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[. . . ] INSTRUCTION MANUAL COMMUNICATIONS RECEIVER iC- r8500 IMPORTANT READ THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL CAREFULLY before attempting to operate the receiver. EXPLICIT DEFINITIONS DEFINITION Personal injury, fire hazard or electric RWARNING shock may occur. This instruction manual contains important safety and operating instructions for the IC-R8500. Versions of the IC-R8500 which display the "CE" symbol on the serial number seal, comply with the essential requirements of the European Radio and Telecommunication Terminal Directive 1999/5/EC, and that any applicable Essential Test Suite measurements have been performed. PRECAUTIONS RINDOOR USE ONLY!NEVER expose the IC-R8500 or AC adapter to rain, snow or any liquids. AVOID using or placing the receiver in areas with temperatures below ­10°C (+14°F) or above +50°C (+122°F). [. . . ] r Set the connected terminal unit to the appropriate settings. · Refer to the terminal unit's instructions. Frequency settings depend on the mode used. FM mode: [Setting frequency(displayed freq. )]=[Desired freq. ] USB mode: [Setting frequency(displayed freq. )]=[Desired freq. ]­[Center of Mark and Space freq. ] CW narrow mode: [Setting frequency(displayed freq. )]=[Desired freq. ]­[Center of Mark and Space freq. ]+ [600 Hz] LSB mode (for amateur RTTY): [Setting frequency(displayed freq. )]=[Desired freq. ] + [Mark freq. ] 16 5 MEMORY CHANNELS I General The IC-R8500 has 1000 regular memory channels, plus 20 programmable scan edge channels and 1 priority channel. 8-digit memory names are programmed into all 1000 channels and 5-digit bank names are programmed into 20 user banks for convenient recall and organisation of frequencies. Moreover, memory channels can store mode information, a tuning step, and ATT (attenuation) information. NOTE: When memory channels without information (blank channels) are selected, the frequency is not displayed. The table below gives a general overview of the IC-R8500's memory channels. BANK INITIAL CONTENTS 40 memories × 20 banks USAGE For normal use. Frequency, mode, tuning step, name and ATT information can be programmed. Frequencies detected during auto memory write scan are memorised into this bank in sequence. Note that when the written memories condition is set as CL&START and auto write scan is started, all memories in this bank are cleared. Undesired signals such as from beacons, control-coded signals, etc. , can be programmed to be skipped during programmed scan and auto memory write scan. while scan is paused, the displayed frequency is programmed into this bank regardless of the selected bank. Deleted channels (contents have been cleared) are stored in this bank until being assigned to another bank. This bank does not appear when no channel are assigned. AUTO 100 memories SKIP FREE PROG 100 memories Blank Memorize scan edge frequencies. 10 pairs of scan edges (0P1 to 9P2) are pro20 memories (fixed) grammable (upper and lower scan edges). Mode and tuning step are automatically equalised to the last programmed channel in a pair. I Bank selection To select regular channel banks: Push [M-CH · BANKL] or [ENT · BANKM], one or more times to select the desired channel bank. · The bank indicator shows the selected bank. · Push and hold [BANKL] or [BANKM] to quickly cycle through the channel banks in the order to , FREE, AUTO and SKIP. USR-A USR-B BANK BANK BANK BLANK . ;, BLANK M-CH BANK NOTE: The FREE bank is initially blank and therefore cannot be selected. In order to select it at least 1 channel must be programmed into the FREE bank. Convenient: Bank names The default names of "USR-A" to "USR-T" can be set to your own preference. 20 for programming. USR-T FREE AUTO SKIP BANK BANK BANK BLANK BANK BLANK BLANK BLANK ENT ENT To select the programmed scan edge: Push [PROG] for 1 sec. · PROG and channel number (0P1 to 9P2) appear. PROG *NONAME* 17 MEMORY CHANNELS 5 I Channel selection D Using the [M-CH] selector q Select the desired bank using [M-CH · BANKL] or [ENT · BANKM]. · Bank limit function While rotating the [M-CH] selector, memory channels can be selected from within the current bank only; or from any bank. Push [BANK] to toggle the bank limit function ON and OFF. [BANK ] [BANK ] [M-CH] selector Convenient: Automatic bank limit When starting memory scan, the bank limit function is activated automatically. 26. SR- USR-A BANK M SR- BANK USR-A BANK M BANK doesn't appear · Bank limit OFF All memory channels can be selected via the [M-CH] selector. [. . . ] 24 · [CEs] is pushed on the final name · Push [ENT] after setting the name. · A frequency has not yet been pro- · Push [MW] for 1 sec. · The same frequencies are programmed into the selected scanning group. p. Memory scan does not function. · Reprogram different frequencies into p. [. . . ]


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