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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] The radio is transmitting when the "TX indicator" lights red. You can cause the radio to transmit by pressing the "PTT" switch. · ALWAYS use Icom authorized accessories (antennas, batteries, belt clips, speaker/mics, etc). Use of unauthorized accessories can cause the FCC RF exposure compliance requirements to be exceeded. [. . . ] AC adaptor BC-145A/E/V/UK Check orientation and the spacer combination as follows. Charging indicator D Spacer combination. · Be sure to attach the spacer (Spacer B/C) to the adapter (Spacer A) Spacer A with the orientation as illustrated in the diagram at right. · Attach the spacer (Spacer B/C) to the adapter with the orientation of the stamp " Check orientation and Spacer B/C " pointing up. NOTE: Push the notch carefully when remove the spacer from the adapter. 8 3 BATTERY PACKS D Rapid charging with the BC-121+AD-94 (#11) The optional BC-121 allows up to 6 battery packs to be charged simultaneously. · An AC adapter (may be supplied with the BC-121 depending on version). Turn power OFF. NOTE: Output power is automatically reduced to 1 W to retain sufficient power in case of an emergency, etc. D CAUTIONS · Use ALKALINE batteries only. · Make sure all battery cells are the same brand, type and capacity. Either of the above may cause a fire hazard or damage the transceiver, if ignored. · Never incinerate used battery cells since internal battery gas may cause them to rupture. If the battery case gets wet, be sure to wipe it dry before using it. 11 PROGRAMMABLE FUNCTIONS ` General 4 In the following explanations, programmable function names are bracketed, the specific switch used to activate the function depends on programming. D KEY LOCK FUNCTION1/2 This function locks access to all programmable switches (except the switch assigned for the lock function): Lock1: All Key Lock (except Lock key). D PRIORITY CHANNEL This function is used to select a pre-programmed channel at the push of a switch. Push the [PrioA], [PrioA(Rewrite)] or [PrioB] switch to select the priority channel. · Priority channel is automatically selected. 12 4 PROGRAMMABLE FUNCTIONS D SCAN FUNCTION The scan function allows you to search a pre-programmed group of channels for signals. · "Lockout SCAN" (pre-programmed list SCAN) or "Priority SCAN" can be pre-programmed. · When the "Power-save function" is activated, the transceiver checks all pre-programmed channels then returns to the "Powersave function" again. D HIGH/LOW POWER OUTPUT This function selects high or low power for a channel. Push the [High/Low] switch to toggle between high and low power. 13 PROGRAMMABLE FUNCTIONS 4 D MONITOR AUDIBLE FUNCTION The monitor function allows you to open the transceiver's squelch manually to check whether a channel is busy or not. The transceiver has 2 conditions for receive standby: Audible condition: This condition mutes audio ONLY when no carrier is present. · Push and hold the [Moni], switch to select the audible condition. Any audio mute functions are cancelled while pushing the [Moni] switch. Inaudible condition: This condition mutes ALL signals except those directed to you. Therefore you should check a channel's condition (busy or not) with the monitor function before transmitting. [. . . ] · BP-222 Ni-Cd BATTERY PACK 7. 2 V/600 mAh Ni-Cd battery pack, allows approx. D CHARGER · BC-119 DESKTOP CHARGER + AD-94 (#11) For rapid charging of battery packs. · BC-121 MULTI-CHARGER For rapid charging up to 6 battery packs simultaneously. · AD-99 CHARGER ADAPTOR · BC-144 DESKTOP CHARGER For rapid charging of BP-209 (Ni-Cd), BP-210 (Ni-MH) and BP222 (Ni-Cd). [. . . ]


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