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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] INSTRUCTION MANUAL 144 MHz FM TRANSCEIVER iT2H This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. IMPORTANT READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS pletely before using the transceiver. NEVER hold the transceiver so that the antenna is very close to, or touching exposed parts of the body, especially the face or eyes, while transmitting. The transceiver will perform best if the microphone is 5 to 10 cm (2 to 4 in) away from the lips and the transceiver is vertical. SAVE THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL--This instruction manual contains important operating instructions for the IC-T2H. EXPLICIT DEFINITIONS The explicit definitions below apply to this instruction manual. [. . . ] · [PTT], [PWR/VOL] and [ ]can be used regardless of this setting. 13 4 BASIC OPERATION I Notes for "Set mode" The following items can be set from VFO mode. 26) When setting items from memory mode, input data will disappear when changing memories or turning power OFF. Please select VFO mode before entering set mode, and read the instructions for each set mode item carefully. Push [A V] or [ (CALL)]* to exit set mode. I Setting tuning steps USING SET MODE The transceiver has 8 tuning steps as follows: 5 kHz 10 kHz 12. 5 kHz 15 kHz 20 kHz 25 kHz 30 kHz 50 kHz Push [A V] or [f(CALL)]* for 1 sec. Push the same key used in step above to enter the tuning step and exit set mode. This display shows that a tuning step of 25 kHz is selected. f f For convenience, select a tuning step that matches the frequency intervals of repeaters in your area. * NOTE: Selecting a tuning step is possible using one of the programmable key/switches when this function is assigned using key customize mode (p. In this case, pushing [ (tS)] enters tuning step mode. f When pushing [ ] to exit set mode, any changes made while in set mode are cancelled. 14 REPEATER OPERATION I General When using a repeater, the transmit frequency is shifted from the receive frequency by the offset frequency. It is convenient to program repeater information into memory channels (p. 19). 5 D Tone information Some repeaters require a tone to be accessed. DTMF TONES While pushing [PTT], push the desired digit key(s) to transmit DTMF tones. · The transceiver has 5 DTMF memory channels. 22 for details. Set the receive frequency (repeater output frequency). Push [DUP] one or more times to select ­DUP or DUP. · "­DUP" indicates the transmit frequency is shifted down; "DUP" indicates the transmit frequency is shifted up. · When the auto repeater function is in use (USA version only) this selection and step are not necessary (p. 17). 1750 Hz TONE (European version only) While pushing [PTT], push and hold [ ] for 1 to 2 sec. to transmit a 1750 Hz tone signal. Push [C T] to activate the subaudible tone encoder, according to repeater requirements. · "T" appears. · Refer to the table of subaudible tone frequencies on the following page. Convenient Tone scan function: When you don't know the subaudible tone used for a repeater, the tone scan is convenient for detecting the tone frequency. 27 for more details. Push and hold [PTT] to transmit. · The displayed frequency automatically changes to the transmit frequency (repeater input frequency). Push and hold [ ] to check whether the other station's transmit signal can be directly received or not. 15 5 REPEATER OPERATION I Subaudible tones USING SET MODE I Offset frequency USING SET MODE Some repeaters require subaudible tones to be accessed. Subaudible tones are superimposed over your normal signal and must be set in advance. When communicating through a repeater, the transmit frequency is shifted from the receive frequency by an amount determined by the offset frequency. Push [A V] for 1 sec. Subaudible tone of Push [A V] to enter the selected 88. 5 Hz is selected. Offset frequency of · Selectable steps are the same as the 0. 60 MHz is selected. pre-set tuning steps. Push [A V] to enter the selected offset frequency and exit set mode. [. . . ] 8 Ni-Cd cells and antenna) · Operating mode · Frequency stability · Antenna impedance · Power supply · Current drain( at 9. 6 V; typ. ) Tx : Double conversion superheterodyne : 1st 30. 85 MHz 2nd 450 kHz : 0. 14 µV (typ. ; for 12 dB SINAD) : 0. 16 µV (typ. ; at threshold) : 60 dB typ. (except 1/2 of IF and 2nd image frequency) : 500 mW typ. at 10% distortion with an 8 load · Ext. speaker connector : 3-conductor 3. 5(d) mm (1/8); 8 38 OPTIONS D Battery packs BATTERY VOLTAGE CAPACITY OUTPUT OPERATING PACK POWER PERIOD*1 BP-194 Battery case for R6(AA)×8 6. 0 W 3. 7 h*2 alkaline or Ni-Cd cells BP-195 9. 6 V 700 mAh 6. 0 W 3. 7 h BP-196 9. 6 V 1050 mAh 6. 0 W 5. 5 h *1 Operating ranges are calculated under the following conditions: Tx : Rx : standby=1 : 1 : 8 *2 When Ni-Cd batteries are installed. 15 D Speaker-microphones HM-46 HM-54 HM-75A HS-51 HEADSET · PTT switch · VOX · One-touch PTT for hands-free operation D Chargers and cables BC-110A/D/V WALL CHARGER Regularly charge battery packs attached to the transceiver in 15 to 20 hrs. BC-119 DESKTOP CHARGER + AD-81 BATTERY PACK ADAPTER Rapidly charge battery packs in 1 to 1. 5 hrs. [. . . ]


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