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[. . . ] Icom's rugged dual-rail guide securely locks the battery to the radio. Optional battery case BP-240 provides a convenient back up and great reassurance in an emergency. * Typical operation Tx:Rx:Stand-by=5:5:90, power save on Most popular signalings built-in The IC-F3062 series has built-in 2-Tone, 5-Tone, CTCSS and DTCS signaling capabilities as standard for group communication or selective calling. [. . . ] (12­20V DC required). HEADSETS and PTT/VOX UNIT MB-93 : Swivel type belt clip. MB-96F : Fixed type belt hanger. SPEAKER-MICROPHONES Built-in inversion-type voice scrambler The built-in inversion type voice scrambler provides secure conversion as standard. When a more secure system is required, the 32 code non-rolling-type voice scrambler UT-109R and 1020 code rolling type UT-110R are available as an option. HS-94 VS-1SC HS-95 HS-97 HM-131SC HM-159SC HS-94: Earhook headset with flexible boom microphone. HS-97: Throat microphone fits around your neck and picks up speech vibration. INTERNAL UNITS EARPHONE HM-131SC : Compact type speaker microphone. HM-159SC : Full size durable speaker microphone with revolving clip. STUBBY ANTENNAS BIIS 1200 compatible The following selective calling and data features are available with the built-in BIIS system. · 32 abbreviated call memories · 7 group IDs · 24-status Messages · Send 8-character SDM (Short Data Message) · Receive up to 95 characters of free text UT-109R VOICE SCRAMBLER UNIT UT-110R VOICE SCRAMBLER UNIT UT-119H DIGITAL UNIT AD-52 SP-13 UT-109R: Up to 32 scrambling codes are available. 40-Pin type. UT-110R: Up to 1020 scrambling codes are available. 40-Pin type. SP-13: EARPHONE. AD-52: EARPHONE ADAPTER Provides clear audio even in noisy environments. FA-SC56VS : 150­162MHz FA-SC57VS : 160­174MHz FA-SC73US : 450­490MHz ANTENNAS FA-SC25V : 136­150MHz FA-SC55V : 150­174MHz FA-SC25U : 400­430MHz FA-SC57U : 430­470MHz FA-SC72U : 470­520MHz UT-119H: Digital unit. Provides 6. 25kHz digital capability. Other features · Built-in basic LTR® trunking capability. · 8 DTMF autodial memories · 2 step reduced power setting · Power on password · Busy, repeater lockout functions · Radio stun and kill functions disable a lost or stolen unit over the air · Surveillance function temporarily turns off the LED backlight and beep sound · Powerful 5W output both VHF and UHF · Flash CPU for future upgrade and more. . . 6. 25kHz digital mode ready The optional UT-119H digital unit provides 4FSK/FDMA modulation and 6. 25kHz digital narrow channel spacing, which is half the channel spacing of the existing analogue PMR system. The IC-F3062 series provides 2 optional slots: one optional slot for the UT-119H digital unit and one for another option board. Ask your dealer for availability. VHF AND UHF TRANSCEIVERS SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL RECEIVER · Frequency range IC-F3062T/S IC-F4062T/S · Number of channels · Channel spacing · PLL channel step · Antenna impedance : 136­174MHz 400­470MHz : 512 channels/128 zones : 12. 5kHz/20kHz/25kHz, 6. 25kHz (option) : 2. 5kHz, 3. 125kHz : 50 · Intermediate frequency · Sensitivity · Squelch sensitivity · Spurious response · Intermodulation · Hum and noise ratio (with CCITT filter) : 1st 46. 35MHz 2nd 450kHz : ­4dBµV typ. (Wide/middle/narrow) : 500mW typ. (at 5% distortion with an 8 load) · Adjacent channel selectivity : 75/75/68dB typ. [. . . ] Phone : +886 (02) 2559 1899 Fax : +886 (02) 2559 1874 E-mail : sales@asia-icom. com URL : http://www. asia-icom. com Your local distributor/dealer: Glenwood Centre #150-6165 Highway 17, Delta, B. C. , V4K 5B8, Canada Phone : +1 (604) 952-4266 Fax : +1 (604) 952-0090 E-mail : info@icomcanada. com URL : http://www. icomcanada. com Communication Equipment Himmelgeister Str. 100, D-40225 Düsseldorf, Germany Phone : +49 (0211) 346047 Fax : +49 (0211) 333639 E-mail : info@icomeurope. com URL : http://www. icomeurope. com Zac de la Plaine, 1, Rue Brindejonc des Moulinais BP 5804, 31505 Toulouse Cedex, France Phone : +33 (5) 61 36 03 03 Fax : +33 (5) 61 36 03 00 E-mail : icom@icom-france. com URL : http://www. icom-france. com 10C07, Long Silver Mansion, No. 88, Yong Ding Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100039, China Phone : +86 (010) 5889 5391/5392/5393 Fax : +86 (010) 5889 5395 E-mail : bjicom@bjicom. com URL : http://www. bjicom. com A. B. N. [. . . ]


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