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[. . . ] INSTRUCTION MANUAL VHF MARINE TRANSCEIVER iM33 DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY We Icom Inc. Japan 1-1-32, Kamiminami, Hirano-ku Osaka 547-0003, Japan Declare on our sole responsability that this equipment complies the essential requirements of the Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive, 1999/5/EC, and that any applicable Essential Test Suite measurements have been performed. Kind of equipment: Type-designation: VHF MARINE TRANSCEIVER 0560 Düsseldorf 30th Nov. 2006 Place and date of issue Icom (Europe) GmbH Himmelgeister straße 100 D-40225 Düsseldorf Authorized representative name iM33 Version (where applicable): This compliance is based on conformity with the following harmonised standards, specifications or documents: i) EN 301 178-2 V1. 1. 1 (2000-8) ii) EN 60945 2002 iii) EN 60950-1 2001 iv) EN 300 698-2 V1. 1. 1 (2000-8) v) EN 300 698-3 V1. 1. 1 (2001-5) vi) vii) H. [. . . ] · Further adjustment of the audio may be necessary at this point. r Push [H/L] to select the output power if necessary. · "LOW" appears when low power is selected; no indication when high power is selected. · Choose low power to conserve battery power, choose high power for longer distance communications. · Some channels are for low power only. t Push to transmit y Release to receive Microphone q Power ON e Set channel w Set the squelch level r Set output power t Push and hold [PTT] to transmit, then speak into the microphone. ·" " appears. · Channel 70 cannot be used for transmission. w Set volume y Release [PTT] to receive. w Set the squelch and volume level. 10 BASIC OPERATION 4 I Call channel programming Call channel is used to access Channel 16 (default; may differ according to version), however, you can program the call channel with your most often-used channels in each channel group for quick recall. several times to select the desired channel group (U. S. A. , International or ATIS) to be programmed. to select the call channel of the selected channel group. · "CALL" and call channel number appear. I Adjusting the volume level YZ The volume level can be adjusted with [VOL] and [Y]/[Z]. YZ q Push [VOL], then adjust the volume level with [Y]/[Z]. · "VOL" indicator starts blinking. · When no key is pushed for 5 sec. , the transceiver returns to normal condition. 4 w Push [VOL] again to return to normal condition. e Push and hold [C] (16) again for 3 sec. (until a long beep changes to 2 short beeps) to begin call channel programming. · Channel number starts blinking. Indicates the volume level. Blinks during volume level adjustment. I Volume mute function The volume mute function can be activated temporarily with [MUTE] (VOL). q Push and hold [MUTE] (VOL) for 1 sec to activate the volume mute function. · The audio is muted. · The volume level indicator starts blinking. YZ r Push [Y]/[Z] to select the desired channel. t Push [16] to program the displayed channel as the call channel. · The channel number stops blinking. w Push [VOL] again or turn power OFF to turn the volume mute function OFF. 11 4 BASIC OPERATION I Adjusting the squelch level YZ To adjust the IC-M33's squelch level, use the [Y]/[Z] keys as described below. In order to receive signals properly, as well as for the scan to function effectively, the squelch must be adjusted to the proper level. YZ q Push [SQL], then adjust the squelch level with [Y]/[Z]. · "SQL" indicator starts blinking. · There are 11 squelch levels to choose from: OP is completely open; 10 is tight squelch; 1 is loose squelch. · If no key is pushed for 5 sec. , the transceiver returns to normal operation. I Lock function This function electronically locks all keys (except for [PTT], YZ [SQL·MONI], [VOL·MUTE], [H/L·LOCK] and [Y]/[Z]*) to prevent accidental channel changes and function access. * After pushing [VOL·MUTE] or [SQL·MONI] only. Push and hold [LOCK] (H/L) for 1 sec. to turn the lock function ON and OFF. Appears while the lock function is used. w Push [SQL] again to return to normal condition. Push and hold for 1 sec. Indicates the squelch level. Blinks during squelch level adjustment. I Automatic backlighting This function is convenient for nighttime operation. 19) Push any key except for [PTT] to turn the backlighting ON. · The backlighting is automatically turned OFF after 5 sec. of inactivity. 12 BASIC OPERATION 4 I Monitor function The monitor function opens the squelch. [. . . ] If the connector becomes wet, be sure to dry it BEFORE attaching it to the transceiver. NOTE: The microphone is located at the top of the speaker-microphone, as shown in the diagram above. To maximize the readability of your transmitted signal (voice), hold the microphone approx. 2. 5 cm from your mouth, and speak in a normal voice level. w q Attaching: Attach the [SP MIC] cap (q), then rotate it clockwise completely (w). [. . . ]


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