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[. . . ] INSTRUCTION MANUAL VHF AIR BAND TRANSCEIVER iA24 iA6 This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the condition that this device does not cause harmful interference. IC-A24 IC-A6 SAFETY TRAINING INFORMATION Your Icom radio generates RF electromagnetic energy during transmit mode. This radio is designed for and classified as "Occupational Use Only", meaning it must be used only during the course of employment by individuals aware of the hazards, and the ways to minimize such hazards. This radio is W ARN ING NOT intended for use by the "General Population" in an uncontrolled environment. [. . . ] The function stores frequencies when the frequency is programmed and transmitted on (except memory, weather and emergency channels). D Replaces the stored recall channel q Push placed. , then push D Calling the stored frequencies Push to call the 1st stored frequency. Push [CLR·DEL] to exit the recall function. · Replaces the selected channel into the previous channel when is pushed and then is pushed. · Replaces the selected channel into the next channel when is pushed and then is pushed. · (e. g. ) To replace "r0" which is stored as 121. 375 MHz into "r1", push , then push . Appears recall number. · Recall number rotation : Push : Push NOTE: Deletes in order of old recall channel automatically when stored frequencies exceeds 10 channels. 10 3 BASIC OPERATION I Setting weather alert function An NOAA broadcast station transmits a weather alert tone before any important weather announcements. When the weather alert function is turned ON, the transceiver detects the alert, and sounds a beep tone until the transceiver is operated. The previously selected (used) weather channel is checked any time during standby, or while scanning. · Push , then push [SQL·WX-ALERT] to turns the weather alert function ON (Indicates " " for 1 sec. )/OFF (Indicates " " for 1 sec. ). I Side tone function When using an headset (other manufacture's products), the transceiver outputs your transmitted voice to the headset for monitoring. Connect the optional headset with the transceiver when using this function (OPC-499 HEADSET ADAPTER and headset are required). (p. 34) D Setting the side tone level q Push [PTT] to turn the transmit mode ON. w During transmit mode, rotate [DIAL] to adjust the monitoring level. · `ST--0' is OFF and `ST--10' is Max. level. I Accessing 121. 5 MHz emergency frequency The IC-A24 and IC-A6 can set to the 121. 5 MHz emergency frequency quickly. This function can be activated even when the key lock function is in use. w Push [CLR·DEL] to exit from the emergency frequency. NEVER operate the transceiver with a headset at high volume levels for long period. If so, reduce the monitor level or discontinue use. I Setting beep tone The beep tone which sounds at the push of a switch can be set, if desired. q Push , then push [8·BEEP] to enter the beep tone setting mode. w Rotate [DIAL] to set the beep level. · `BEP-- 0' is OFF and `BEP-- 9' is Max. level. I Lock function The lock function prevents accidental frequency changes and accidental function activation. 11 e Push [CLR·DEL] to exit the beep tone set mode. MEMORY OPERATION I Memory channel selection The transceiver has 200 memory channels for storage of often-used frequencies along with 6-character notes. q Push [MR·MW] to select memory mode. · Memory BANK number and memory CH number appears. 4 3 4 I Transferring memory contents This function transfers a memory channel's contents into the frequency mode. [. . . ] · LC-159 CARRYING CASE Helps protect the transceiver from scratches, etc. Different versions of this radio use different options. 31 QUICK REFERENCE q Cut w Fold e Complete 12 Important operating instructions are summed up in this and the following page for your simple reference. By cutting along the line and folding on the dotted line, it will become a card sized operating guide which can easily be carried in a card case or wallet, etc. iA24/A6 n 32 <CUT HERE> n OPERATION GUIDE VOR NAVIGATION (p. 20) Flying to a VOR station VOR NAVIGATION Flying to a VOR station (Continued) q Select a VOR station on your aeronautical chart and push the keypad or rotate [DIAL] to set the station's frequency. r The course deviation needle appears when your aircraft is off course from the VOR station. VOR NAVIGATION (p. [. . . ]


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