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[. . . ] INSTRUCTION MANUAL VHF/UHF FM TRANSCEIVER iE91 FOREWORD Thank you for purchase of this fine Icom product. We understand you have a choice of many different radios in the market place. Many hours of research and development went into the design of your IC-E91, following Icom's philosophy of "technology first. " The IC-E91 VHF/UHF FM TRANSCEIVER is designed with Icom's superior technology and craftsmanship combining traditional analog technologies with the new digital D-STAR technologies for a balanced packaged. With proper care, this product should provide you with years of trouble-free operation. [. . . ] When a message channel is selected, the transceiver transmits a text message (pre-programmed). (default: OFF) qSet the operating frequency, call signs and other settings, such as repeater, as desired in B band. wPerform the steps q to e in "D TX message programming" as at left. eRotate [DIAL] to select the desired message channel. · "Ch01" to "Ch05" available. · See left-hand pages for message programming. For your information The automatic received call sign and/or message indication can be turned OFF in display set mode, if desired. The received message is cleared by turning power OFF, or overwritten when another message is received. A transmitted message that includes lower case characters from the IC-E91 may not be decoded and displayed correctly by the ID-800H, IC-V82/U82, etc. rPush [ï](5) to set the message for transmission. tPush [PTT] to transmit the selected message. · The message is transmitted each time [PTT] is pushed. automatically during continuous transmission. y Release [PTT] to return to receive. uWhen the reply call with a message is received, the call sign and the message scrolls at the bottom of the function display. DV B 430 712 50 MSG:Hello! Scrolls the received message. [DIAL] [](2)/[](8) [ï](5) [](6) 7 DV MODE OPERATION (Optional UT-121 is required) I Automatic reply function D RX message indication The received message can also be checked in DV set mode. MENU screen MESSAGE/POSITION RX MESSAGE (Push [MENU/LOCK]) (Rotate [DIAL], then push [ï](5). ) · The received message is displayed in RX MESSAGE screen. RX MESSAGE r MESSAGE: The automatic reply function replies to calls by a station that specified your call sign. Two methods of replying are available-- one is making a reply call with your own call sign, and other one is making a reply call with reply voice audio that has been recorded in DV voice memory. D Automatic reply function setting q Enter "AUTO REPLY" in DV set mode. 92) MENU screen DV SET MODE AUTO REPLY (Push [MENU/LOCK]) (Rotate [DIAL], then push [ï](5). ) · AUTO REPLY screen is displayed. Hello! :BACK :CALLER wRotate [DIAL] or push [](8) to display the station call sign. RX MESSAGE r CALLER: w Rotate [DIAL] to select the desired reply condition. VOICE : Reply to the call with the recorded voice memory. AUTO REPLY r OFF BBBBBB / :BACK :MSG ePush [ï](5) or [](4) to return to MESSAGE/POSITION screen. r Push [MENU/LOCK] to return to frequency indication. ON VOICE e Push [ï](5). · Returns to DV SET MODE screen automatically. r Push [MENU/LOCK] to return to frequency indication. 54 DV MODE OPERATION (Optional UT-121 is required) 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 55 D Voice memory recording for automatic reply IMPORTANT!Deactivate the dualwatch function and set minimum [VOL] level when recording the DV voice memo. Otherwise received audio or unwanted noise from A band is also recorded into the voice memory. MENU screen DV VOICE MEMO REPLY VOICE (Push [MENU/LOCK]) (Rotate [DIAL], then push [ï](5). ) · REPLY VOICE screen is displayed. REPLY VOICE r REPLY D Play-back or erase the voice memory q Push [MENU/LOCK] to select menu mode indication. wRotate [DIAL] to select "DV VOICE MEMO, " then push [ï](5). eRotate [DIAL] to select "REPLY VOICE, " then push [ï](5). · REPLY VOICE screen is displayed. rTo play-back the recorded voice memory, push [ï](5). · Push [ï](5) again to pause, push [](6) to cancel the play-back. tTo erase the recorded voice memory, push and hold [CLR](1) for 1 sec. V : :BACK PTT:G PTT: CLR:CLR eWhile pushing and holding [PTT], speak into the microphone. · Up to 10 seconds of message is recordable. · The recording stops after 10 second or when [PTT] is released. r Push [](4) to return to DV VOICE MEMO screen. [. . . ] · LC-163 CARRYING CASE Helps protect the transceiver from scratches, etc. · AD-92SMA ANTENNA CONNECTOR ADAPTER Allows you to connect an external antenna with a BNC connector. · HM-75A REMOTE CONTROL MICROPHONE Allows you to remotely select operating channels, etc. · HM-131 SPEAKER-MICROPHONE For operation while conveniently hanging the transceiver from your belt, etc. · HM-128/HM-153 EARPHONE-MICROPHONE Ideal for hands-free operation by clipping the microphone with the PTT switch to your lapel or breast pocket. [. . . ]


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