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Manual abstract: user guide ICOM IC-M55

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] WORD D FEATURES Large 2-digit Channel with scrolling comment New Force5Audio speaker Built-in DSC meets RTCM SC101 requirement Submersible construction Favorite channel function AquaQuake water draining function Icom, Icom Inc. and the logo are registered trademarks of Icom Incorporated (Japan) in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Russia and/or other countries. FORCE5AUDIO logo is a registered trademark of Icom Incorporated (Japan) in the United States. CLEAN THE TRANSCEIVER AND MICROPHONE THOROUGHLY WITH FRESH WATER after exposure to water including salt water, otherwise, the keys and switches may become inoperable due to salt crystallization. i IN CASE OF EMERGENCY If your vessel requires assistance, contact other vessels and the Coast Guard by sending a distress call on Channel 16. NOTE A WARNING STICKER is supplied with the transceiver. To comply with FCC regulations, this sticker must be affixed in such a location as to be readily seen from the operating controls of the radio as in the diagram below. [. . . ] · "WX ALT" appears when the Weather alert function is in use. 29) ï U. S. A. , Canadian and international channels The IC-M55 is pre-programmed with 59 U. S. A. , 59 international and 63 Canadian channels. q Push [CH/WX] to select a regular channel. · If a weather channel appears, push [CH/WX] again. w Push [U/I/C] (both [Y] and [Z]) on the transceiver to change the channel group, if necessary. · U. S. A. , International and Canadian channel groups can be selected in sequence. e Push [Y] or [Z] to select a channel. ·" " appears for duplex channels. w Push [Y] or [Z] to select a channel. Push once or twice Push [U/I/C] (both and ) When Weather alert is OFF. When Weather alert is ON. 6 BASIC OPERATION 3 I Receiving and transmitting CAUTION: Transmitting without an antenna will damage the transceiver. q Rotate [VOL] to turn power ON. e Push [U/I/C] (both [Y] and [Z]) on the transceiver several times to select the desired channel group. 5) · When receiving a signal, " " appears and audio is emitted from the speaker. · Further adjustment of [VOL] may be necessary. Simplex channels, 3, 21, 23, 61, 64, 81, 82 and 83 CANNOT be lawfully used by the general public in U. S. A. IMPORTANT: To maximize the readability of your transmitted signal, pause a few sec. after pushing [PTT], hold the microphone 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 cm) from your mouth and speak into the microphone at a normal voice level. 3 er q yu Microphone t Push [HI/LO] on the microphone to select the output power if necessary. · "LOW" appears when low power is selected. · Choose low power for short range communications, choose high power for longer distance communications. · Some channels are for low power only. w r t y Push and hold [PTT] to transmit, then speak into the microphone. ·" " appears. · Channel 70 cannot be used for transmission other than DSC. NOTE for TOT (Time-out Timer) function The TOT function inhibits continuous transmission over a preset time period after the transmission starts. u Release [PTT] to receive. 7 3 BASIC OPERATION I Call channel programming Call channel is used to select Channel 9 (default), however, you can program the call channel with your most often-used channel in each channel group for quick recall. 10 Normal scan, like priority scan, searches through all TAG channels in sequence. However, unlike priority scan, Channel 16 is not checked unless Channel 16 is set as a TAG channel. SCAN OPERATION 4 I Setting TAG channels For more efficient scanning, add desired channels as TAG channels or clear the TAG for unwanted channels. TAG channels can be assigned to each channel group (U. S. A. , International and Canada) independently. q Push [U/I/C] (both [Y] and [Z]) several times to select the desired channel group. to set the displayed channel as a TAG channel. ·" ·" " appears in the display. " disappears. I Starting a scan Set scan type (Priority or Normal scan) and scan resume timer in advance using Set mode. 29) q Push [U/I/C] (both [Y] and [Z]) several times to select the desired channel group, if desired. r Push [SCAN] to start Priority or Normal scan. ·" " blinks during Priority scan; " " blinks during Normal scan. · When a signal is detected, scan pauses until the signal disappears or resumes after pausing 5 sec. (Channel 16 is still monitored during Priority scan. ) · Push [Y] or [Z] to check the scanning TAG channels, to change the scanning direction or resume the scan manually. · A beep tone sounds and " " blinks at the channel comment indicator when a signal is received on Channel 16 during Priority scan. 4 r To cancel the TAG channel setting, repeat step e. [. . . ] CAUTION: Transmitting without an antenna may damage the transceiver. w GPS RECEIVER LEAD Connects to a GPS receiver for position indication. · An NMEA0183 ver. 2. 0 or 3. 01 (sentence formatters RMC, GGA, GNS, GLL) compatible GPS receiver is required. Yellow: NMEA IN (+) Green: NMEA IN ( ) 31 8 CONNECTIONS AND MAINTENANCE I Supplied accessories The following accessories are supplied: Mounting bracket For mounting bracket Knob bolts Screws (5×20) I Antenna A key element in the performance of any communication system is the antenna. Ask your dealer about antennas and the best place to mount them. I Fuse replacement Flat washers Spring washers (M5) (M5) One fuse is installed in the supplied DC power cable. [. . . ]


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