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[. . . ] INSTRUCTION MANUAL iM90E VHF MARINE TRANSCEIVER IN CASE OF EMERGENCY If your vessel requires assistance, contact other vessels and the Coast Guard by sending a distress call on Channel 16. RECOMMENDATION CLEAN THE TRANSCEIVER THOROUGHLY WITH FRESH WATER after exposure to saltwater, and dry it before operation. Otherwise, the transceiver's keys, switches and controllers may become inoperable due to salt crystallization. NOTE: DO NOT remove the battery pack when cleaning the transceiver thoroughly with fresh water. Water may enter into the transceiver, and damage it. USING CHANNEL 16 DISTRESS CALL PROCEDURE 1. [. . . ] (until a long beep changes to 2 short beeps) to enter call channel programming condition. · Call channel number to be programmed flashes. Strong Middle Weak r Push [Y]/[Z] to select the desired channel. I Monitor function The monitor function releases the noise squelch mute manually. This function is convenient when receiving a weak signal, or when adjusting the volume level, etc. and keep holding to activate the monitor function. ·" " appears and audio is emitted. t Push [16·C] to program the displayed channel as the call channel. · The call flashing. channel number stop 10 4 BASIC OPERATION I Adjusting the squelch level To adjust the IC-M90E's squelch level, use the [Y]/[Z] keys as described below. In order to receive signals properly, as well as for the scan to function effectively, the squelch must be adjusted to the proper level. q Push [SQL·MONI], then adjust the squelch level with [Y]/[Z]. - "SQL" indicator starts blinking. - There are 11 squelch levels to choose from: OP is completely open; 10 is tight squelch; 1 is loose squelch level. I Voice scrambler operation D Activating the scrambler The voice scrambler provides private communications. In order to receive or send scrambled transmissions, you must activate the scrambler function first. w While pushing and holding [SQL·MONI], push [SCAN·DUAL]. · "SCRM" appears. w Push [SQL·MONI] again to return to normal condition. - When no switch is pushed for 5 sec. , the transceiver returns to normal condition. Indicates the squelch level. e To turn the scrambler function OFF, repeat step w. · "SCRM" disappears. Appears when the voice scrambler function is in use. Push D Programming scramble codes I Backlighting function This function is convenient for nighttime operation. 18) Push any key except [PTT] to turn the backlighting ON. · The backlighting is automatically turned OFF after 5 sec. of inactivity. 32 scrambler codes (1 to 32) are available for voice scrambler operation. In order to understand each other, all transceivers in your group must have the same scrambler code. 20 for "Scrambler code" setting details. 11 SCAN OPERATION I Scan types Scanning is an efficient way to quickly locate signals over a wide frequency range. In addition, the "Auto scan" function is available for scanning. This function can be activated simultaneously, depending on the settings on the SET mode. 17) PRIORITY SCAN CH 01 CH 02 5 4 5 Set the tag channels (scanned channel) before scanning. Clear those tag channels which are not needed or inconveniently stop scanning, such as digital communications. 17) NORMAL SCAN CH 01 CH 02 CH88 CH 16 CH 03 CH88 CH 03 CH 05 CH 04 CH 05 CH 04 Priority scan searches through all tag channels in sequence while monitoring Channel 16. When a signal is detected on Channel 16, scan pauses until the signal disappears; when a signal is detected on a channel other than Channel 16, scan becomes dualwatch until the signal disappears. Normal scan, like priority scan, searches through all tag channels in sequence. However, unlike priority scan, Channel 16 is not checked unless Channel 16 is set as a tag channel. 12 5 SCAN OPERATION I Setting tag channels For more efficient scanning, add desired channels as tag channels or clear the tag for unwanted channels. [. . . ] · BP-223 BATTERY CASE Battery case for 6 × AA (LR6) Alkaline cells. D CHARGERS · BC-119N DESKTOP CHARGER + AD-109 CHARGER ADAPTER + BC-145E AC ADAPTER For rapid charging of battery packs. · BC-121N MULTI-CHARGER + AD-109 CHARGER ADAPTER (6 pcs. ) + BC-124 AC ADAPTER For rapid charging of up to 6 battery packs (six AD-109's are required) simultaneously. · BC-158 DESKTOP CHARGER + BC-147E AC ADAPTER Used for regular charging of battery pack. 12 hours (BP-225). D OTHER OPTIONS · HM-125 SPEAKER-MICROPHONE Full sized waterproof (IPX7; 1m/30 min. ) speaker-microphone. [. . . ]


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