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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] INSTRUCTION MANUAL VHF AIR BAND TRANSCEIVER iA4 This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the condition that this device does not cause harmful interference. FOREWORD READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS carefully and completely before using the transceiver. CAUTIONS R WARNING!NEVER hold the transceiver so that the antenna is very close to, or touching exposed parts of the body, especially the face or eyes, while transmitting. The transceiver will perform best if the microphone is 5 to 10 cm away from the lips and the transceiver is vertical. SAVE THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL -- This instruction manual contains important operating instructions for the IC-A4. R WARNING! [. . . ] 18 for a list of available options. ) Side tone function is available when an optional headset adapter is connected. !1 EXTERNAL DC POWER JACK [CHARGE] Connect a 12 to 16 V DC power source using the optional cables, CP-12L or OPC-254L, to charge the attached battery pack; or connect the BC-110V wall charger for charging. CAUTION: This connection is for charging ONLY. Power to the transceiver must be turned OFF during charging. !2 SPEAKER/MICROPHONE 3 2 PANEL DESCRIPTION I Function display MR SKIP q MEMORY MODE INDICATOR (p. e LOW BATTERY INDICATOR Appears when the battery is nearing exhaustion. 10) 4 t BUSY INDICATORS "BUSY" appears when receiving a signal or when the squelch is open. y MEMORY LOCKOUT INDICATOR "SKIP" appears when the memory channel is set as lockout channel. When the transceiver output power increases above a specified level, a protection circuit stops the transmitting, then "--" appears on the display instead of the memory channel number. Release [PTT] then push it again to continue transmitting. BASIC OPERATION I Receiving and transmitting CAUTION: Transmitting without an antenna may damage the transceiver. q Rotate [VOL] clockwise to turn power ON, then set to the 10 o'clock position. e Select the desired memory channel or VFO frequency with the [Y]/[Z] keys. · When receiving a signal, "BUSY" appears and audio is emitted from the speaker. 6) · When the dial select function is selected, each push increments/decrements the frequency either 100 kHz or 1 MHz. to transfer the memory contents to VFO. - VFO mode is selected NOTE: · Only frequency data is transferred even if the memory channel has a memory name. · When the preprogrammed memory frequency is outside the range of the preprogrammed VFO edges, an error beep tone sounds and no data is transferred. q Set volume r Push and hold [PTT] to transmit, then speak into the microphone. · Transmit indicator lights. r Push to transmit t Release to receive w Select channel or frequency w [SQL] switch r Speak into microphone t Release [PTT] to receive. ï Memory VFO Memory channel contents can be moved to VFO . q Select memory channel to be transferred: Push [V/M] to select memory mode, if necessary. Push [Y] or [Z] to select the memory channel. 5 3 BASIC OPERATION I Setting squelch level The transceiver has a noise squelch circuit to mute undesired noise while receiving no signal. This is useful to listen to weak signals that do not open the squelch. - "BUSY" appears on the display. I Lock function The lock function prevents accidental channel changes and accidental function access. to toggle the lock function ON and OFF. " " appears when the lock function is in use. To close the squelch: Release [SQL] to close the squelch. MR D Setting the squelch level q While pushing [SQL], push [Y] or [Z] to select the squelch level. (Initial level is 3. ) - `oPEn' indicates that the squelch circuit is turned off. w Release [SQL] to return to regular operation. I Display backlighting Display backlighting automatically turns on when a key is pushed. I Low battery indicator Low battery indicator appears when the battery power has decreased to a specified level. MR SKIP I Side tone function When using an optional headset, such as those from the David Clark Co. via the OPC-752 HEAD SET ADAPTOR, the transceiver outputs your transmitted voice to the headset for monitoring. q Push [V/M] to select memory mode, if necessary. · " MR " appears. w Push [Y] or [Z] to select a memory channel to set as a lockout channel. to enter memory programming mode. · " MR " and memory channel number appear. · "SKIP" appears when the channel is set as a lockout channel. [. . . ] When operating via external DC power, installed batteries are simultaneously charged. It's a good idea to clean battery terminals once a week. 14 RBR C CLONING Cloning allows you to quickly and easyly transfer the programmed contents from one transceiver to another transceiver, or, data from PC to a transceiver using the optional EX-2119 cloning software. 8 ] D Cloning using PC Data can be cloned to and from a PC (IBM compatible) using the optional EX-2119 CLONING SOFTWARE and the optional OPC478 CLONING CABLE. Consult the EX-2119 CLONING SOFTWARE HELP message for details. D Transceiver to transceiver cloning q Connect the OPC-474 CLONING CABLE with adapter plugs to the [SP] jack of the master and slave transceivers. · The master transceiver is used to send data to the slave transceiver. D Cloning error NOTE: DO NOT push [PTT] on the slave transceiver during cloning. In this case, both transceivers automatically return to the clone standby condition and cloning must be repeated. w While pushing [Y] + [Z] + [V/M], turn power ON to enter cloning mode (master transceiver only--power ON only for slave transceiver). [. . . ]


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