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[. . . ] INSTRUCTION MANUAL VHF MARINE TRANSCEIVER iM3EURO VHF MARINE TRI TAG LO CK SQL C DW SCAN H/L 16 I/U CH iM3EURO FOREWORD Thank you for purchasing this Icom product. The IC-M3EURO VHF MARINE TRANSCEIVER is designed and built with Icom's superior technology and craftsmanship. With proper care this product should provide you with years of trouble-free operation. FEATURES Dual watch and tri-watch functions Convenient functions which allow you to monitor the distress channel (ch 16) while receiving a channel of your choice--dual watch; or monitor the distress channel and another channel while receiving a channel of your choice--tri-watch. IMPORTANT READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS pletely before using the transceiver. carefully and com- Large, easy-to-read LCD SAVE THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL--This instruction manual contains important operating instructions for the IC-M3EURO. With dimensions of 18(H) × 32(W) mm, the ICM3EURO's function display is easy to read and shows operating conditions at a glance. [. . . ] q e EXTERNAL SPEAKER AND MICROPHONE JACKS [SP/MIC] Connect an optional speaker-microphone or headset, if desired. The internal microphone and speaker will not function when either is connected. r ANTENNA CONNECTOR Connects the supplied antenna. w e r ï BATTERY CASE RELEASE BUTTON To remove the battery case: Push and hold the battery release button downwards, then open the battery case as shown below. To attach the battery case: Mate the notched ends of the transceiver and battery case, and click the battery case into place. 3 2 PANEL DESCRIPTION I Function display q w er ty u i o u SCAN INDICATOR (p. i DUALWATCH/TRI-WATCH INDICATORS "DUAL" appears during dualwatch; "TRI" appears during tri-watch. 12, 13) !1 CHANNEL INDICATOR · Indicates the selected operating channel number. (UK and Italy version only) · "INT" shows that international channels are selected. 11) Appears when a tag channel is selected. TX BUSY CALL LOW BATT !3 !2 TAG USA INT SCAN DUAL TRI DUP !1 !0 q TRANSMIT INDICATOR Appears while transmitting. 7) w BUSY INDICATOR Appears when receiving a signal or when the squelch level is set to the "OFF" position. 7) e CALL CHANNEL INDICATOR Appears when the call channel is selected. t LOW BATTERY INDICATOR Blinks when the battery voltage drops to approx. 4 BASIC OPERATION I Channel selection D Channel 16 Channel 16 is the distress channel. It is used for establishing initial contact with another station and for emergency communications. While standing by you are required to monitor channel 16. C 3 D International channels There are 55 international channels for the IC-M3EURO. w Push [ ]/[ ] switches to select a channel. · "DUP" appears for duplex channels. Push D U. S. A. channels (UK and Italy versions only) INT 16 D Call channel Each regular channel group has a separate leisure-use call channel. 9) and are used to store your most often-used channels in each channel group for quick recall. to select the CALL call channel for the selected TAG channel group. · "CALL" and call channel number INT appear. · Each channel group can have its own call channel after changing a call channel. Push [UP]/[DN] to select a channel. · Channels are memorized separately for each channel group. 5 3 BASIC OPERATION I Lock function This function electronically locks all keys and switches to prevent accidental frequency changes and function access. to turn the lock function ON and OFF. · Only [PTT], [H/L] and [SQL] are functional. I Adjusting the squelch level The IC-M3EURO has a squelch even though there is no control knob for it. in advance to select the desired channel group (INT, U. S. A. ) to be programmed. I Call channel programming The call channel switch is used to select a specified channel, however, you can program your most often-used channels in each channel group for quick recall. [. . . ] · An optional cable OPC-254L (for 12 V power source) or CP12L (for 12 V cigarette lighter socket) can be used instead of the supplied AC adapter. Before connecting DC power, make sure the internal switch is set to the proper battery type--Ni-Cd or alkaline. NEVER connect DC power to the battery case when installing alkaline batteries. Such a connection will damage the transceiver. Ni-Cd · · ALKALINE 14 BATTERY CHARGING ï Charging connections q Install 6 AA(R6) size Ni-Cd batteries into the battery case. [. . . ]


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