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[. . . ] INSTRUCTION MANUAL VHF dPMR MOBILE TRANSCEIVER UHF dPMR MOBILE TRANSCEIVER iF5062D iF6062D IMPORTANT pletely before usng the transcever. EXPLICIT DEFENITIONS WORD RWARNING!CAUTION NOTE DEFINITION Personal njury, fre hazard or electrc shock may occur. No rsk of personal njury, fire or electrc shock. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS carefully and comSAVE THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL -- Ths nstructon manual contans mportant operatng nstructons for the IC-F5062D VHF dPMR MOBILE TRANSCEIVER, ICF6062D UHF dPMR MOBILE TRANSCEIVER. · Ths nstructon manual ncludes some functons whch are usable only when they are pre-programmed by your dealer. [. . . ] Ths functon makes the transcever transmt emergency calls, even though t appears to be powered OFF. 15) HOOK SCAN When the Hook Scan functon s pre-programmed, push ths key to dsable the functon. USER SET MODE Hold down for 1 second to enter the User Set mode. · In the User Set mode, push ths key to select an tem that s enabled by your dealer, and change the value or settng by pushng [CH Up] or [CH Down]. Hold down for 1 second agan to ext the User Set mode. 10Key ENT Push to enable the mcrophone's 10-keypad operaton. · Dependng on the pre-programmed settngs, 10-keypad can be used to select a desred memory channel, ID lst number (dPMR), TX status (BIIS, dPMR) or Short Data Message (dPMR), or enter a desred TX code (5-tone) or ID (dPMR). OPT 1 OUT, OPT 2 OUT, OPT 3 OUT Push to output the control sgnal to the opton connector. OPT 1 MOMENTARY, OPT 2 MOMENTARY, OPT 3 MOMENTARY Outputs the control sgnal to the opton connector whle holdng down ths key. 7 BASIC OPERATION Turning the power ON q Hold down [ ] for 1 second to turn the power ON. w If the transcever s programmed for a start up password, nput the dgt codes as drected by your dealer. · The keys as below can be used for password nput: The transcever detects numbers n the same block as dentcal. Therefore "01234" and "56789" are the same. 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Channel selection Several types of channel selecton are avalable. NON-ZONE TYPE: To select the desred operatng channel: · Push [CH Up] or [CH Down]. ZONE TYPE: To select the desred zone: · Push [Zone], then push [CH Up] or [CH Down]. D Voting operation The transcever automatcally starts scannng when a zone, specfied for the votng operaton, s selected. The votng scan detects the sgnal strength of the repeaters, and automatcally selects the strongest one. Scannng stops when recevng a call. KEY NUMBER 0 5 1 6 2 7 3 8 4 9 e When the "PASSWORD" ndcaton does not clear after nputtng 6 dgts, the nput code number may be ncorrect. Turn the power OFF and start over, n ths case. 8 2 BASIC OPERATION Call procedure When your system employs tone sgnallng (excludng CTCSS and DTCS), a call procedure may be necessary pror to voce transmsson. The tone sgnallng employed may be a selectve callng system, whch allows you to call specfic staton(s) only, and prevent unwanted statons from contactng you. q Select the desred TX code channel accordng to your system operator's nstructons. · Ths may not be necessary, dependng on programmng. · Refer to pages 10 and 11 for detals. Receiving and transmitting Receiving: q Hold down [ ] for 1 second to turn the power ON. e When recevng a call, rotate [VOL] to adjust the audo output level to a comfortable lstenng level. NOTE: Dependng on the pre-programmed settngs, the transcever automatcally transmts the mcrophone audo for the pre-programmed tme perod when a matchng sgnal s receved. · The HM-148G or HM-152 hand microphone s requred. w Push [Call] (assgned to one of the dealer programmable keys). e After transmttng, the remander of your communcaton can be carred out n the normal fashon. Selective calling Non-selective calling Transmitting: Wat for the channel to become clear to avod nterference. q Take the mcrophone OFF hook. · 2/5-tone mute may be released. (The `Audble' (unmute) mode s selected and LED ndcator lghts green. ) · The Prorty A channel may be automatcally selected. w Wat for the channel to become clear. · The channel s busy when the LED ndcator lghts green. e Whle holdng down [PTT], speak nto the mcrophone at your normal voce level. [. . . ] RECEPTACLE Connects to a 13. 2 V r MICROPHONE HANGER Connect the supplied miDC power supply. (See page 1) terminal of the DC power supply is grounded. t EXTERNAL SPEAKER JACK Connect a 4­8 ø external speaker. 17 CONNECTION AND MAINTENANCE 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Supplied accessories Microphone Microphone hanger and screw set Microphone hanger cable Mounting the transceiver The unversal mountng bracket suppled wth your transcever allows overhead or dashboard mountng. · Mount the transcever securely wth the 4 suppled screws to a thck surface whch can support more than 1. 5 kg. DC power cable Function name stickers*1 Sponges*2 Flat washer Felt* Spring washer Mounting bracket Flat washers Spring washers Nuts Self-tapping screws (5×16) * Used for labelling the programmable 1 Bracket bolts Mounting screws (5×12) Felt* When using self-tapping screws *Felt reduces the effects of vibration. function keys according to their assinged functions. Ask your dealer for details. 18 3 CONNECTION AND MAINTENANCE Antenna A key element n the performance of any communcaton systems s the antenna. [. . . ]


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