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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] INSTRUCTION MANUAL HF/50 MHz ALL MODE TRANSCEIVER This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. IMPORTANT READ THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL CAREFULLY before attempting to operate the transceiver. EXPLICIT DEFINITIONS WORD R WARNING CAUTION NOTE DEFINITION Personal injury, fire hazard or electric shock may occur. No risk or personal injury, fire or electric shock. SAVE THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL. This manual contains important safety and operating instructions for the IC-756PROIII. FOREWORD We understand that you have a choice of many different radios in the market place. [. . . ] You can silently wait for calls from group members using the same tone. [VFO/MEMO] [SPLIT] Band keys q Set the desired frequency band and select FM mode. w Push [TONE] several times until "TSQL" appears. ANT 1 BW 15k SFT 0 FM FIL2 TSQL qw:pp 12:00 TX TX METER Po P. AMP 1 ATT OFF VFO wo. yip. pp 1 14. 100. 00 USB TSQL VFO FM FIL2 wo. tip. pp 1 14. 100. 00 USB e Push [TONE] for 1 sec. to enter tone set mode. AGC FAST VOX OFF TONE OFF é è DEF T-SCAN TONE FREQUENCY REPEATER TONE T-SQL TONE 88. 5Hz 88. 5Hz [AM/FM] Tuning dial [XFC] Available tone squelch tones 67. 0 69. 3 71. 9 74. 4 77. 0 79. 7 82. 5 085. 4 088. 5 091. 5 094. 8 097. 4 100. 0 103. 5 107. 2 110. 9 114. 8 118. 8 123. 0 127. 3 131. 8 136. 5 141. 3 146. 2 151. 4 156. 7 159. 8 162. 2 165. 5 167. 9 171. 3 173. 8 177. 3 179. 9 183. 5 186. 2 189. 9 192. 8 196. 6 199. 5 203. 5 206. 5 (Unit: Hz) 210. 7 254. 1 218. 1 225. 7 229. 1 233. 6 241. 8 250. 3 Z r Push [(F-2)Z] to select the "T-SQL TONE" item. t Rotate the tuning dial to select the desired tone squelch frequency. · Push [(F-3)DEF] for 1 sec. to select the default setting. y Push [EXIT/SET] to return to the previous indication. u When the received signal includes a matching tone, squelch opens and the signal can be heard. · When the received signal's tone does not match, tone squelch does not open, however, the S-indicator shows signal strength. · To open the squelch manually, push [XFC]. i Operate the transceiver in the normal way. o To cancel the tone squelch, push [TONE] to clear "TSQL. " CONVENIENT Store tone squelch frequencies and ON/OFF settings in memory channels for easy recall. 53 RECEIVE AND TRANSMIT 4 Data mode (SSTV/PSK31) operation [TRANSMIT] [TX] indicator [RX] indicator Band keys When operating SSTV or PSK31 with your PC software, consult the manual that comes with the software. to turn data mode ON. · "-D" indicator additionally appears. 4 [AF] [MIC GAIN] [AM/FM] Tuning dial t Rotate the tuning dial to tune into the desired signal and decoded correctly. · Also use the tuning indicator of the software. · During SSB data mode, 1/4 tuning function can be used for critical tuning. y Operate the PC (software) to transmit. · When operating in SSB data mode, adjust the AF output level from PC so that the ALC meter reading doesn't go outside the ALC zone. For your information Carrier point frequency is displayed when SSB data mode is selected. See the diagram below for the tone-pair example. 2325 Hz 200 Hz 2125 Hz NOTE: When SSB data mode is selected, the audio input from the [ACC(1)] (pin 6) is used for transmission instead of [MIC]'s. · [COMP] : OFF · Tx bandwidth : MID · Tx Tone (Bass) :0 · Tx Tone (Trebles) : 0 Carrier point (displayed frequency) 54 5 FUNCTION FOR RECEIVE Spectrum scope screen This function allows you to display the relative strengths of signals around the center frequency. The span can be set to ±12. 5 kHz, ±25 kHz, ±50 kHz and ±100 kHz. Ideal for monitoring band conditions in an instant. [(F-3)MARKER] [(F-4)HOLD] q Push [EXIT/SET] several times to close a multifunction screen, if necessary. r Push [(F-2)ATT] several times to activate an attenuator or turn the attenuator OFF. · 10, 20 and 30 dB attenuators are available. t Push [(F-3)MARKER] several times to select the marker (sub readout or transmit frequency) or turn the marker OFF. · "TX MARKER" displays the marker at the transmit frequency. · "SUB MARKER" displays the marker at the sub readout frequency. [(F-1)SPAN] [(F-2)ATT] [EXIT/SET] [(F-5)SET] y Push [(F-4)HOLD] to freeze the current spectrum waveform. · "HOLD" appears while the function is in use. ANT 1 BW 2. 4k SFT 0 USB FIL2 qw:pp 12:00 u Push [EXIT/SET] to exit the scope screen. Push [(F-2)ATT] several times to activate the spectrum scope attenuator in this case. TX TX METER Po P. AMP 1 ATT OFF AGC MID VOX OFF COMP OFF WIDE SPAN VFO qr. qot. pp 1 14. 100. 00 USB VFO USB FIL2 qr. wpq. pp 1 -12. 5k Grid 2. 5k 10dB ATT 10dB SUB MARKER HOLD 14. 100. 00 SPECTRUM USB SCOPE +12. 5k ATT MARKER HOLD SET Appears when the Sub readout marker is out of range. or TX marker Appears when the marker is out of range. D Mini scope screen This mini scope screen can be displayed with another screen indication, such as set mode menu, decoder screen, memory list screen, etc. simultaneously. [MAIN/SUB·M. SCOPE] Push [MAIN/SUB·M. SCOPE] for 1 sec. to toggle the mini scope indication ON and OFF. ANT 1 BW 350 TX SFT 0 R T T Y FIL2 SSB SCOPE qw:pp 12:00 V F O wqqpppp VFO - 12. 5k METER Po P. AMP 1 ATT OFF AGC MID RTTY FIL ON 1/4 OFF <MENU1> Grid 2. 5k 10dB 14. 100. 00 SPECTRUM FIL2 + 12. 5k RTTY DECODE **** RTTY Encode/Decode Monitor **** **** RTTY Encode/Decode Monitor **** 45bps BAUDOT 45bps BAUDOT Mark=2125Hz, Shift=170Hz Mark=2125Hz, Shift=170Hz Max. 62 Charascters x 8ch TX Memory Max. 62 Charascters 8ch TX Memory If RTTY-FIL is OFF, Please turn ON. If RTTY-FIL is OFF, Please turn ON. THRESHOLD HLD/CLR TX MEM 9 ADJ WIDE 55 FUNCTION FOR RECEIVE 4 D Scope set mode The spectrum scope shows the transmit signal waveform while transmitting. [. . . ] The PTT tuner start function provides simple operation. · Input power rating: 120 W · Frequency coverage: 7­54 MHz bands with the AH-4 Unidirectional, electret microphone for base station operation. Includes [UP]/[DOWN] switches and a low cut function. HM-36 HAND MICROPHONE Hand microphone equipped [UP]/[DN] switches. SP-23 EXTERNAL SPEAKER CT-17 CI-V LEVEL CONVERTER with UT-102 VOICE SYNTHESIZER UNIT Announces the receive frequency, mode and S-meter level in a clear, electronically-generated voice, in English (or Japanese). 17 18 4 audio filters; headphone jack; can connect to 2 transceivers. input power: 4 W For remote transceiver control using a personal computer. You can change frequencies, operating mode, memory channels, etc. ·About DC power supply The use of IC-756PROIII (#33, #34, #35, #38, #40) in combination with the DC power supply complies with European Harmonised Standard regulations under the conditions listed below. [. . . ]


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