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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] INSTRUCTION MANUAL VHF AIR BAND TRANSCEIVER iA110EURO FOREWORD READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS carefully and completely before using the transceiver. CAUTIONS R WARNING!NEVER operate the transceiver with a headset or other audio accessories at high volume levels. If you experience a ringing in your ears, reduce the volume level or discontinue use. SAVE THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL -- This instruction manual contains important operating instructions for the IC-A110EURO. NEVER connect the transceiver to an AC outlet or to a EXPLICIT DEFINITIONS The explicit definitions below apply to this instruction manual. DEFINITION Personal injury, re hazard or electric shock RWARNING may occur. [. . . ] 6) "BUSY" appears when receiving a signal or when the squelch is open. 6) *NOTE: The VFO/memory switch [V/M] and the memory write switch [M/W] functions may not be available depending on version. 3 BASIC OPERATION I Power ON q Push [POWER] to turn power ON. 2 I Channel selection ï VFO/Memory selection q Push [V/M] to select memory mode or VFO mode. w During memory mode operation, push [V/M] key to transfer the memory contents to VFO. · Push [V/M] to select VFO mode. w Operate the transceiver as indicated in the following sections. e Select the desired memory channel (or VFO frequency) with the [V/M] keys. · When receiving a signal, appears and audio is emitted from the speaker. · Further adjustment of audio level may be necessary at this point. to select the [TS], each push increments/decrements to the frequency are either 10 kHz or 1 MHz. 7) NOTE: Only frequency data is transferred even if the memory channel has a memory name. ï External speaker output control External speaker output can be turned OFF, if desired. 4 r Push and hold [PTT] to transmit, then speak into the microphone. · Transmit indicator lights. t Release [PTT] to receive. 2 BASIC OPERATION I Squelch function The transceiver has a noise squelch circuit to mute undesired noise while receiving no signal. I Dial select function Use the dial select function to adjust the tuning behaviour of the [DIAL] keys--use 1 MHz tuning when you want to change the frequency in large increments; use regular tuning (25 kHz or 8. 33 kHz) when you want to change the frequency in smaller increments. to return to normal operation. D Setting the squelch level q Push [SQL] to turn the level adjusting mode ON. · `SQ 01' is loose squelch and `SQ 25' is tight squelch. (Initial level is `SQ 01') · `SQ 01' indicates that the squelch circuit is turned off. ·" " appears on the display. e Push [SQL] to return to regular operation. 1 MHz tuning selected I Side tone function When using an optional headset, such as those from the David Clark Co. via the OPC-871 HEAD SET ADAPTOR, the transceiver outputs your transmitted voice to the headset for monitoring. 17) Regular tuning selected I LCD backlight control The backlight of the can be set OFF, Low or High. Push [DIAL] to toggle the backlight control; OFF, Low or High are available. 5 NOTE: Large tuning steps should be used only when you want to change the frequency in large increments. Please select regular tuning steps for normal operation. SCAN OPERATION I Scan operation q Push [V/M] to select memory mode or VFO mode, if necessary. ·" " appears on the memory mode. 3 highest frequency · VFO scan Repeatedly scans all frequencies over the entire band. 25 kHz or 8. 33 kHz) lowest frequency Start Scan Jump w Make sure the squelch level is set to the threshold point. · Set a squelch level (01 to 25) where the noise is muted. e Push [SCAN] to start scan. · To change the scan direction, turn [DIAL]. · "SCAN (or P SCAN)" flashes while scanning. r Push [SCAN] again to stop the scan. q Push [V/M] to select memory mode, if necessary. ·" " appears. w Turn the [DIAL] to select a memory channel to set as a lockout channel. to toggle the lockout setting ON/OFF. · "LOCK OUT" appears when the channel is set as a lockout channel. e Push [V/M] for 5 sec. to enter memory programming mode. ·" " and memory channel number appear. Memory channel 8 is set as lockout channel. r Turn the [DIAL] to select the desired memory channel number. to program the information into the channel and return to VFO mode. · Push [SQL] for 1 sec. [. . . ] · "CLONE" appears and the transceivers enter the clone standby condition. · "CL-OUT" appears in the master transceiver's display. · "CL-IN" appears automatically in the slave transceiver's display. e When cloning is finished, turn power OFF, then ON again to exit cloning mode. 14 8 SPECIFICATIONS D Transmitter : 9 W ±1. 5dB (+15 to +35°C) 9 W +2dB, ­3dB (­20 to +55°C) · Modulation depth : More than 85% · Modulation compression : Linear: 85%, Max. [. . . ]


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