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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] VHF AND UHF TRANSCEIVERS VHF transceiver UHF transceiver Simple operation for instant communication The IC-F3002 series is so easy to use there's no special training required. [. . . ] In short, the IC-F3002 series is built rugged! Other features · DTMF autodial · BIIS PTT ID transmission · Low battery alert · PC programmable · Talk around function · Enhanced emergency · Surveillance function · CTCSS/DTCS encoder/decoder · MDC PTT ID and emergency · 2-step power save · Time out timer · Lone worker function · 3-color LED Dust Protection Water Resistance Limited functions. VHF AND UHF TRANSCEIVERS SPECIFICATIONS IC-F3002 IC-F4002 OPTIONS Someoptionsmaynotbeavailableinsomecountries. Pleaseaskyourdealerfordetails. GENERAL Frequencycoverage 136­174MHz 400­470MHz Numberofchannels 16channels Typeofemission 1 6K0F3E/14K0F3E/8K50F3E Channelspacing 12. 5/20/25kHz PLLchannelstep 2. 5/3. 125kHz 5/6. 25kHz Powersupplyrequirement 7. 2VDCnominal Currentdrain(approx. ) Tx High 1. 25A 1. 3A Rx Max. audio 330mA(InternalSP) 330mA(InternalSP) Standby 70mA 70mA Antennaimpedance 50 Operatingtemperaturerange ­25°Cto+55°C(Radioonly) Dimensions(W×H×D) 58×111×31. 0mm(WithBP-264) (Projectionsnotincluded) 58×111×35. 5mm(WithBP-265) Weight(approx. ) 330g(WithBP-264) 270g(WithBP-265) TRANSMITTER Outputpower(at7. 2VDC) Max. frequencydeviation Frequencystability Spuriousemissions 5W, 2W, 1W(Hi, L2, L1) 4W, 2W, 1W(Hi, L2, L1) ±5. 0/±4. 0/±2. 5kHz(Wide/Middle/Narrow) ±2. 5ppm 0. 25µW(1GHz) 1. 0µW(>1GHz) Residualmodulations 45/43/40dBtyp. (Wide/Middle/Narrow) Audioharmonicdistortion 1. 0/1. 0/1. 5%typ. (Wide/Middle/Narrow) (AF1kHz40%deviation) BP-263 BP-264 BP-265 * x:Rx:standby=5:5:90. PowersavefunctionON. T Battery packs BP-263 BP-264 BP-265 Type and Operating time* capacity (Approx. ) AA(LR6) ­ batteries×6 Ni-MH, 7. 2V 14hours 1400mAh Li-Ion, 7. 4V 1900mAh(min. ) 20hours 2000mAh(typ. ) RAPID CHARGER For BP-265 (Li-Ion battery) REGULAR CHARGER For BP-264 (Ni-MH battery) RAPID CHARGER For BP-264 (Ni-MH battery) BC-147S BC-192 BC-123S BC-191 BC-123S BC-193 BC-192DESKTOPCHARGER BC-191DESKTOPCHARGER BC-193DESKTOPCHARGER +BC-147S*1ACADAPTER +BC-123S*1ACADAPTER +BC-123S*1ACADAPTER ChargestheBP-264in16hours ChargestheBP-264in2hours Charges the BP-265 in 2. 5 (approx. ). B SPEAKER-MICROPHONES HEADSETS and PLUG ADAPTER CABLE Ext. microphoneconnector RECEIVER Sensitivity(at20dBSINAD) Adjacentchannelselectivity Spuriousresponserejection Intermodulationrejection Humandnoise (WithCCITTfilter) 3 -conductor2. 5(d)mm(1/10)/2. 2k ­4dBµVtyp. emf 73/73/65dBtyp. (Wide/Middle/Narrow) 70dBmin. 2-conductor3. 5(d)mm(1/8)/8 HS-95 OPC-2004 HM-158L HM-159L HS-94 HS-97 Audiooutputpower(at5%distortion) InternalSP(With12load) ExternalSP(With8load) Ext. speakerconnector HM-158L: ompactanddurablebody. C HM-159L : ullsizedurablespeaker HS-95 :Behind-the-headheadsetwithflexibleboommicrophone. HS-97 : hroatmicrophonethatfitsaroundyourneckand T picksupspeechvibrations. [. . . ] ICOM FRANCE Zac de la Plaine - 1, Rue Brindejonc des Moulinais BP 45804 - 31505 TOULOUSE CEDEX 5 Tél : 05 61 36 03 03 - Fax : 05 61 36 03 00 WEB ICOM : http://www. icom-france. com E-mail : icom@icom-france. com CACHET REVENDEUR [. . . ]


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