speech synthesizer lang. Speech synthesizer speed Speech synthesizer S-meter CI-V address assignment Data transfer rate CI-V transceive CI-V 731 Initial set mode No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Y Z 37 CI-V 731 MENU 19 1TOUCH RPTR 67 MENU GUIDE 14 S1 M1 SPL A/B A=B XFC (when split is ON) V/M (in memory mode) MW SCN MPW PRI SEL 50 NR MPR V/M (in memory mode) S2 DISPLAY MENU M2 MENU MW MÜV MCL NB COM BRK S3 S4 7 ANF 144 NRL M3 M4 MODE FIL VOX 1/4 1/4 VOX MET DISPLAY AGC AGC AGC (SSB/AM) (CW) (RTTY) (FM) M4 M4 M4 G1 DISPLAY MENU BAND scope IF SHIFT TX freq. Memory name G2 G3 G4 COM TON DISPLAY DISPLAY For 2 sec. [. . . ]


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