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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] · ALWAYS keep the antenna at least 2. 5 cm (1 inch) away from the body when transmitting and only use the Icom belt-clips, listed in p. 22, when attaching the radio to your belt, etc. , to ensure FCC RF exposure compliance requirements are not exceeded. To provide the recipients of your transmission the best sound quality, hold the antenna at least 5 cm (2 inches) from mouth, and slightly off to one side. The information listed above provides the user with the information needed to make him or her aware of RF exposure, and what to do to assure that this radio operates within the FCC RF exposure limits of this radio. Electromagnetic Interference/Compatibility During transmissions, your Icom radio generates RF energy that can possibly cause interference with other devices or systems. [. . . ] NEVER short the terminals of the battery pack (or charging terminals of the transceiver). Also, current may flow into nearby metal objects such as a necklace, so be careful when placing battery packs (or the transceiver) in handbags, etc. Simply carrying with or placing near metal objects such as a necklace, etc. If the battery pack becomes wet, be sure to wipe it dry BEFORE attaching it to the transceiver. If your battery pack seems to have no capacity even after being charged, completely discharge them, then fully charge the battery pack again. If the battery pack still does not retain a charge (or only very little charge), a new battery pack must be purchased. D Recycling information (U. S. A. only) The battery (BP-209, BP-210 or BP-222) that you have purchased is recyclable. At the end of its life, under various state and local laws, it may be illegal to dispose of this battery into the municipal waste stream. Call 1-800-822-8837 for battery recycling options in your area or contact your dealer. 6 3 BATTERY PACKS ` Battery charging D Rapid charging with the BC-144+AD-99 The optional BC-144 provides rapid charging of optional battery packs. The following are additionally required: · One AD-99 (depends on version. ). · An AC adapter (may be supplied with the BC-144 depending on version). BP-209, BP-210 or BP-222 only AC adapter BC-145A/E/V/UK Check orientation. Charging indicator 7 BATTERY PACKS 3 D Rapid charging with the BC-144+AD-99 Turn power OFF BP-209, BP-210 or BP-222 attached to the transceiver. · Push the [Moni] switch momentarily to select the inaudible condition. All signals are received Only signals containing the proper tone are received D TALK AROUND The talk around function changes duplex channels to simplex channels. · Duplex allows you to contact your base station, repeaters, etc. · Simplex allows you to contact other portable transceivers directly (portable-to-portable contact). Push the [Talk Around] switch one or more times to toggle the function ON and OFF. 14 2 PROGRAMMABLE FUNCTIONS D DTMF TRANSMISSION This function allows you to send a pre-programmed DTMF code to control a repeater, open another transceiver's squelch, etc. Automatic pre-programmed transmission: Push the [DTMF Autodial] switch to send a DTMF code. D EMERGENCY FUNCTION The emergency function allows you to send your ID quickly and easily to your Base Station, etc. · The transceiver selects a pre-programmed channel, then sends an emergency signal to your Base Station. · The pre-programmed channel remains selected until a control signal is received from the Base Station, or power is turned OFF. · The emergency call is repeatedly transmitted at pre-programmed intervals. D MR-CH1, MR-CH2, MR-CH3, MR-CH4 This function temporarily allows you to select one of memory CH1 to CH4, when you push the [MR-CH1­4] key. 15 PROGRAMMABLE FUNCTIONS 4 D CODE SQUELCH This conveniently eliminates unwanted audio and is useful in group activities or security related activities where unwanted output can be a problem. In order to use the above functions, cloning is necessary via a PC using the optional CS-F11 cloning software. [. . . ] D PC-to-transceiver cloning Please refer to the HELP file that comes with the CS-F11 CLONING SOFTWARE. CAUTION: Imprudent cloning operation causes a cloning error. Cloning must then be repeated. 20 7 OPTION ` Options D BATTERY PACKS · BP-208 BATTERY CASE Allows a set of Alkaline batteries to operate the handheld when charging the rechargeable battery or in emergencies, etc. · BP-209 Ni-Cd BATTERY PACK 7. 2 V/1100 mAh Ni-Cd battery pack, allows more than 8 hours operation. · BP-210 Ni-MH BATTERY PACK 7. 2 V/1650 mAh Ni-MH battery pack, allows approx. [. . . ]


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