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[. . . ] Professional Communications Receiver Professional communications receiver with 0. 005 to 3335MHz coverage and high performance spectrum scope The IC-R9500 is a high-end professional communications receiver for wideband monitoring, signal detection, spectrum analysis, recording received signals, and more. Main features ­ · 0. 005­3335MHz wideband coverage · +40dBm 3rd order intercept point and 109dB dynamic range* (*At 14. 1MHz) · Multi-function high performance spectrum scope · ± 0. 05ppm high frequency stability · ± 3dB* accuracy of dBµ /dBµ (emf) /dBm meter (*10 to 70dBµ signal between 100kHz · SSB/CW /AM mode auto tuning function · Optional P25 digital mode reception · Professional grade operation, functionality and build to 3335MHz at 25°C) Dual DSP units provide superb receiver BASIC PERFORMANCE Wideband coverage The IC-R9500 covers 0. 005­3335MHz in SSB, AM, FM (WFM), CW, FSK and P25* modes. It is suitable for a wide variety of radio monitoring and listening activities. * Optional UT-122 digital unit is required. Five roofing filters The IC-R9500 has 5 independent roofing filters (240, 50, 15, 6 and 3kHz) for improved selectivity. [. . . ] In addition to these features, the scope has 3 levels of attenuation (10dB, 20dB, 30dB). * While using the wide band scope function, AF output is muted. · Fixed mode . . . the scope screen does not shift when you change the receiving frequency. · Sweep speed/span/ filter width setting · Peak search function · Peak hold function · Attenuator · Mini scope function Center mode setting example Mini scope function example Fix mode setting example Wide band scope example (±100MHz) Monitor and connection cab Multiple functions and sophisticated oper FUNCTIONS 7-inch wide color TFT LCD The large 7-inch wide (800 × 480 pixels) a c tiv e ma trix displa y deliv er s quick response time, high resolution and has a wide viewing angle. The background color is selectable from black or blue for your preference. In addition, the IC-R9500 has a VGA connector allowing you to connect an external monitor. Two-point manual notch filter The digital manual notch filter has a depth of more than 70dB at two points with adjustable filter width (wide, middle, narrow). This means that two strong beat signals can be eliminated at once even while using the auto notch filter. [dB] 10 VFO-3 for the 1200MHz band, etc. When the VFO is changed, the settings are automatically stored in that VFO channel. Manual notch filter characteristics NARROW MIDDLE WIDE A total of 1220 memory channels T he IC-R 9 5 0 0 ha s a t o t al o f 12 20 memor y channels. B y c onnec ting t o a USB keyboard, you can edit memor y contents directly. · 1000ch regular memory channels · 20ch scan edge channels · 100 auto memory write channels · 100 memory scan skip channels 0 ­10 ­20 ­30 ­ 40 ­50 ­ 60 ­ 70 ­ 80 ­ 90 ­100 ­800 ­ 600 ­ 400 ­200 Multiple RSSI S-meter, dBµ, dBµ(emf) and dBm meter types are selectable in the IC-R9500. The dBµ, dBµ(emf) and dBm meter have ±3dB of accuracy (10 to 70dBµ signal from 100kHz to 3335MHz at 25°C). 0 200 400 600 800 [Hz] Synchronous AM detection S-meter dBm meter dBµ (EMF) meter The synchronous AM (S-AM) detection pr o v ide s le s s dis t or t e d audio than normal diode detection. The IC-R9500 can recreate the carrier signal exactly by using the DSP. [. . . ] Firmware upgrades are also possible via USB memory. · Optional P25 digital mode reception · Optional CI-V inter face and RS-232C for PC remote control · Analog TV tuner (NTSC/PAL/SECAM)*2 * 1 Some functions are not available depending on operating mode or band. *2 Except USA version Additional outstanding features 1 Various receive assist functions* · SSB/CW/AM mode auto tuning function · AFC function compensates for frequency shifts (FM/WFM mode only) · Preamp and attenuator · 1/4 tuning step function and dial click function · CW-R (reverse) mode · APF (Audio Peak Filter) · AGC (Automatic Gain Control) · VSC (Voice Squelch Control) · Input overload protection (HF bands only) · 4 antenna connectors: an SO-239 type, a phono (RCA) connector and two type-N connectors · S/P DIF output jack · Video input/output · Clock function with daily timer and sleep timer · CTCSS and DTCS tone squelch · Simplified frequency calibration using WWV or WWVH · Dial lock function · Panel lock function · Adjustable tuning step · Dimmer function · Monitor function Voice synthesizer The built-in synthesizer announces the receiving frequency, mode and signal strength in English. External Speaker Jack External DC Output Jack (15. 0V) ACC Socket Antenna Selector Jack Reference Frequency In/Out Terminal Speech Output Jack Line Output Jack Recorder Remote Jack Detector Output Jack Video Input Jack Video Output Jack Spare Jack IF Output Jack DC-DC Power Socket Fuse Holder AC Power Socket Main Power Switch Data Input Socket CI-V Remote Control Jack RS-232C Connector External Display Connector Antenna Connector 2 Ethernet Connector Antenna Connector 1/ HF Antenna Connector 3 S/P DIF Output Terminal USB Connector HF Antenna Connector 2 HF Antenna Connector 1 Ground Terminal SPECIFICATIONS GENER AL Frequency coverage (Unit: MHz) France version 0. 005­3335. 000000* * Cellular bands are blocked in the U. S. A. version. RECEIVER Intermediate frequencies HF VHF/UHF 0. 005 ­ 29. 999999 50. 200 ­ 51. 200000 87. 500 ­ 108. 000000 144. 000 ­ 146. 000000 430. 000 ­ 440. 000000 1240. 000 ­ 1300. 000000 58. 7MHz (1st) /10. 7MHz (2nd) /48kHz (3rd) 278. 7MHz or 778. 7MHz (1st) / 58. 7MHz (2nd) /10. 7MHz (3rd)/ 48kHz (4th) SSB, CW, FSK Sensitivity 0. 100 ­ 1. 799MHz*1 1. 800 ­ 29. 999MHz*1 30. 0­2499. 999MHz*2 2500­2999. 999MHz*2 3000­3335. 000MHz*2 0. 5µV 0. 2µV 0. 32µV 0. 32µV 1. 0µV AM 6. 3µV 2. 5µV 3. 5µV 3. 5µV 11µV FM ­ 0. 5µV*3 0. 5µV 0. 5µV 1. 6µV FM50k WFM ­ ­ 0. 71µV*3 ­ 0. 71µV 1. 4µV 0. 71µV 1. 4µV 4. 5µV 2. 2µV Mode Number of memory channels Antenna connectors USB, LSB, CW, FSK, AM, FM, WFM, P25* * Optional UT-122 required. 1220 (1000 regular, 100 auto memory write channels, 100 memory scan skip and 20 scan edges) SO-239 (50 for HF), Phono [RCA] (500 for HF), Type-N × 2 (50 , one each for 30­1149. 99999MHz, 1150 ­ 3335MHz) *1 Preamp1 ON *2 Preamp ON *3 28­29. 999MHz SSB, FSK BW=2. 4kHz, CW BW=0. 5kHz, AM BW=6. 0kHz at 10dB S/N, FM BW=15kHz, FM50k BW=50kHz, WFM BW=180kHz at 12dB SINAD Temperature range Frequency stability Temperature fluctuation Frequency resolution Power supply requirement Power consumption (Representative value) 0°C to +50°C; +32°F to +122°F Less than ±0. 05ppm (at 25°C) after warm up (5 minutes) Less than ±0. 05ppm (0°C to +50°C) 1Hz 100V/120V/230V/240V AC Stand-by Max. [. . . ]


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