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[. . . ] NEVER operate the transceiver with a headset or other audio accessories at high volume levels. If you experience a ringing in your ears, reduce the volume level or discontinue use. EXPLICIT DEFINITIONS The explicit definitions below apply to this instruction manual. DEFINITION Personal injury, fire hazard or electric shock RWARNING may occur. WORD NEVER connect the transceiver to an AC outlet or to a power source of more than 16 V DC. [. . . ] To attach: Slide the belt clip into the plastic loop on the back of the battery case/pack. D Battery pack replacement To remove: Push and hold the battery release downwards, then pull the battery pack upwards as shown at right. To attach: Mate the notched ends of the battery pack and the transceiver, and push the battery pack until it clicks into place. To remove: Push the top of the belt clip towards the transceiver and at the same time, push it downward and free of the plastic loop. 1 2 PANEL DESCRIPTION q VOLUME CONTROLS [VOL] (p. e CHANNEL UP/DOWN SWITCHES [Y]/[Z] Push to select the operating channel or frequency. ·" t VFO/MEMORY SWITCH [V/M] Push to select VFO mode or memory mode. 5, 8) * I Panel description q !4 !3 w !2 !1 !0 o e r t y 2 · "X" appears when memory mode is selected. · The transceiver has 19 memory channels. i u y MEMORY WRITE SWITCH [MW] * Push and hold for 5 sec. 9) u SCAN SWITCH [SCAN] Starts and stops the scan function: PANEL DESCRIPTION 2 VFO mode: VFO scan function. 10) When memory mode is selected, this switch sets the displayed channel as a scan lock-out channel when pushed for 2 sec. (option) · "SKIP" appears on the display. !2 SPEAKER/MICROPHONE !3 EXTERNAL SPEAKER AND MICROPHONE JACKS [SP/MIC] Connect an optional speaker-microphone or headset, if desired. The internal microphone and speaker will not function when either is connected. 18 for a list of available options. ) Side tone function is available when an optional headset adapter is connected. 18) 6 BASIC OPERATION 3 I Dial select function Use the dial select function to adjust the tuning behavior of the [Y]/[Z] keys--use 1 MHz tuning when you want to change the frequency in large increments; use regular tuning when you want to change the frequency in smaller increments. · 1 MHz tuning, 100 kHz tuning or regular tuning steps can be selected. (see diagrams at right) e Push any key to return to normal operation. 1 MHz tuning selected 100 kHz tuning selected Regular tuning selected NOTE: Large tuning steps should be used only when you want to change the frequency in large increments. Please select regular tuning steps for normal operation. 7 4 SCAN OPERATION I VFO (full) scan VFO scan repeatedly scans between the VFO's lowest frequency and its highest frequency. · To change the scan direction, push [Y] or [Z] during scanning. I Memory (lockout) scan Memory scan repeatedly scans all programmed memory channels, except those set as lockout channels. q Push [V/M] to select memory mode, if necessary. · " MR " appears. w Puch [SCAN] to start scan. MEMORY LOCKOUT(SKIP) SCAN SKIP Mch 2 Mch 1 Mch 19 Mch 11 Mch 10 Mch 9 Mch 8 Mch 3 Mch 4 Mch 5 Mch 6 Mch 7 D Scan resume condition When a signal is received during scanning, the scan pauses on the signal until it disappears, then resumes. · Memory channels can be programmed with names of up to 5 characters in length. · When no name is programmed, the display shows the operating frequency. [EXAMPLE]: Setting the name to "TOWER". MW MR for 5 sec. SCAN or MR SQL + or MR MW for 2 sec. MR 10 OTHER FUNCTIONS I Initial set mode Initial set mode is accessed at power ON and allows you to set seldom-changed settings. In this way you can "customize" transceiver operations to suit your preferences and operating style. 6 D Beep tones ON/OFF Confirmation beep tones normally sound when you push a key. [. . . ] q Remove the battery case from the transceiver. D Battery pack life If your battery pack seems to have no capacity even after being fully charged, completely discharge it by leaving the power ON overnight. If the battery pack still does not retain a charge (or very little), a new battery pack must be purchased. w Install 8 × AA (R6) size Ni-Cd or alkaline batteries. · Be sure to observe the correct polarity. D Recycling information (U. S. A only) The product that you have purchased may contain a rechargeable battery. At the end of its life, under various state and local laws, it may be illegal to dispose of this battery into the municipal Ni-Cd waste stream. Call 1-800-8-BATTERY for battery recycling options in your area or contact your dealer. RC RB G NEVER connect DC power to the transceiver when installing dry cell or alkaline batteries. [. . . ]


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