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[. . . ] DEFINITION Personal injury, re hazard or electric shock RWARNING may occur. WORD NEVER connect the transceiver to an AC outlet or to a power source of more than 27 V DC. NEVER connect the transceiver to a power source that is DC fused at more than 5 A. Accidental reverse connection will be protected by this fuse, higher fuse values will not give any protection against such accidents and the transceiver will be ruined. DO NOT operate the transceiver near unshielded electrical blasting caps or in an explosive atmosphere. DO NOT connect the transceiver to a power source using FCC caution: Changes or modifications to this transceiver, not expressly approved by Icom Inc. , could void your authority to operate this transceiver under FCC regulations. reverse polarity. [. . . ] 3) Displays the operating frequency, memory channel name, etc. e VOLUME UP [Y] DOWN [Z] KEY Adjusts the audio output level. to turn the power ON and OFF. The following functions are available at power ON as options: · Initial set mode (p. 14) 1 PANEL DESCRIPTION y SQL SWITCH [SQL] Push to turn on the squelch adjust mode. 11) · "Pr" appears on the display. 1 !0 MICROPHONE CONNECTOR Connects the supplied microphone or optional. The pin assignments may be different and the transceiver may be damaged. The following functions are available when the microphone is taken off from the hook or put back on hook: Automatic scan starts when putting on hook. 7) i SCAN SWITCH [SCAN] Starts and stops the scan function: · VFO mode: VFO scan function. 8) · "LOCK OUT" appears on the display. o VFO/MEMORY SWITCH [V/M]/[MW] Push to toggle the VFO mode or the Memory mode. 4) · "X" and memory channel number appear when memory mode is selected. · The transceiver has 20 memory channels. When VFO mode is selected; ·Push and hold this switch for 5 sec. In this manual, optional functions are indicated by " " Icon. · "SCAN (or P SCAN)" flashes while scaning. r Push [SCAN] again to stop the scan. Please ask your dealer or system operator for details. ï PRIORITY SCAN ·Priority memory scan While scaning on a memory mode, priority watch checks for a signal on the selected priority channel every 250 m sec except lockout channel. 250 msec. Priority ch SKIP 250 msec. Mch 1 Mch 2* Mch 3 Mch 20 *: Lockout ch ï NORMAL SCAN ·Memory lock scan Repeatedly scans memory channels except skip (lockout) channels. Mch 1 Mch 2* Mch 3 Mch 20 250 msec. SKIP *: Lockout ch 6 3 SCAN OPERATION I On­hook scan On­hook scan (Hanger scan) is available when taking the microphone from its hanger (off­hook) and /or returning it into the hanger (on­hook). · In priority memory scan; scan resumes to priority channel, NOTE: Be sure to connect the supplied microphone hanger to the vehicle's ground for on/off hook microphone functions. 12) I Dualwatch Dualwatch monitors priority channel while you are receiving an other channel (VFO or memory channel). · If a signal is received on priority channel, dualwatch pauses on priority channel until the signal disappears. · To transmit on the selected channel during dualwatch, push and hold PTT. 250 msec. Priority channel 5 sec. VFO frequency or memory channel ï Operation q Select the desired operating channel (VFO or Memory channel). e To cancel dualwatch, push [PRI] again. 7 MEMORY PROGRAMMING I Programming a memory channel The transceiver has 20 memory channels for storage of often -used frequencies. In this way you can "customize" transceiver operations to suit your preferences and operating style. 5 D Beep tones ON/OFF Confirmation beep tones normally sound when you push a key. These can be turned ON or OFF as you prefer. D Entering initial set mode q While pushing and holding [V/M] + [TS(DIAL)], push [POWER] sw to turn power ON. · The transceiver enters initial set mode and "MN", "BP", "ST" or "PR" (p. 11) appears on the display. D Side tones ON/OFF When using an optional headset such as those from the David Clark Co. via the adapter, the transceiver outputs your transmitted voice to the headset for monitoring. [. . . ] 17) 12 6 CONNECTION AND INSTALLATION I Mounting Flat washer I Supplied accessories 1 2 3 4 Spring washer 5 6 7 8 When using self-tapping screws 9 0 A B The universal mounting bracket supplied with your transceiver allows overhead or dashboard mounting. · Mount the transceiver securely with the 4 supplied screws (M5 × 20) to a surface which is more than 10 mm thick and can support more than 5 kg. · Mount the transceiver so that the face of the transceiver is at 90 ° to your line of sight when operating. q Microphone . . 2 13 CLONING D Data cloning 7 ] D Cloning using PC Data can be cloned to and from a PC (IBM compatible) using the optional CS-A110 CLONING SOFTWARE and the optional OPC478 CLONING CABLE+ OPC-592 CLONING CABLE ADAPTER. [. . . ]


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