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[. . . ] INSTRUCTION MANUAL i4088SR PMR446 FM TRANSCEIVER FOREWORD Thank you for purchasing the IC-4088SR PMR446 FM transceiver. This PMR (Private Mobile Radio) FM transceiver meets the European PMR specification (EN 300 296). This transceiver is designed for those who require top-grade quality, performance and outstanding reliability under the most demanding conditions. D FEATURES Free of user-license and applications Voice scrambler function for communication privacy External DC-IN jack for both operation and battery charging (Optional BC-149D or CP-18E is required) All 8 PMR channels are available Powerful 500 mW (ERP) high output power 38 convenient group channels I ATS (Automatic Transponder System) This convenient function automatically checks station availability within the operating range, and alerts you via function display indication. 20) In addition, a manual transponder is also available for "GROUP MODE" operation to check availability of stations in a specified group within the operating range. [. . . ] NEVER mix old and new batteries. 3 2 3 NEVER incinerate used battery cells. AVOID over charging-- The BP-202 can be charged during operation when the AC adapter or the optional cigarette lighter cable is connected. To prevent over charging, the IC-4088SR has charging timer that automatically disconnecting the charging line electronically after 15 hours from charging. However, the charging timer will reset and start charging again when disconnect then re-connecting the AC adapter or CP-18E more than 1 min. Recommended temperature range for charging: +10°C to +40°C The optional BP-202 BATTERY PACK includes rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries and can be charged approx. Charge the battery pack before first operating the transceiver or when the battery pack becomes exhausted. If the battery pack seems to have no capacity even after being fully charged, completely discharge it by leaving the power ON all day. If the battery pack still does not retain a charge (or very little), a new battery pack must be purchased. 5 3 BATTERY CHARGING I Charging connections D Regular charging with the BC-149D, CP-18E Connect the optional BC-149D AC ADAPTER or CP-18E CIGARETTE LIGHTER CABLE to [DC 6V]. 15 hours Optional CP-18E Cigarette lighter cable with DC-DC converter to cigarette lighter socket to [DC 6V] jack Optional BC-149D to AC outlet IMPORTANT!: Use the BC-149D or CP-18E ONLY. Other type of AC adapter, cigarette lighter cable or DC power cable with an external power supply may damage the transceiver. The optional BP-202 can only be charged-- other AA (R6) size rechargeable Ni-Cd cannot be charged. BE SURE to disconnect the CP-18E from the cigarette lighter socket when charging is finished, because, a slight current still follows in the CP-18E and the vehicle's battery will become exhausted. 6 BATTERY CHARGING 3 D Rapid charging with the BC-119N+AD-105 q Insert the optional AD-105 DESKTOP CHARGER ADAPTER into the charging slot of the BC-119N. w Insert the battery pack, either by itself or attached to the transceiver, into the charger. IC-4088SR BP-202 3 Turn the power OFF!When the installed Ni-Cd battery is nearly exhausted and the function display blinks in intermittently, push [PWR] until the transceiver's power goes OFF. after pushing [PTT], hold the transceiver 10 to 15 cm from your mouth and speak at a normal voice level. NOTE: The transceiver has an auto power save function to conserve the battery power. The power save function activates automatically when no signal is received for 5 sec. 10 RECEIVE AND TRANSMIT 5 Talk Range The IC-4088SR is designed to maximize performance and improve transmission range in the field. However, the single most important factor in transmit range (talk power) is the surrounding environment. These radios are "line of sight" radios and as such, transmission range are influenced by the degree to which you can "see" the other communicating party. Large concrete structures and heavy foliage or transmission from inside a building or vehicle will reduce the talk power range. · Medium range: large buildings or trees blocking your line of sight. · Minimum range: mountainous areas or areas of heavy foliage. 5 11 I Setting the group code The IC-4088SR is equipped with 38 group codes. [. . . ] All IC-4088SR's operating on the same operating channel will answer back to the call in the surroundings communications area. ` Resetting the transceiver Initialize the operating conditions before using the transceiver for the first time, or if the function display shows erroneous information. CAUTION: Resetting the transceiver returns all settings to [Z] their defaults. 20 [MODE] OTHER FUNCTIONS 9 I Optional HM-75A functions The optional HM-75A allows remotely selected operating channels, open the squelch, etc. CAUTION: When connecting the HM-75A to the transceiver, make sure that power to the transceiver is turned OFF, otherwise the transceiver may malfunction. D Switch action SWITCH A B UP NORMAL Smart-Ring Open squelch Change the operating channel number up. [. . . ]


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