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[. . . ] INSTRUCTION MANUAL VHF MARINE TRANSCEIVER iC- m59 IN CASE OF EMERGENCY If your vessel requires assistance, contact other vessels and the Coast Guard by sending a distress call on channel 16. Or, transmit your distress call using digital selective calling on channel 70 (the optional UX-120 DSC UNIT must be installed). USING CHANNEL 16 DISTRESS CALL PROCEDURE 1. Your call sign or other indication of the vessel (AND 9-digit DSC ID if you have one). Any other information which might facilitate the rescue. USING DIGITAL SELECTIVE CALLING (ch 70) (UX-120 required) DISTRESS CALL PROCEDURE 1. [. . . ] Select the desired channel, then push and hold [SCAN·TAG] for 1 sec. to toggle the tag setting. TAG Scan resume timer: When a signal is detected, scan pauses until the signal disappears or resumes after pausing 5 sec. , according to the set mode setting. 19) Confirming tag channels: While operating scan, rotate [DIAL]. · Only tag channels are selected. · Stop rotating [DIAL] to resume scan. USA Appears when the channel is specified as a tag channel. Clearing all tag channels: While pushing [HI/LO], push and hold [SCAN·TAG] for 3 sec. until the long beep becomes 2 short beeps. · All tag channels in the selected channel group are released. Weather alert function: When the function is turned ON (p. 7 for a description of weather alert. 10 BASIC OPERATION 3 I Call channel programming The call channel key, [9], is used to select channel 9, however, you can program your most often-used channels in each channel group for quick recall. Push [9] again to program the displayed channel as the call channel. · The call channel number and channel group stop flashing. CALL USA Push [CH/WX·U/I/C] for 1 sec. one or more times to select the desired channel group (USA, INT, CAN) to be programmed. Push [9] to select the call channel of the selected channel group. · "CALL" and the call channel number appear. USA I Display backlighting The function display and switches can be backlit for better visibility under low light conditions. TAG CALL USA While pushing [HI/LO·DIM], rotate the channel selector to adjust the backlighting. Backlighting can be set to 1 of 3 intensities or turned OFF. While pushing [HI/LO] push [9] to enter call channel write mode. · Call channel number and channel group to be programmed flash. CALL USA Rotate the channel selector to select the desired channel. CALL USA 11 4 DIGITAL SELECTIVE CALLING UX-120 required I General When an optional UX-120 DSC UNIT is installed, digital selective calling (or DSC) can be used via the IC-M59. DSC is a method of radio communications involving digital signals rather than the more conventional method of voice communications. The advantage of using digital communications over voice communications is that information (especially useful for distress calls and other urgent matters) can be preprogrammed into a radio and transmitted accurately. DSC TYPE Distress call In addition, when a GPS receiver (NMEA0183 ver. 1. 5, 2. 0 or 2. 1) is connected, your vessel's position and the current UTC time are transmitted together with the vessel's identity when making a distress call. 27 for unit installation. DESCRIPTION This sends distress information which includes your vessel's ID (and position data/UTC time when a GPS receiver is connected). DSC acknowledgement will be received from a coast station after making a distress call. This is used to alert Coast stations (or other ships) when a vessel in distress is unable to do so. The IC-M59 can only receive this type of signal; not transmit. REF. 16 Distress relay call All ships call This is used for non-emergency situations. 14, 16 ceiving transceiver to automatically select a specified channel for voice communication. Two kinds of acknowledgements (able to comply/unable to comply) 15, 17 are available (for sending or receiving) after an individual call. This is used for announcement to all ships in the specified area--when a GPS receiver is p. Receive only for the IC-M59. Individual call Geographical area call 12 DIGITAL SELECTIVE CALLING 4 I Distress call transmission CAUTION: Distress calls may be transmitted under conditions of emergency only i. e. your vessel is in danger of sinking and/or a person's life is in danger. When a distress acknowledgement is received, emergency alarm sounds and channel 16 is automatically selected. · Push any key to cancel the alarm. LOW BUSY ACK RCV INT Push and hold [16·EMER] until you hear 4 short beeps change to one long beep. · The display changes as at right. LOW INT ACK RCV INT Push [PTT] to transmit the distress call. LOW INT Transmit your distress call particulars by voice using the following procedure: 1. [. . . ] UX-120: DSC functions OPC-457: GPS connection when UX-120 is installed UT-79: Voice scrambler function Turn the transceiver power OFF and disconnect the DC power cable. Unscrew 4 screws from the rear panel, then remove the transceiver cover. 2 to 4) Replace the transceiver cover and tighten the screws. · 4 to 6 kg of torque MUST be applied to ensure water resistance. 26 CONNECTIONS AND MAINTENANCE Opening the transceiver case (Fig. 1) UT-79 Attach the operating sticker here. 6 UT-79 installation (Fig. 2) Remove these in advance, then attach the UT-79. Apply 4 to 6 kg torque when replacing screws. UX-120 installation (Fig. [. . . ]


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